The crypto market is being flooded with several speculations around airdrops. With many projects showing successful outputs through an airdrop, every protocol has realised the potential airdrop hold in growing the community. From Space ID to Arbitrum all these platform have given massive airdrops that have proven to be very beneficial to users.

Additionally, we are also seeing a rising popularity of web3 identity protocols, with Space ID being the leading example. Another similar project called IDriss is also coming to light and is expected to hold an airdrop very soon. In this article, we will have a look at this protocol and discuss what you can do to become eligible for the upcoming airdrop

What is IDriss?

IDriss was founded in 2022 as a platform that is community owned and functions as an efficient suite for web3 tools. In a very short span of time, the protocol has managed to attract a good user base with more than 10 thousand product registrations and a strong community of 6 thousand members on Discord and 15 thousand on Twitter

The IDriss protocol works to provide users with a platform that is a public web3 address book. It is both permissionless and open-sourced in nature which makes it a great platform on which developers can create their decentralized applications. Using the IDriss Send feature provided by it, you can now also transfer crypto & NFTs to anyone on the planet, via things like emails, phone numbers, and Twitter usernames. This means that you do not require a wallet for any of these transfers.

According to the information published in their official docs, “IDriss has been backed by CultDAO, an investment DAO with one of the most active communities in web3, as well as thousands of individual donors in Gitcoin rounds for public goods and open-source projects.”

IDriss offers the unique proposition of instant lookups. This means that you can use it to store and manage all your wallet addresses in one place and access them no matter what time it is or where you are. IDriss doesn’t just focus on one blockchain but instead works across several networks which give it an edge above the rest. They make sure that with the use of IDriss, your address can be easy to share and uncomplicate the entire process for you. In fact, they don’t even charge any yearly payments or triple-digit gas fees and just levy a small one-time registration fee.

IDriss Airdrop: How to be Eligible?

While we don’t have much official information on an airdrop, experts suspect that there is a very high likelihood of one coming up pretty soon. In order to get the eligibility for this airdrop, follow the given step by step guide

Step 1: Register with IDriss

  1. Visit the official website for IDriss using this link
  2. Under “Your Twitter username” type in your Twitter handle and under “Your wallet address” type in your wallet address
  3. Click on Connect. Next you have to verify the ownership of a chosen identifier to prevent impersonation.
  4. Copy the matter given in the search bar and paste it on Twitter and finally tweet it. In case you registered using your phone or email id, you will have to input the code they sent you.
  5. Now click on “next step”. After this, you have to perform something called housekeeping. Just simply choose a tag for your wallet since this will aid in letting you remember what kind of wallet you have linked to the platform. Then click on “next step.”
  6. Now you just need to confirm whether all the details are correct and then make the payment. Approve the wallet connection pop ups and pay the registration fees of 10 dollars. Make sure you have either BNB or MATIC or ETH in your wallet since the fees are taken in either of these three currencies.

Step 2: Participate in Quest season 1

IDriss is conducting the season 1 of their NFT Quest on the GLAXE platform. You can get the unique NFTs offered by them if you manage to onboard friends to IDriss. Remember that this Event is only open to those who can invite at least 10 Friends. To participate follow the given steps

  1. Visit the official website for IDriss Dashboard through this link
  2. Submit the Twitter username you registered with and Get your Referral Link
  3. Use this referral link to invite friends
  4. Join the discord server of the IDriss platform by clicking here
  5. On the server go to the channels called “-idriss” under the MAINS section. Here Submit your Idriss ID Screenshot along with your ID, Wallet address and Txn.

Step 3: Get the Idriss Extension

IDriss has a browser extension that is necessary for users to be able to send Funds or TIP to Each other. It is important that you make sure you have this extension set up in your browser. After this extension has been downloaded and set up on your browser, you will be able to see the ID Logo on all of those twitter handles who registered for IDriss.

Download the Extension using this link:

Our Ratings: 3/5

Possible Airdrop value: 100-250USD

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