Today we will talk about DeFinder Capital (also DF Capital, or DFC) and its token $DFC, which a lot of users are anticipating can surpass DOGE and BONK in popularity and become the engine of success of the TON ecosystem. $DFC is the main token of the ecosystem of projects on the TON blockchain with more than 100+ services on one platform. The project has an audience of more than 250,000 people.

DFC token

DFC (DeFinder Capital) is a Web 3.0 company building an exciting ecosystem on the TON blockchain. Their big idea is to roll out various services and products, all connected through their own $DFC token. This move is about getting people more involved and creating a strong sense of community within the TON space.

DeFinder has smartly designed its platform to boost the DFC token’s usefulness and market presence, tapping into the power of community-led growth. The endgame for DeFinder? To make DFC a major player in the TON ecosystem and to stand out as a top project in the blockchain world. Just so you know, the TON blockchain is all about a decentralized and open internet, a brainchild of the tech folks at Telegram.

The launch of the DeFinder add-on signals that the TON project has challenged Ethereum, Solana and other “whales” of the blockchain industry working in this direction.  This article is going to give yo,u the lowdown on DeFinder, the cool stuff about their DFC token, whether it is worth investing in now, and what they’re aiming to achieve. Keep an eye out for more.

And remember, this piece is all about sharing knowledge, not giving financial advice.

What is $DFC token?

DFC airdrop

DFC is the central token of DeFinder, a dynamic token that connects a wide array of services and games within the TON blockchain. More than just a digital coin, it’s the lifeblood of the DeFinder community, enriching every interaction and transaction on the platform. As DeFinder expands, DFC’s role grows too, increasing its utility and importance in the TON ecosystem. It’s designed to be adaptable and valuable, playing a key part in the platform’s evolution and offering users a unique and engaging experience.

DeFinder launched DFC in December 2023 without traditional investor funding or token sales, ensuring a level playing field. They distributed DFC through airdrops and market placements, starting at just $0.075. In a quick 50 days, the token’s value jumped to $1.83, a 20x rise, showing strong community backing and its growing role in the ecosystem.

DeFinder Capital should become the flagship product on the TON blockchain both in terms of capitalization and number of users. Given the huge popularity of Telegram and all projects based on it (Notcoin is a typical example), it is quite expected that the DFC rate will soar to $10 and higher, but for this the developers should actively develop their project. 

Who are the developers of DFC? DeFinder team (as well as the TON team) prefers to remain incognito. But according to foreign insiders who contacted CryptoBullsClub editors, the reason for anonymity is that a large team connected with Telegram is working on DFC, TON and Notcoin. It’s the one that organized the recent Notcoin hype and is seriously working on DFC. It is not hard to imagine what popularity they will be able to give to their projects, having a resource in the form of a messenger.


DeFinder Capital (DFC) Tokenomics

DeFinder Capital has set the maximum supply of its tokens at 200 million, with a current circulation of just 7.73 million. The team holds a modest 10% of the total supply, locked as a reserve for 12 months, ensuring a commitment to the project’s long-term success. A significant portion, 50% of the total supply, is earmarked for airdrops, amounting to 100 million tokens.

It should be noted that they kept a rather modest amount of DFC (about 10%), and that purely as a reserve. Considering that, according to independent sources, all these people had previously participated in the development of the TON blockchain, their professionalism is beyond doubt.

DFC tokenomics

The DeFinder Capital (DFC) project was launched without any pre-sales. The team sent half of the tokens to Airdrop, and the remaining one hundred million were distributed according to the scheme you see in the picture.

To date, only about 3.47 million of these have been distributed. If you’re interested in getting your hands on the DFC airdrop, joining their community is the way to go. There’s more to discover, but I’ll leave some secrets for you to find out in their community!

How to buy DFC tokens?

There are only a few exchanges trading the DFC token, three to be exact, the largest being MEXC. We are rumored to be planning to list on two major exchanges soon. When listing on this platform, the developers of DeFinder Capital made a deposit in USDT so that the order book would not be overwhelmed by external liquidity. There was also a promotion for MEXC customers with a prize pool of $50,000.

