Galactic Gecko is one of the trending Solana NFTs of 2022, featuring 10,000 NFTs. Let us take a look at this Solana NFT collection, and if it is a good idea to invest in this NFT collection.

Galactic Gecko NFT: Key Takeaway

  • This is a 10,000 piece collection
  • It is on the Solana Blockchain
  • The mint happened on 22nd September 2021 at a price of 2 SOL
  • There are factions namely 4 in this verse
  • Galactic Gecko is mainly an NFT featuring a Social Club


Galactic Gecko NFT: Introduction

Galactic Gecko NFT is a blue chip Solana NFT collection that launched last year and has garnered many eyeballs in the process and is one of the top NFT projects on the Solana blockchain. The project is also known by its abbreviation GGSG which stands for Galactic Gecko Space Garage, it is a 10,000 piece NFT project will unique lizard inspired PFPs that draw on popular themes such as Star Wars and other galactic themed art.

The website’s description paints the NFTs as part of an adventure social club that have 10,000 warriors that have turned into pacifist geckos who solve world issues by racing in space. You can sponsor a gecko by buying and owning the character’s NFT on the SOL blockchain. By being an owner you get to have a chance to be a part of the most fierce, thrill seeking and elite club in the entire universe.

When Did The GGSG Mint Happen?

The mint for Galactic Geckos NFT happened on September 22rd 2021 at a mint price of 2SOL. The current floor price of the collection sits at 20.5 SOL on Solana Art marketplace, 24.98 SOL on Magic Eden and 35 SOL on OpenSea. The total volume across all three platforms is almost 600,000 SOL. There has been an average floor price increase of more than 1,300% which alone speaks on how successful Galactic Geckos has been. Till date the highest sale for a Galatic Gecko NFT has been for 350 SOL on OpenSea NFT Marketplace, the sale occurred for Galactic Gecko #3210.

Sales like these help boost the project significantly by giving it publicity and credibility in the eye of other NFT enthusiasts. The average total volume also says a lot about how invested people are in this collection

What Is The Purpose of Galactic Gecko NFT?

The NFT project is more than just another PFP, the creators intend to creators of Galactic Gecko Space Garage intend to create a community driven immersive storyline and world. The holders will get to provide feedback on things such as creative vision and production, among other things. Even things such as each individual trait have their own backstories that owners can find in short and brief descriptions. The most important aspect of Galactic Gecko NFT is the faction trait within each NFT.

Faction System In Galactic Gecko NFT

The the major highlight of this project has been the faction system that all the characters have. There are namely four factions in the Geckoverse which are Targari, Barada, Martu and Alura. Let us talk about these more in depth first.

Taragi Faction

The Taragi Faction is the one whose main central garage can be found on the furthest of edges of their home galaxy. They are known for their affinity towards and for deep space along with the cutting edge technology that they use to traverse it. The universe’s top greatest minds in the forms of scientists and even engineers have their people in this faction.

Barada Faction

The Barada faction has their main base is in the midst of a hard to navigate meteor cloud. They are known for their tough and violent personality, which means that out of all the racers currently present this faction is the closest to how the Geckos ancestors used to be. They have forgotten the least of their warrior mentality and culture combined with the tradition, training and mercilessness to prove the same.

Martu Faction

Theses racers stand out amongst the factions because they dip their toes into reakpolitik. Most racers are in it just for the thrill of racing and do not care with what banner they are flying with the Martus are different. A lot of big time Martu racers have found to be schmoozing, seducing and boozing their way through politics. Martu racers are some of the most cunning and wicked ones operating these days.

Alura Faction

Alura racers are known for the mythical and magical aspect that they have. Some of the most dramatic and certainly some of the most heroic personalities in the gecko racing space have come from this faction.  A majority of the popular fiction follow this faction whose racers seem larger than life.

Importance of Factions In Galactic Gecko NFT

Factions help a lot and bring real value to the holder of a Galactic Gecko NFT by giving them an identity beyond the typical character traits and clothes that other NFT projects have. Just like every other trait factions are also randomised at the time of mint meaning if a holder wants to join another faction they can either trade their current Gecko for another one that is the faction that they want or they can sell their current Galactic Gecko NFT and buy another one.

How is Galactic Gecko NFT a Social Club?

By owning a Galactic Gecko NFT you are instantly granted a membership which is granted by Grape Protocol integration with each faction having its own space to communicate that holders will gain access to if they have an NFT of that corresponds to that faction. The team behind the project has said that they do not have any plans to take the lead or start a DAO but they will support the DAO if it is created by the community. The most interesting thing will be to see faction DAOs.

Having a lot of lore helps a lot with creating an immersive experience and it is very effective at creating community and conversation that probably would not happen in a project without it.

The NFT holders also get access to adventure with continued lore as well access to NFT drops. There will also be giveaways, sponsored meet-ups, exclusive limited Merch and other things that will be revealed as time passes.

Final Thoughts on GGSG Galactic Gecko NFT

GGSG or Galactic Gecko NFT seem like a really promising project. With their retro future flair and faction system it is clear that a lot of people have seen the utility and reason to own it. It is also safe to say that this is not financial advise because the crypto and NFT is very volatile. The project looks like it will keep increasing in value and more and more people get to know about.


What was the mint price of Galactic Gecko NFT?

The mint price was 2 SOL.

What is the current floor price of Galactic Gecko?

The current floor price is at an average 23.77 SOL

How do I buy Galactic Gecko NFT for myself?

Buying a Galactic Gecko NFT is simple. You can buy from MagicEden marketplace, Opensea, FTX.US and

When did the GGSG Solana NFT collection mint?

The collection minted on 22nd September 2022.