This week in Web3 news, the NFT marketplace OpenSea announced a new feature called “Deals”, which will allow collectors to directly trade NFTs with each other. In parallel, McDonald’s launched a virtual McNuggets Land in The Sandbox metaverse, featuring interactive mini-games with pixelated nuggets.

McNuggets land

OpenSea’s “Deals” aims to provide a more secure and transparent way for NFT collectors to swap assets, reducing the risk of scams. By enabling peer-to-peer trades, the platform eliminates the need for intermediaries and sketchy direct messages, hoping to create a safer environment for collectors. The new feature will have no OpenSea fees or creator payments. Users only need to cover the gas fees if they accept an offer.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has made an unexpected entrance into the virtual world with its McNuggets Land in The Sandbox. The experience includes interactions with anthropomorphized nuggets and in-world mini-games. Though it remains unclear whether the fast-food giant’s venture into the metaverse will be embraced by users.

Despite the recent dip in venture capital funding for Web3, Futureverse, a metaverse startup, successfully raised $54 million in a seed round this week. This indicates ongoing interest in the development of virtual and decentralized spaces, despite market fluctuations.

The evolution of the Web3 space continues with this blend of direct trading of digital assets and branded virtual experiences, signifying the unique intersection of the NFT marketplace and metaverse platforms. The impact and success of these new ventures will become more apparent as users engage with these newly launched experiences.