The DFC digital coin can be purchased on the decentralised exchange services and DeDust. You can find the links to the exchanges on the DeFinder Club website.

You can create an account on the MEXC exchange. Deposit stable USDT coin and make a transaction on the spot. Market, limit and stop limit orders are supported. You can buy DFC on decentralised exchanges without registration. Connect a compatible wallet and make an exchange. You must have a certain amount of TON or other supported tokens in your wallet. You can buy DFC directly in Telegram on xRocket

DFC Price Analysis and Price Target

DFC token has been on an uptrend since the 26th of December, 2023, and has given more than 18x return since then. 

On the chart I can see that DFC has entered the growth phase, its price has already hit a new high of $2 and is confidently on its way to ATH renewal. Since its listing it has risen 3000% in price and some downside seems inevitable. What is more, the arrows of the Tradingview indicators on the 15-minute timeframe have returned to the ‘buy’ position after some fluctuations. If we transfer them to a longer time frame, the forecast is also favorable. Most likely, if this pattern continues, we may see a price of $5 – $10 in the near future.

The current price is above the 20-day moving average, and I expect the token to stay bullish and could be a good buy till the time it stays the same way. One can take a trade with a 20-day day-moving average as a stop-loss.

I would love to see high-volume trading missing because of only a limited exchange listing the DFC token to date. As and when the ecosystem grows, more people will learn about the token, and more exchanges list then, DFC could become a 100M USD company. The current market cap is just 14.14M USD. So the potential is huge, the price could easily hit 10$ or more.

The best way to trade DFC is to take your capital out at or 3x and ride the wave with the rest of the free money.

What has DeFinder Capital Achieved to Date?

DeFinder Capital has rapidly progressed in the blockchain space, marked by significant achievements and community growth. With over 1000 DFC DAO holders and a 3000% increase in DFC token price since its listing, the project demonstrates robust market acceptance. Strategic partnerships and product launches further reinforce its strong position within the TON ecosystem.

Key achievements include:

  • A thriving Telegram community exceeding 250,000 members.
  • Launch of DeWallet, integrating DFC in a DEX wallet supporting TON tokens.
  • Introduction of ArrakenPlanet, the first game with DFC farming and a deflationary token model.

Should you buy DFC?

I’m still exploring the TON blockchain, yet DFC has piqued my interest. What stands out about DFC is its multifaceted approach: it’s not just a single initiative but a central token within an ecosystem of various projects. Although still in its early phase, the progress DFC has made is noteworthy. I am sure that DeFinder Capital is a great project. It has already generated huge X’s and as it looks, this is definitely the beginning of a big story. If it continues to evolve at this rate, reaching a market cap of 200M to 500M could be a realistic target. In the long run, DFCs could be worth $10 or $50, and the catalyst for growth could be a listing on one of the major exchanges. However, much of its success will hinge on the development and adoption of its associated products.

Bonus: How to get DFC tokens for free? DFC airdrop

DeFinder Capital also launched a $250,000 Zealy contest for the community. In the airdrop you can earn a maximum reward of $500 for completing the actions. Additionally, there is a special prize for the best referrers – an additional reward for users with top referrals (top 10 users up to $250). 

As it is written on the page, the team strongly recommends not to use AI and generic posts when doing YouTube videos and writing articles. As practice shows, projects are actively banned for such fulfillments and people lose the opportunity to get free tokens. That’s why we advise you to complete tasks with quality – the chance to get rewarded up to $500 is higher.

Every contestant needs:

  • To subscribe to all social channels
  • To share Airdrop posts on social media (Copy to get the link and paste it on your tweet and shares). Participants who actively engage in social media channels, such as following official accounts, sharing, and retweeting eligible for the airdrop 
  • To write at least one article (even a short one) about DF Capital and airdrop (+ share your referral link)
  • Create a DeWallet
  • Perform at least 1 action in the ArrakkenPlanet game

Participants will be able to claim their rewards following the Rewards Distribution Schedule, which will occur after 19th of February, 2024 (The date will be clarified). $DFC token will be distributed after checking the eligibility of participants and banning cheaters.