DeFi dashboards are starting to catch on in the world of cryptocurrency because they’re super user-friendly. These nifty tools not only let DeFi investors keep an eye on their money, but they also make it a breeze to hop in and out of investments with just a single click. One standout project in this field is DeBank, and today we’re going to dive deep into what it has to offer

DeBank, a company specializing in DeFi portfolios, recently made waves by securing an impressive $25 million in funding. Notable investors like Sequoia, Circle, Coinbase Ventures, Dragonfly Capital, and Ledger have all recognized the potential of DeBank. Today, we’ll discuss an exciting topic: how can you increase your possibility of scoring a DeBank airdrop if they decide to offer one? 

What is DeBank?

Think of DeBank as your trusty partner for keeping tabs on your DeFi investments. It’s a handy dashboard that offers insights and analysis on all things decentralized lending, stablecoins, margin trading, and DEXes in addition to keeping a close eye on over 800 protocols across a whopping 15 different chains. And that’s not all! DeBank also hooks you up with a neat summary of your holdings, positions, outstanding loan debt, and pending rewards. It’s like having your very own financial assistant, right at your fingertips!

Debank stands out from the crowd as a DeFi portfolio tracker that brings a social networking twist to the table. This feature sets it apart from other tools in the web3 realm, making it truly one-of-a-kind. Not only does Debank help you effortlessly keep an eye on your own portfolio, but it also allows you to explore and engage with others in a social media-like fashion, where you can review and interact with fellow DeFi enthusiasts.

The platform excels at effectively organizing and categorizing your portfolio across various categories and protocols. Whether you’re into staking, yield farming, lending and borrowing, or providing liquidity, this decentralized application has got you covered. It diligently tracks and reports your activities, presenting them in a digestible and user-friendly format for thorough analysis. With Debank, you can effortlessly make sense of your investment endeavours and gain valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

One of the standout features of Debank is its ability to track multiple addresses all at once. This handy tool is especially beneficial for traders who thrive in the web3 sector. Traders have a knack for analyzing the top portfolios of other individuals’ addresses, seeking an edge to optimize their own holdings. 

DeBank offers a remarkable perk that is truly useful: the ability for the community to actively participate in shaping the platform. Through the voting feature, users can submit and vote on proposals that they believe would enhance the application. This inclusive approach sets a precedent not only for web3 applications but for all types of applications in the future. DeBank recognizes the value of community input and actively involves its users in the decision-making process, creating a sense of ownership and empowerment. It’s a prime example of how applications should treat their communities, fostering collaboration and ensuring that user voices are heard. With DeBank, the power to shape the future lies in the hands of the community itself.

How to participate in the Debank Airdrop?

Now, let’s talk about the exciting prospect of the DeBank token airdrop. Participating in this airdrop could potentially be a lucrative opportunity for you to earn some money without having to invest a large amount of funds upfront. To qualify for a potential DeBank token airdrop, all you need to do is actively engage with the platform. Just follow the simple step-by-step guide provided below, and you’ll be well on your way to potentially benefiting from this exciting opportunity.

Step 1: Connect Wallet to the platform and Edit Profile

  1. Visit the official website of the DeBank platform here – Click here
  2. On the top right corner click on “Log in via web3 wallet” to link your preferred wallet to the testnet. You can choose from either the Meta Mask Wallet, the Rabby Wallet or Coinbase Wallet
  3. I would suggest you preferably choose a wallet with An NFT In It
  4. Click on the wallet of your choice. 
  5. On the new pop up select “Connect”
  6. After that authorize the pop ups from your wallet to link the wallet
  7. Next, click on “Verify”
  8. Approve the Sign in Request pop up from your wallet and you will be all done 
  9. Next On Your Profile, Click Edit & Select A Profile Picture From Your Available NFTs & Click Save

Step 2: Register the Profile 

  1. Visit the official website of the DeBank platform here: Click here
  2. On the top right corner click on “DeBank L2 Unregistered
  3. Next select the “Register” option 
  4. After that in the new pop up click on “ Send Request” 
  5. Now Sign the Transaction In your wallet and confirm the action of switching network to Ethereum Mainnet
  6. Subsequently, Complete the registration in the DeBank smart contract on Ethereum by confirming the transaction. Keep in mind that this step will require a small gas fee so make sure your wallet has enough ETH funds 
  7. Now Set A Key For Your Profile & Click Confirm

Step 3: Mint A Web 3 ID

  1. Visit the official website of the DeBank platform hereClick here
  2. On the top right corner click on “DeBank L2 Unregistered”
  3. Next select the “Deposit to L2” option
  4. After that next to Deposit Amount set the Quantity You Want To Deposit From Ethereum To Your Debank L2 
  5. Then Click on Confirm Deposit
  6. Now Go To Home, Select Mint Your Web 3 ID and Click on Pay To Mint
  7. In the new pop up Set Your Preferred Name and Click Pay and Mint. 
  8. Approve Necessary Transactions In Wallet to confirm the action 

Note: Keep in mind that this entire process will cost you at least 96 dollars. 

Step 4: Perform other Interactions 

  1. Head over to the settings section and link your social network accounts such as email and Twitter. 
  2. Now, navigate to the Stream section, which serves as a Web3 social feed. Here, the platform calculates each user’s contributions to the community itself. To make the most of this opportunity, create meaningful content and engage with other users’ content.
  3. Check the “Hi” section, where you should find a message from DeBank. Open the message to discover that funds are available on your L2 balance. Take advantage of this by performing as many interactions as possible, such as sending messages and engaging with others.
  4. Look for the “More” button on the left-hand side and click on it. From there, select “Vote” to access the voting section. By clicking the up arrow button next to each voting title, you can cast your vote on existing proposals. Additionally, you have the option to create your own proposals by selecting “Create New Proposal“.
  5. Lastly, consider interacting with Rabby Wallet, which is a DeBank-confirmed wallet. Engaging with Rabby Wallet will further enhance your chances of qualifying for the airdrop.

Under the “Reward Activities” page, users have the opportunity to earn cash and DeBank Points by completing various tasks. However, it seems that there are currently no active tasks available. Nevertheless, I suggest keeping a close eye on this feature as it could present exciting opportunities in the future.

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Disclaimer: There is no official confirmation on Debank token, or Debank airdrop. Debank is widely used, and we believe there could be a airdrop in future. You are advised to proceed after understanding all the risks.