Most Hyped NFT Projects in February 2022The market for NFTs has exploded. According to the most recent data, the NFT market is expected to reach $41 billion in 2021. So to put things in context and give you an idea of its scale and volume, the traditional art market is expected to generate $50 billion in revenue by 2020.

The 2 hottest things on the internet right nowadays are NFT as well as Metaverse. You’re surely aware that NFT is fast becoming the digital equivalent of collectibles, which is why so many creators as well as developers are intrigued by it. Various NFTs initiatives are presenting various use-cases as well as purposes, such as collections of high-quality aesthetic artworks, women-related NFTs, NFTs related to real-world addresses for the real estate business, and so many others. As the blockchain craze continues, NFT-based initiatives are by far the most commercial blockchain implementations, therefore many initiatives are attempting to meet the ever-increasing requirements in the digital world.

A healthy market encourages new players to enter, as well as the NFT industry is no exception. Today, we’ll take a look at the best and most anticipated NFT projects to be launched in February 2022.

What is a NFT?

The term “non-fungible token” refers to a token that is not fungible. Anyone can purchase or trade this one-of-a-kind digital token. The blockchain technology is used to prove ownership of these tokens, which can symbolize almost anything. They’re sometimes linked to a digital image, GIF, or song. They can often be exchanged for an actual item. The owner may be entitled to an experience such as a movie or a telephone conversation. So here are the top 5 NFT Projects which is the most hyped and can be launched in February 2022.

Coachella NFTs

Coachella would offer lifelong passes to its annual event via NFT, hopping on the cryptocurrency trend. Coachella Treasures are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire lifelong festival passes, unlock exclusive on-site experiences, real things, as well as digital collectibles. Users can connect and discover, embrace modern technology.

On Solana, they’ve teamed up with FTX US to create an environmentally friendly marketplace. A part of the revenue out of each item will go to Give Directly, Lideres Campesinas, as well as Find Food Bank, with a royalty going to the creators involved.

As per Coachella, the NFT keys could be purchased, sold, and exchanged, as well as selling one of several keys transfers the lifetime festival pass as well as other perks to the new owner. To obtain admission, owners must authenticate their keys by April 1, advance of the festival days.

The Sandbox Land Sale

Moving on to the next NFT collection, we are going to be talking about here coming from the metaverse game the Sandbox. You might be asking that they are releasing nfts haven’t. They released Nfts already but they are releasing more NFTs in an upcoming land sale that will be actually fairly big. So, we can have an upcoming land sale that is going to be called the Web 3 land sale. To give some details behind here, there will be a total of 567 land parcels that will be made available from the Sandbox team and it is already gone live on 10th February, 2022. We can also get an exact breakdown of the land parcels within the Sandbox that are being available. We can see the individual land parcels are in the total of 395. Of those individual land parcels that will go for 1011 SAND which is their token.

We then have a premium land slot which is 164 in number and of those premium land slots will go for 4683 SAND. Then there are 7 small Estate and 7 mega Estates that will be going up for auction.

There are many different things you can do with land, you can build experiences, you can host events, you can build out games that will be playable and accessed within the sandbox and so many other things. This can also be an income generating resource for the individual owner that owns a plot of land. There is a huge hype and people are extremely excited for the full release of this game. There is also Alpha season 2 that is expected to be happening. I believe that this is going to be a placeĀ  for a lot of people within the Nft space and a lot of people outside of it coming and playing different games and accessing so many different experiences that are going to be hosted on these plots of land.

Tasty Bones

The Tasty Bones NFT Collection is currently among the most talked-about projects in the industry. 5000 skeletons “gather food offerings from the Land of the Living then bring them back to the Land of the Dead” are featured in the collection. So yet, the project has just shared a few teaser photographs on Twitter, and everyone agrees it has a very catchy riff, similar to Doodles.

According to a Twitter survey, there really are three Tasty Bones agencies. The funny bones, also known as entertainers, as well as the meaty bones, sometimes known as fighters, are two types of bones. The community is being asked to identify the title of the third agency, also known as the runners.

The Tasty Bones NFT would have a pre-sale the day before the public sale, probably in February 2022. Many followers are over there gazing in because the Tasty Bones Discord is closed (invite-only). With a mint price of 0.069 ETH, holders as well as investors will have a great opportunity to make money.

Murakami Flowers

The next project we are going to be talking about here that will be released in February is going to be the Murakami Flowers and this is developed by Takashi Murakami who is one of the most prominent artists across the entire world now. We do not know a lot just yet. They will be released sometime in February but we don’t know an exact date, the amount of NFTs that will be made available as well as the price for these NFTs. I am assuming that they might be minted on Ethereum because a lot of the most well known artists right now are just minting their NFTs on Ethereum. Takashi promotes his very own NFTs on the Instagram handle called murakami.flower2022. We can see the art in terms of iconic murakami flowers in pixelated form with a variety of different colours. The NFT art is pure and simple at the moment of its creation. I do hope to see some other value and utility added for these NFTs.

Invisible Friends NFT

Invisible Friends is a GIF-style NFT that will be released in the month of February 2022. It is made up of 5000 unique NFTs and therefore is constructed on the Ethereum blockchain. Markus Magnusson is the talented artist and designer behind all these amusing walking friends.

Markus has partnered up with Random Character Collective (RCC), who has just released two NFTs: SlimHoods as well as Mood Rollers. The third initiative introduced by RCC, Invisible Friends, is perhaps the most hyped so far. One thing you may note well about these 3 projects is that they are all GIF NFTs. The Invisible Friends NFTs would be released in February 2022, according to the official web page. We do not even know the precise date or time that this mint will actually occur, though.


Aside from the 5 most anticipated NFT projects listed above, there will be plenty more in the near future. According to the recent trend, these initiatives will eventually incorporate the Metaverse concept into them and be the fully compatible response to the idea of collectibles. It’s what’s getting ever more artists as well as developers to jump on the NFT bandwagon with zeal and passion. Fashion, aesthetics, gaming, as well as real estate are among the use cases as well as application domains covered by these NFT projects.

There’s also the possibility of harmful, fraudulent sites luring customers in with their unique offers and then stealing them of their money. When picking which NFT project to pursue, one must use caution. Following expert research and doing feasibility evaluations on these initiatives’ long-term value propositions seem to be two smart strategies to determine which are believable are and aren’t!