Fans tokens are a great way to support a team. Connecting with them through financially is made possible through the copcept of Fan tokens. Since Chiliz was the first to launch it, many sports organisations have jumped on board and partnered with, the blockchain platform that Chiliz powers, to publish their own collections of fan currencies. Built on the Chiliz  PoA consensus mechanism, these tokens are digital assets. Token holders may take use of a wide range of membership benefits thanks to them, including the ability to vote on the official clubs, apparel designs, VIP experiences, incentives, and promotions. These tokens are supported by the degree to which the supporters of the respective teams value belonging to the club and getting special benefits.

What is MIBR?

MIBR is a professional eSports league in Brazil. Owned by Immortals Gaming Club, MIBR stand for Made in Brazil.

There are now six teams in the organization: Garena Free Fire, CS:GO (both male and female) or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valorant, and Rainbow Six Siege. 

Over 300,000 fans and 6.6 million followers are among MIBR’s social media followings as a top eSports brand in Brazil. Paulo Velloso, Brazilian entrepreneur established the group for the first time in Rio de Janeiro  on March 1, 2003. Brazil gained pride and distinction in the eSports sector thanks to MIBR, the sole Brazilian group to succeed at the 2006 Electronic Sports World Cup.

After being disbanded in 2012, MIBR reemerged in March, 2016. Immortals bought it in January 2018, and in June of the same year, MIBR started playing again.

What are MIBR Tokens?

The fan tokens of the MIBR esports organisation are called MIBR tokens. The Chiliz blockchain is the foundation of them. You may use them to acquire fan-centric prizes and cast votes on club decisions because they are fungible digital assets. MIBR tokens may be acquired using Bybit or exchanged for CHZ tokens, which can be bought on the marketplace or “hunted” for free in Token Hunt.

Some ways in which MIBR token can be used:

  1. Players can use the MIBR token to cast their vote in the fan related polls.
  2. Users are eligible to avail VIP experiences and exclusive membership
  3. can be used to trade MIBR tokens.

Negatives about MIBR Token

  1. MIBR token is only listed on Bybit
  2. Trading volume in January 2023 is very low; less than 5000USD a day.

MIBR Long Term Price Forecast 2023-2025 (in USD)

For investors who are interested to go long on this coin, we have created a comprehensive monthly price prediction table for you to analyze.

Let us now look into the price prediction of $MIBR from 2023-2025 in detail.

MIBR Price Prediction in 2023 in USD

According our research and data analysis the realistic price projection indicate that MIBR might take a drop in the year 2023. $MIBR price might hit a high of $1.21 and a low of $0.34

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2023 0.5 0.4166666667
February 2023 0.4166666667 0.3472222222
March 2023 0.75 0.625
April 2023 0.625 0.5208333333
May 2023 0.78125 0.6510416667
June 2023 0.605620155 0.5046834625
July 2023 0.78125 0.6510416667
August 2023 1.09375 0.9114583333
September 2023 1.041666667 0.8680555556
October 2023 0.6944444444 0.5787037037
November 2023 0.9722222222 0.8101851852
December 2023 1.215277778 1.012731481

MIBR Price Projection in 2024 in USD

Oue medium and brief technical analysis tells us that the price prediction of $MIBR will hit a maximum of $2.69 and a minimum of $0.79 and might potentially see another drop in 2024. We are bearish on $MIBR in 2024.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 1.227553311 1.022961092
February 2024 1.191799331 0.9931661091
March 2024 0.9534394648 0.7945328873
April 2024 1.048783411 0.873986176
May 2024 1.258540093 1.048783411
June 2024 1.510248112 1.258540093
July 2024 1.585760518 1.321467098
August 2024 1.74433657 1.453613808
September 2024 1.661272923 1.384394103
October 2024 1.910463862 1.592053218
November 2024 2.158824164 1.799020137
December 2024 2.698530205 2.248775171

MIBR Price Prediction 2025

Significant volatility is shown by the trend line. MIBR may increase by 235% from its maximum price in 2023 by 2025.

With a maximum price of $5.833  and a minimum price of $1.78, it’s a good bounce back from the previous years.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 2.376 1.797
February 2025 2.08 1.891
March 2025 2.392 2.175
April 2025 2.679 2.436
May 2025 3.152 2.866
June 2025 3.783 3.439
July 2025 3.289 2.99
August 2025 3.697 3.361
September 2025 4.252 3.865
October 2025 3.697 3.361
November 2025 4.585 4.168
December 2025 5.822 5.293

MIBR Price Projection 2026-2030

The price of MIBR might hit a maximum of $23.756 in 2030 and a minimum of $2.39 in 2027.

2026 11.645 3.593
2027 7.763 2.395
2028 9.316 2.875
2029 13.974 4.312
2030 23.755 7.33

MIBR Price Prediction in INR: 2023-2030

We have listed the maximum and minimum price of $MIBR each year till 2030 in INR.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 107.23 30
2024 229 67.964
2025 474.279 146.35
2026 948.558 292.7
2027 632.372 195.133
2028 758.846 234.16
2029 1138.27 351.24
2030 1935.058 597.108


Will MIBR Fan Token hit 10 USD?

Yes, according to our price forecast MIBR may hit the the 10 USD mark in 2026.

Will $MIBR reach 25 USD?

If all things go in favor of MIBR and its projects and if it is a good year for crypto overall, then we might see the 25 USD mark at the end of 2030.

Is it a good idea to invest in MIBR fan token?

Yes, MIBR has got a good foundation in the crypto market and the project will only expand to different sports and events. The MIBR price prediction shows positive movement as well, but I personally would not be investing in MIBR.

Should you buy MIBR Token in 2023?

More teams are introducing their own tokens as fan tokens gain popularity in an effort to forge closer ties with their supporters. The fact that MIBR is the only significant Brazilian esports organisation to have its own fan token sets it apart from its competitors.

OG, Alliance, NAVI, Team Heretics, Team Vitality, and Endpoint CeX are just a few of the prominent international esports companies that have already introduced their own fan tokens.

MIBR will join them thanks to its relationship with The association will also bring Atlético Mineiro, Corinthians, Flamengo, Internacional, So Paulo, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Bahia, and Fluminense into the fold of MIBR’s more than 167 global partners. As a result, Brazil will receive greater attention as the best market for these fan tokens. 

The MIBR token is unquestionably a token to buy if you’re a fan of the MIBR esports team if you want to have interaction possibilities as well as exclusive fan encounters that you can only have there!

However, as a crypto investor, if you want to make profits, MIBR is not a great token. Atleast, this token does not fit my investment checklist.

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