CyberConnect is a Web3 identity protocol that is coming out with many new products. So far the platform doesn’t have a governance token and there is a high probability of this token being launched very soon. If CyberConnect does hold an airdrop with this token in the near future, it is definitely certain that the eligibility criteria will be affected by the minting of this NFT. in this article we will take you through the steps you need to follow in order to mint the ccProfile and multiply your chances of getting a profitable airdrop.

About CyberConnect

Being a web3 identity protocol, CyberConnect works like an advanced social graph platform with decentralised capabilities and added benefits of self-sovereignty. One of their recently launched offerings is Link3. Link 3 is essentially a publishing media software for web3 using which you can public articles, host events and give rewards in community calls. You can own the identity provided by CryberConnect by minting the NFT on their platform.

This NFT is called the ccProfile and right now, you have the option to mint it for free. According to the team, by minting ccProfile you can “Create on-chain profiles leveraging the ERC-721 standard that serve as the anchor of your self-sovereign decentralized identities and travel across the internet seamlessly without worrying about recreating your network on every new platform.”

CyberConnest has a Soulbound Token (SBT) by the name of Web3 Status Token (W3ST). This asset has been designed by the platform that aims at driving forward and supporting social status building done on the web. Their ecosystem is trusted by over 1500 partners which helps the paltofmr delive the best possible results. The developer centre of CyberConnect is responsible for providing users with a wide array of decentralized applications including but not limited to

  • Link3
  • Phaver
  • ReadON
  • DegenReborn
  • W3Space
  • Atticc
  • Atem Network
  • Oasis Origin
  • Gamic
  • REVO
  • Dopamine App
  • bfrenz
  • Wonderverse
  • Aspecta
  • Galxe
  • SNW
  • 0xLander

The CyberConnect platform has also received investments and is supported by many renowned names that provide some credibility. In fact last year in May 2022 it raised around 15 million dollars for the expansion of the protocol. These backers are:

  • Multicoin Capital
  • Binance Labs
  • Animoca Brands
  • Sky9 Capital
  • Delphi Digital
  • Protocol Labs
  • IOSG Ventures
  • Tribe Capital
  • spartan group
  • Polygon Studios
  • Lattice
  • Folius Ventures
  • Hashed
  • GGV Capital
  • Amber
  • Draper Dragon
  • UpHonest Captial
  • SevenX Ventures
  • Mask
  • Smrti lab
  • INCE
  • Zoocap
  • Streaming Fast

How to be eligible for the Cyberconnect airdrop?

As we have mentioned before, becoming an early user of the platform is often considered the best way to become eligible for an airdrop. In the case of CyberConnect, you can do so by minting the ccProfile. Apart from the obvious airdrop possibility this function also brings other benefits. By minting this NFT you can win FanPoints & get UPTO 0.4 ETH Worth NFT. additionally, CyberConnect is hosting many giveaways and raffles also where around 50200 Winners can get 100 thousand Mini shards NFT along with 200 Link3 Mystery Box. So to mint this profile and earn the points you will just have to follow the few simple steps we have given below.

Step 1: Minting the profile on Cyberconnect

  1. Visit the official CyberConnect website by clicking here
  2. On the toolbar, you can see the “Mint ccProfile” option. Click on it.
  3. You will be taken to a new web page where you can mint the NFT.
  4. Click on “Connect Wallet” and approve the pop up in order to link your wallet to the platform.
  5. Enter a custom handle in the typing bar that says “@handle”. Keep in mind that this should be more than 12 characters because if it is less than that then you might end up paying a price of 0.0333 BNB multiples along with the gas fee.
  6. In case you have a promo code you can enter that too. Keep in mind that you don’t use a promo code from untrusted sources. Only use the promo code if it has been given officially by the platform through a giveaway.
  7. Next click on “Mint on BNB Chain”
  8. Approve the transaction on your wallet pop up
  9. Now your ccProfile would be created using which you can access any even on CyberConnect

Step 2: Create the Fan Pass

  1. Visit the official CyberConnect website through this link
  2. On the top toolbar, you will be able to see “Link3”. Click on it.
  3. On the new web page now go to the “FanClub” option.
  4. Scroll down till you see the option of CyberConnect FanPass. Under that click on “Claim Now”.
  5. You can enter the referral code if you have one and then select “Claim”
  6. You will receive a pop up from your wallet where you will have to confirm the transaction
  7. Once this is done, you would have become a part of the FanClub.

Now any CyberConnect NFT that would have purchased, will be shown as you scroll down and you can claim points for that NFT. There are many tasks and ways in which you can earn FanPoints including

  • On the basis of the previous engagements you have done
  • On the basis of CyberConnect Protocol Engagement
  • On the basis of Twitter Engagements

Once you achieve these tasks, you can claim your FanPoints. You can even go to the rewards sections and participate in the raffles.

To conclude

Following this simple guide, you can interact with a new platform that has a lot of potential and scope for profitability in the future. You can without making a lot of investments stand a chance to win big through rewards. Additionally, these steps don’t even take a lot of time and can be completed very quickly. However, keep in mind that this is not a financial advice of any kind. The decision to participate and engage with any protocol and invest in it should be solely yours and must be taken after thorough research and consideration.

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