Unlike conventional video games, play-to-earn (P2E) games reimburse participants for their time and effort spent in the game.

Each videogame has its own method of rewarding players for their in-game achievements. This reward might be a non-fungible token (NFT), which may increase invalue, or their new tokens.

Some P2E games need an initial payment, while others are completely free to play.

Splinterlands is one such free play to earn NFT collectible card game, that pays you reward for playing.

How to make money playing Splinterland play 2 earn game?

About Splinterlands, the game

Splinterlands is an online digital card game that can be played using a web browser. There is also an Android app and is currently developing an iOS version.

Participants in this collectable card game battle monsters for prizes. Players can level up their cards by combining two or more of the same card.

Players in Splinterlands can earn DEC tokens, which can be transferred to their wallets. Furthermore, the game has constructed an in-game platform that connects to the Wax blockchain, allowing users to exchange their NFTs on the Wax blockchain.

Gameplay: How to play Splinterlands?

Participants in Splinterlands must first gather a card pack containing all of the game’s required cards. Each of these cards has a different number of MANA points reflecting a single soldier’s housing space.

In a match, for example, if a player must assemble a combination of heroes under a certain MANA limit, they will need to use devious ways and do the math before assembling their deck and playing their cards.

Higher-level cards tend to outperform opponents during games, although their MANA costs are higher. Rare cards, such as legendary cards, may be purchased or rented locally, and having them in your arsenal gives you an advantage over your opponents.

Furthermore, after each victory, players will gain DECs, which they can exchange for real-world cash.

Each victory against an opponent increases the player’s power and rating, allowing them to advance to the next level.

A higher league in the Splinterlands ecosystem grants players more DEC awards and legendary chests, increasing their earning potential.

Initial investment 

Splinterlands is a free-to-play game, which means you do not need any investment to start playing. However, you can upgrade your assets or buy powerful deck by paying a fee.

To receive reward, players need to engage in tournaments. To enter guilds, you must first purchase a Summoner’s Spellbook for $10. After paying a $10 initial investment in the game, players could have access to the game’s play-to-earn features.

They begin the battle geared up to fight, equipped with a typical deck of playing cards. Cards may also be obtained by performing daily activities and earning prizes in contests and tournaments.

Both techniques will boost your chances of receiving cards.

However, the most common way to obtain NFTs in Splinterlands is to purchase these products via the game’s marketplace.

You may examine cards and arrange them based on a number of factors, such as edition, price, edition, rarity, edition, level, and role, among others.

How to make money out playing Splinterlands game?

There are several ways to earn money playing Splinterlands game, and the amount earned is determined by how far the players move in the game as well as the cards they obtain.

The earning methods are as follows:

Loot Chests

You can also get a variety of goodies from loot chests. They include a random combination of currency, items, and cards, similar to treasure boxes in other games. As a reward for completing a daily assignment players receive “treasure boxes.”

The player will receive a number of chests based on their season-ending ranking depending on the “league” in which they have competed.

The higher a player’s rank, the more chests they obtain. Each box will have a potion, a deck of cards, or DEC. The DEC amounts will range between a few crystals to 2,000, with the majority of “drops” lying between 5 and 300.

Season Rewards

The greatest players in the game are rewarded with a large sum of DEC if they can finish a 15-day season at the top of the rankings. The Champions League champion will get 200,000 DEC, while the Bronze League champion will receive just 30,000 DEC.

Selling Cards

You may also earn money by purchasing and selling Splinterlands cards on the game’s lively market.

It’s the same as trading shares on the stock exchange, and you don’t even have to play the game

This provides an easy opportunity for anyone to earn money even if they do not play the game. The amount of DEC that cards may be sold for is obviously determined by their strength and/or rarity in the game.

Some Legendary cards can be marketed for hundreds of thousands of DEC, while the lowest cards often sell for 40 to 50 DEC, give or take.

The bulk of cards will be Rare, Epic, and Legendary cards being more valued than Common cards.

Renting Cards

Renting out the cards you’re not using is the greatest way to get a passive income from this game. The rental market is built directly into Splinterlands and is quite user-friendly.

Depending on the power, rank, and rarity of their things, a player can earn anywhere from a fraction of a DEC to several hundred every day.

Obviously, the more cards a player rents out, the more DEC he or she earns.

This is also a great choice for individuals who don’t want to spend a lot of time playing the game.


Tournaments are another way to make money in Splinterlands. Splinterlands has a tournament calendar with daily competitions for prizes.

Various prizes will be given based on the player’s league level and where they finish in these tournaments. Despite the fact that it is not entirely passive income, it is a method for earning more DEC every day and is so mentioned here.

They may be found by clicking on the Events link.

There, you may find a variety of Tournaments sponsored by Splinterlands and other participants. Tournaments have different entry requirements and awards.


In Splinterlands, players may primarily earn money by participating in Ranked Battles. To do so, go to the Combat page and choose Ranked as the combat type.

When you reach Bronze 2 level, you will start receiving prizes every time you win a Ranked Battle. The amount you receive is determined on your rank, capture rate, and current market conditions.

A player gains ranking points and DEC when he or she wins a conflict. Once again, the quantity varies with the player’s advancement in the game. The higher a winner’s DEC, the higher their ranking.

Note: Players must keep the capture rate in mind. The capture rate is a gaming mechanism that prevents “bots” from playing the game 24 hours a day and draining the prizes.

Which blockchain is this Play 2 Earn Game based on?

When you sign up on their website, a Hive cryptocurrency wallet is created for you right away. For sophisticated crypto users, Splinterlands is compatible with different blockchains such as  WAX, Ethereum, and Tron.

Users may transfer assets across blockchains, including the HIVE Blockchain, using their digital wallets and Splinterlands transfer services.

ROI: Does a player get back what he/she invests in Splinterlands?

As you advance through the leagues, you can earn hundreds to thousands of DEC every day through combat. Due to the fact that prize chests are only distributed once each day, the quantity of DEC that may be won from them is typically between 100 and 300. However, as previously mentioned, occasionally up to 2,000 DEC can be won.

So let’s perform some quick math to see how much you can make. If a person earns 10,000 DEC a day battling and then grows his or her deck to the point where they can rent out cards for another 1000 DEC per day, they will earn 11,000 DEC per day or 77,000 DEC per week.

Furthermore, selling additional cards once a week might get you an extra 5000 DEC.

Given that 1 DEC is worth $0.000629, you may earn $51 each week. This amounts to around $2682 every year.


If a person is willing to put in the time and effort to understand the game, build their card decks, and advance in levels, they might possibly make several thousand DEC per day.

A Champion-level player may also earn up to 10,000 DEC every day through basic battles. With possible tournament prizes, the sale/rental of given cards, and season-ending accolades for reaching the top of the rankings, a Splinterlands player may afford a livelihood out of this.

It is for you to decide whether Splineterlands is a good Play to earn NFT game or not. Let us know under comments.

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