Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite employs a combination of turn-based card battle system and the match-three puzzle mechanism for its users to experience a battling game play that is more competitive and interesting. It offers a decentralized gaming ecosystem where anyone is eligible to earn tokens via the game by playing it competitively or as leisure.‌

Monsta Infinite is a NFT Play to Earn (PTE) game powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), that is highly inspired from Axie Infinity, but here’s the catch. Monsta Infinite aims to be the more affordable alternative to the very popular NFT game, Axie Infinity. But the development team noticed several issues as they delved deeper. The problems they wish to address include:

  • Pay To Win: The conventional problem with MMPORG is the players losing regularly within the game to richer players with lesser skills, this creates a huge gap of disparity that grows rapidly fast.
  • Overpopulated Pets or Characters: If a proper balancing mechanism is not in place, it might result in overpopulation which will result in a weaker value of the pet or character, which will eventually crash and there will be no liquidity‌ left.
  • Absence of player hierarchy: MOBA game has been a huge success as it provides a platform for to all players belonging to different hierarchies, players have the opportunity to match with other players that are at the same level to fill the gap of disparities.

Monsta’s Mission

The team behind Monsta Infinite seeks to develop the platform for easier and greater adoption rates of blockchain technology. 

​Monsta’s Vision

  • Make blockchain gaming a fun and inspiring reality for aspiring gamers.
  • Amplify and enhance the technology of blockchain and gaming.
  • Develop a virtual world filled with a vibrant community aw well as soulful art.
  • Accelerate the realization for the need of Universal Basic Income.

Monsta Infinity Game Play

Battles on Monsta Infinite comprises of three integral fragments:

  1. The Turn Based Card Battle System
  2. Match-Three Puzzle System
  3. Matchmaking and Rank

Every Monsta team needs a total of 3 Monstas. Each Monsta consists of six card skills, two attack cards and two defend cards. During a battle against the enemies, players can choose from the five cards ((Cyborg, Elf, Orc, HP recovery and MP recovery)) which are shuffled randomly. The player is required to drag the card to the assigned target, for facilitating it to, either an ally or an enemy.

After each round, the player has only five seconds to move the orbs by continuing with the match of the three puzzle mechanism. If the orbs matched belong to the same color class, then their skills can be enhanced. Particularly, HP and MP orbs are special orbs which have the ability to restore the Monsta’s HP and MP.‌

The initiation of the battle is decided from the difference between the AGI and the INT, which will determine the turn for each Monsta. Some specific cards held by the player has the power to affect the battle sequence and restrain their opponents from making a move, which makes the battle more dynamic and strategic.

The Monsta Infinite gameplay involves:

  • Survival
  • Monsta War
  • Synthesis Cloning and Augmentation

$MONI Token

MONI - Monsta Infinite

The MONI token serves as the native utility token for Monsta Infinite’s governance. It is BEP-20 token, which adheres to the standards of BEP-20 and is powered by the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Holders of the $MONI token are qualified to claim rewards by staking their MONI tokens, playing the game actively and by taking part in the voting procedures related to the game’s  core governance.

Players can also earn additional $MONI tokens if the users play the numerous other games within the Monsta Infinite gaming universe.

The total token supply of the MONI tokens is 270,000,000 and the public sale price stated that 1 BNB is equivalent to 2,400 MONI. The initial market cap of the token was valued at $896,062.5 USD.

Monsta Infinite (@Monsta_Infinite) | Twitter

The token distribution is as follows:

  • 25% : Play To Earn
  • 24%: Staking
  • 16%: Team
  • 8%: Marketing
  • 6%: Private Sale
  • 5%: Binance Launchpad Reserve
  • 5%: Advisors
  • 5%: Ecosystem Fund
  • 2.8%: Pre-sale Round 2
  • 2%: Liquidity
  • 1%: IDO (Initial DEX Offerings) on Launchpads
  • 0.2%: Pre-sale Round 1


MONI Token Unlock Schedule

How to earn on Monsta Infinite?

  • Users must compete in PVP (player versus player) battles to win leader board prizes and level up, which will result in greater rewards.
  • Users can clone their Monsta and sell them on the game’s marketplace.
  • Collecting rare Monsta and speculating the rare characters such as Legendary, Inception and more.
  • Investing in land that can be utilized for virtual events in the open-world.
  • Farming for the in the game currency (MONI tokens) that are required for cloning Monsta. These can be sold on the supported exchanges.
  • Users that play excellently will be rewarded with $STT or $MONI tokens, which sets a standard for friendly competition between the game’s players.

Monsta Infinity: Worth the Hype?

The marketplace is yet to be released. The whitelisting of the MONI tokens has begun. The pre-sale of the tokens has already started. IDO coming up on multiple platform. The game will be publicly launched around early 2022. To find out more about their development road-map, click here.

After the recent success of Pocoland, the hype around Monsta Infinity has gone up. Their IDOs on multiple platform is adding to the craze. They already have more than 150k Twitter followers. IGO on Oxbull is set to happen on 15th September, 2021. DuckDao and Moonstarter, Ignition Paid are some other IDO platforms. Their next IDO is on Moonstarter on 16th of September. $MONI token Presale 1.0 has officially SOLD OUT in 27 seconds. Currently Presale 2.0 is all set to happen. The lisitng date of $MONI is not yet decided but it should happen anytime soon. 

By now, I am sure you must have been able to make a decision on whether to invest in upcoming Monsta Infinite IDO’s or not? If you ask me, I will be all in.
Our Ratings: 4.5/5