Wild Cash is a Quiz to earn app by Hooked Protocol, a project that is going to offer its token sale on Binance through the Binance Launchpad on 23rd November 2022. Hooked Protocol is a new web 3.0 blockchain project which looks forward to enabling mass adoption of web3 and focuses to form an ecosystem consisting of future community-owned economies. This protocol is made with revolutionizing web3 tools and is made for the same community. The official statement stated the focus of the project:

  • Hooked Protocol aims for empowering the general class of people with minimal or zero prior experience in crypto-based activities like accessing, earning and owning any cryptocurrency and all this in a fun way.
  • This protocol is also dedicated to empowering developers and their applications to transform in a streamlined fashion on Web3.
  • Hooked is looking forward to making a large community with high scalability and involvement. This talk about the maximum use of decentralized social network and exponential growth.
  • Wild Cash is one of the projects of Hooked Protocols.

What is Wild Cash App?

wild cash review

To make the protocol reachable to everyone, Hooked Protocol launched Wild Cash App to provide a fun and game approach to rule the market and connect more people. This app is having a user base of more than 3 Million within just days of its launch and it claims to have 50,000 new users joining daily.

HOOK, Hooked Protocol’s native token is going to be listed on Binance post token sale on the Binance launchpad.  And since we are in airdrop season, there could be higher chances of those who used the app to earn GOLDs inside the app could be airdropped HOOK tokens when they launch. However, this is just an assumption and no official confirmation has been made yet.

Whether or not there would be airdrop, you can still earn money with Wild Cash App in simple ways like answering quizzes or by mining by just clicking a few buttons. Yes, it is that easy. More on that later.

How to get started with Wild Cash App?

Although the app focuses mainly on the user experience and hence made it simple to use, but given below is a step-by-step guide to start with WildCash App:

  • Click here to download the Wild Cash app.
  • Choose the SIGN UP method. The options are provided here between Google and Facebook accounts. 
  • Choose the language of your preference and the currency you want to withdraw in.
  • Next, you will get some profile customization options such as choosing your gender and choosing a random nickname. 
  • You are into Wild Cash App now. 
  • Explore different sections from the landing page as well as the navigation bar available on the bottom. You can view and access the wallet from the icon available in the top right corner.

Wild cash app review

What are the features Available in WildCash App?

The application is full of amazing and interesting features with diverse purposes. A few of them are mentioned below.

Quiz to Earn crypto

On clicking the text available in the upper section of the landing page, which says “Quiz to earn Crypto” you will be redirected to a game of quiz which has cryptocurrency as their reward. This sounds so interesting and so is its event rule page which shares information about the quiz after clicking the above-mentioned text. 

The quiz event consists of two modules Quiz Special Session and Quiz Training Camp, where both of them can provide an opportunity for GOLD airdrop awards. 

Quiz Special Session

  • Two such Quiz Special Sessions are organised every day, where a user can participate in either of the two at any time between the release time of the quiz and 11:59 PM of the same day.
  • Each event consists of 10 questions. When a user answers all the questions correctly within a given amount of time, the user is marked as a success and is eligible to receive rewards which are further divided.
  • In the case when a user answers any question incorrectly, it is marked as unsuccessful. The user can retry with a special reviving card which can be used 3 times per event per day. 
  • This reviving card is earned by inviting friends on the app. Users receive 5 reviving cards for every referral with no upper limit. 

Quiz Training Camp

  • There are 3 different training zones with increasing difficulty and increasing rewards as well. 
  • There are 10 questions in each camp. If a user answers all the questions correctly, he/she receives 1 chance for GOLD rewards and this cycle continues.
  • Failing the same would end up having no reward for the user.
  • The number of questions would be decided by the training camp based on your historical data of correct questions. The more questions you will mark correct, the more questions will be offered to you. 


