Who doesn’t love getting free crypto tokens? Airdrops are a lucrative opportunity that has gained immense popularity in the crypto world. They offer a simple yet effective way to earn crypto tokens without investing a substantial amount of money or time. By participating in various networks, users can potentially become eligible for upcoming airdrops, which can result in substantial gains. One such exciting project that is expected to hold an airdrop soon is the Matcha protocol. Matcha is a decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator that enables users to trade across different networks such as Ethereum, BSC, Avalanche, and all major Layer 2s. It is a product of “0xproject,” a Web3 company that has raised over $70 million in funding  from many well respected names in the industry such as Blockchain.com Ventures, DeFi Alliance, Coinbase Ventures, Boost VC, etc.

The Matcha protocol has garnered attention in the crypto community for its unique approach to DEX aggregation. It provides a seamless user experience, with a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to execute trades efficiently. Furthermore, Matcha offers competitive pricing by sourcing liquidity from different sources, providing users with the best possible rates. In this article, we will explore the Matcha platform and highlight the necessary interactions required to qualify for a possible Matcha token airdrop.

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What is Matcha?

Introduced in the year 2020, Matcha stands out as a user-friendly decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that caters to everyone’s needs. Matcha’s intricate mechanisms enable the platform to disseminate trades among various liquidity sources such as 0x Mesh, Kyber, Uniswap, Curve, Oasis, and their in-house proprietary liquidity sources, ensuring that traders are presented with the most favorable prices. By aggregating liquidity and scanning across decentralized exchanges, Matcha ensures that traders don’t lose money due to slippage or rising gas fees. As Matcha integrates more liquidity sources, traders can expect even better prices, thus minimizing the time and energy invested in hunting for the best deal.

Tokens are often disregarded and overlooked on conventional exchanges, relegated to a meager spot buried in a dropdown menu. Traders must laboriously hunt for these assets independently, making it hard for them to learn and understand the assets they intend to invest in. Matcha recognizes that it’s vital to make it easier for people to learn about the tokens they’re interested in investing in. Rather than being forced to do their own research and sift through obscure websites, traders can access comprehensive information about their preferred assets through Matcha’s asset pages. 

As the crypto market continues to expand, the number of assets and trading pairs is bound to increase. Matcha’s search feature is designed to simplify the trading experience for its users. With this innovative tool, traders no longer need to spend valuable time navigating through multiple menus or clicking various options to find the markets they’re interested in. Instead, they can save time and focus on making trades, knowing that Matcha has made the process as seamless and effortless as possible.

Entering the world of crypto trading can be intimidating, especially when faced with the complex interfaces and terminologies often found on exchanges and DeFi products. Even experienced traders using DEXs regularly may find themselves intimidated by the risks of losing money due to extreme slippage or accidental trades. Matcha believes in the importance of ensuring that traders feel confident and in control while using their platform. They recognize that transparency, friendly language, and robust security measures are critical in providing users with a comfortable and secure trading experience. That’s why Matcha is committed to simplifying the trading experience and providing users with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

Matcha’s peer-to-peer trading system ensures that trades are executed quickly and securely, providing farmers with peace of mind that their tokens are safe and sound. Matcha is constantly updating its platform to offer farmers the most popular YF tokens, including LEND, BAL, YFI, AMPL, UMA, COMP, SNX, and more.

Within their inaugural year, Matcha had achieved impressive milestones, with a total of 57 thousand traders and 312 thousand trades conducted on their platform. Their commitment to providing the best prices and user experience has resulted in an astounding 13 billion dollars in total volume traded in the first year itself, which is a testament to the trust and confidence traders have in Matcha.

One of Matcha’s most notable achievements is facilitating the largest single trade of 145 Million dollars on their platform, which is a testament to their ability to handle large and complex trades with ease. Furthermore, they have added 38 new liquidity sources to their platform, which is a clear indication of their commitment to continually expanding and improving their services.

How to participate in the Matcha Airdrop?

The Matcha team has not announced any official airdrop as of yet, but the potential for an airdrop is high, given the platform’s growth and popularity. To qualify for a possible Matcha token airdrop, users need to interact with the platform actively. This includes making trades, performing swaps and acquiring a good amount of volume. By engaging in these activities, users can potentially earn rewards, which may include Matcha tokens. To do so you will just have to put in very little time and follow the step by step guide given below

Step 1: Register To Beta Test New Matcha App

  1. Visit the official website of the Matcha App Waitlist by clicking on this link
  2. In the “Enter your email” section, type your email ID
  3. Click on Submit 
  4. Once you have signed up the Matcha team will notify you when it’s time to start exploring the beta via your email.

Step 2: Connect Wallet to the platform

  1. Visit the official website of the Mantle platform here https://www.matcha.xyz/ 
  2. On the top right corner click on the three line
  3. Then select Connect Wallet to link your preferred wallet to the testnet. You can choose from Rainbow wallet, Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask or WalletConnect
  4. Click on the wallet of your choice. Click on Approve once you have read all the terms and conditions. After that authorize the pop-ups from your wallet and switch the network

Step 3: Swap Across Layer 2

  1. Visit the official website of Matcha by clicking on this link
  2. Click on “Trade” on the top right corner
  3. In the new webpage make sure you have connected to your wallet and have enough funds deposited
  4. Next, you have to make some trades. In order to do that, fill in the required information in the right pane. You can choose between a market or limit order. 
  5. Now you have to select the tokens. Choose the tokens of your preference under “You Pay” and “You Receive,” ensuring that the pay and receive tokens are selected in the right order. Matcha presents a chart showing the ratio between the two assets. 
  6. Once you are done with that, enter the amount of coins you would like to trade
  7. Now you have to click on Review Order to go through the trade data 
  8. Once you have reviewed the order for which you would be given around 30 seconds, select “Place Order.”
  9. Next approve all the pop ups from your wallet to Confirm the Trade
  10. After that is done click on confirm close and your trade would be completed

Please note that It requires a gas fee to interact with Matcha. The cost of network fees can differ based on the specific blockchain being used, such as Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, and others. These fees are clearly displayed at the bottom of the trading widget, so traders can easily see the cost associated with their trades. It is important to note that fees are already included in the price of the assets being traded. This means that traders do not need to worry about additional fees being added on top of the price they see on the trading widget.

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To conclude 

Matcha recognizes that decentralized finance can be overwhelming and intimidating for many people, especially when it comes to finding the best prices for trades. That’s why they have simplified the process with their easy-to-use platform. By integrating the top decentralized exchanges on one user-friendly interface, Matcha has made it possible for traders to quickly and easily find the best prices. With Matcha’s commitment to simplicity, transparency, and user empowerment, traders can confidently navigate the world of decentralized finance and access the best prices and trading opportunities available.