  • Go to the bottom navigation bar shows a tab on mining. 
  • You simply need to click a button saying Tap and you can mine.
  • The mining section doesn’t mine coins directly, it mines GOLDs.
  • These GOLDs can be later redeemed for some selected cryptocurrency.
  • Soon users can withdraw to the Binance exchange


  • The referral section is available on the navigation bar available at the bottom.
  • WildCash App has some of the best referral offers in the market now.
  • They provide 5000 GOLDs per referral and a commission of 8%.
  • You can also make a team together and earn 200,000 GOLDs/points. All you have to do is share it with your friends.


  • Here you can explore the assets owned by you. 
  • The wallet is quite informative which shows the token balance.
  • It also provides the option to swap and transfer the GOLDs earned by you into 2 currencies available for now, uHGT and BUSD.
  • It also shows the NFT collection of the users right next to the token assets section. 

What kind of questions are asked inside Wild Cash app?

Here are some questions asked inside the Wild Cash app:

Wild cash question 2

How to earn with Wild Cash?

Wild Cash app is a good combination of game and fun mixed with web3 which ultimately makes an amazing application which does not just spread awareness about web3 but also makes it a potential source of income for enthusiasts as well as super-naive users.

Earning with WildCash app is super easy, and here is how you can earn real cash:

Earn Money via Answering Quiz

The app contains many types of quizzes which are arranged on a daily basis where users can participate and give their responses for multiple quizzes a day through different sets and formats of questions. The one with correct answers gets you points, which you can convert to uHGT tokens that could further be converted into other cryptocurrencies or real cash.

Earn Money in Wild Cash App Through Mining

Unlike the traditional mining of cryptocurrency, the miner needs a pool of good and powerful hardware to carry out mining. But today in Wild Cash App, you can mine with just one tap on your mobile. New users have a limit of mining 10,000 coins per day, you just have to tap and tap many times to mine coins/points.

Mining follows POWT (Proof of Work time) mechanism to reward GOLDs.

Pro tip: How to earn more mining on Wild Cash App?

Upgrade your mining tools by spending GOLDs to earn 16000 GOLDs (instead of 10000) everyday. If you upgrade further, you can even earn 33000 GOLDS every 24 hours. However you need to wait atleast 24 hours to upgrade your mining tool everytime.

Staking Vault: Earn via Staking

Stake the points earned to earn more yield. Currently it offers 20% APY

Refer and Earn

The more members you refer the app, your earnings keep increasing. You also get a 8% on the points earned by your referred members. You still have time. Join today and start referring. Signup using this link to help me earn points if you think this post is informative.


How to exchange GOLDs for uHGT?

You can swap your GOLDs earned to uHGT in just one click. However, you need a minimum of 800,000 GOLDs for exchange.

Wild Cash exchange

Wild Cash App Pro

Earning: Earning is super easy.

UI: The UI is super simple and easy to play.

Questions: Questions are simple.

Cons: Problems with Wild Cash App

Language: Questions in English language sometimes have no meaning. There are sentence construction error sometimes. It seems the questions were translated from a local language to English.

Loop: Questions never end. You are kept in a constant loop where you keep answering and new questions keep coming to your screen. There is no end. Though you earn points, but when you try to quit, it shows you that you may lose the entire award earned so far, and with the fear of not losing, you keep on playing. However, when you quit, you do get the points. The warning message is actually not true.

Repeat Questions: Sometimes questions are repeated.

iOS app: There is no Wild Cash app for iOS version. You can only download on Android.

Is Wild Cash App a Scam?

Wild Cash app is not a scam. You can really make money with the app. However, ensure you do not end up downloading fake app. Download from the authentic app only.


Analysing the features available for developers and users, Wild Cash is a good and fruitful application built into the Hooked Ecosystem. This app accomplishes the task aimed at it in its initial days. WildCash has made web3 more accessible with the interesting concept of the game. Moreover, it also helps users to earn money through very simple methods. Start using this Quiz to earn app today and let us know your review and how much money did you make with Wild Cash app.