Wondering what are the best cryptocurrencies to buy in Q3 2021? Altcoins have been performing great this year and we saw a pullback starting May. Only a handful of crypto coins have given better returns than Bitcoin in the last two months. Overall the crypto industry and market is booming in 2021. The price of Bitcoin spiked after Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO and Founder revealed that the electronic car company might accept Bitcoin (BTC) as payments for purchases again. Dogecoin‘s value has shot up as well. Crypto has had its rise and falls over the year, if there are any falls, it rises back up after a period of time. Mass adoption of crypto is closer to achieve in 2021, let us have a look at the top cryptocurrencies we expect to would perform best in 2021:

Bitcoin: The Best Cryptocurrency to Hold in 2021 (& Always)

Top Cryptocurrencies to Buy in Q3

Bitcoin (BTC) is easily the most popular crypto which is widely used by crypto traders and investors across the world. It is accepted and supported by most of the crypto exchanges and trading platforms as well. At least 45% of the global crypto market share is owned by Bitcoin. Almost every other crypto coin fluctuates in the market when Bitcoin faces major changes, in terms of the price. Bitcoin is a volatile, yet stable crypto asset that is available in the crypto space.

Bitcoin is a great crypto asset for crypto traders at levels, beginners, intermediate as well as advanced. The infrastructure of the coin has grown and developed drastically over the past few years. Celsius CEO believes and states that the price of Bitcoin will reach $160,000 by the end of the year, easily.

One should have alteast 50 percent of their portfolio in Bitcoin

Ethereum: Best Long Term Altcoin to Hold in 2021

Ethereum is second largest and most popular crypto coin according to market capitalization, after Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is designed to support Decentralized Apps (DApps) and their development, built on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Ethereum can provide support and assistance to some unique features such as smart contracts, decentralized governance, decentralized exchanges and more. Ethereum has the largest base for blockchain developers in the crypto world.

More than tens of thousand projects run on the Ethereum blockchain network. These projects through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017, raised Millions of funds, which has evolved over the past few years and taken up new forms, presently more popular as IDO.

ICO in 2017 is what caused the ETH price surge in 2017. The price shot from less than 10 USD to more than 400 USD in less than 5 months and then surging to more than 1400 USD before falling to the crypto crash. In 2021, ETH’s prices rose to around 4300 USD which was it ATH. With ETH 2.0 around the corner, where you could earn interests on your staked ETH, we are expecting ETH to outperform a lot of altcoins in Q3, and this is why it is our #2 best pick for Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 25 percent of their portfolio in Ethereum

FTT (FTX Token): Native token of the World’s Most promising Crypto Exchange

FTT is the native crypto token issued by FTX, a leading crypto exchange and trading platform. It was launched with the help of Alameda Research, a complete crypto trading firm. Users can avail discounts on trading fees, if users hold FTX tokens.

FTX tokens is one of the best altcoins to hold long term. Recently FTX raised 900M from Tier 1 Venture Capitalists at 18B valuation. As a crypto trading platform, FTX is one of the trusted names. I am expecting it to become the #1 preferred crypto exchange for leverage and perpetual trading.

Find out more about FTX through our review

FTX is our 3rd best cryptocurrencies to hold in Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 10 percent of their portfolio in Bitcoin

BNB (Binance Coin): Best Performing Exchange Coin 2021

BNB is a successfully launched crypto coin by Binance, one of the leading crypto exchanges and trading platform. Ever since BNB tokens were introduced in 2017, the coin has been constantly growing and evolving.

It is a beneficial investment for traders who use Binance as their primary platform for trading and exchanging crypto as they can avail discounts on gas fees, transaction fees, trading fees and more.

Recently in 2021, the price shot up exponentially from 25 USD to crossing 600 USD in less than 4 months. Binance’s founder CZ is quite active over social media. It is currently the #1 crypto exchange in the world by volume. And I expect it to continue doing better.

BNB is our 4th best pick for the list of best cryptocurrencies to hold in Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 6 percent of their portfolio in BNB.

Aave Tokens: My #1 Defi Token

Aave is the #1 DeFi lending platform. The platform has issued its native utility tokens, Aave tokens. If and when funds are deposited on Aave by a crypto lender or when the borrowing is colateralized, the user is provided with aTokens, equivalent to the value.

The objective of these tokens is for the user to earn passive income via interest. According to the APR interest rate for the user’s digital assets, a small amount of aTokens are transferred to the user’s Ethereum wallet. Theses tokens can be exchanged for the underlying asset at the time of withdrawal, on the platform Aave.

You can earn interest on your crypto through Aave, non custodial way. You could also take collateralised loans on your crypto assets.

Aave is our 5th best pick for the list of best cryptocurrencies to hold in Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 4 percent of their portfolio in Aave.


1inch is an aggregator of Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) that offers the best rate by discovering the best swapping routes across all decentralised exchanges. I like 1inch because it offers limit orders on decentralised exchange, unlike Uniswap and other popular DEXes.

1inch tokens are native tokens issued by the platform. They do not serve as token for payments, they enable governance of protocols where stakers on the platform can vote and earn rewards by holding or collecting these tokens. It is a multi-chain token available on the Ethereum blockchain network as well as Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which can be accessed through a bridge.

1inch is our 6th top pick for the list of crypto coins to hold in Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 3 percent of their portfolio in 1inch


Celo is the “Mobile first” blockchain platform where users can send as well as receive crypto simply by using their mobile number. It aims to simplify transactions n the network. There are two native crypto assets issued by the platform, namely Celo Dollars (cUSD) and Celo (CELO). CELO has a fixed supply and thus maintains stability in price. A third crypto asset by the platform can be found on Coinbase known as Celo Goldand (cGLD), an ERC-20 token.

Celo is our last pick for the coins to hold in Q3, 2021.

One should have alteast 2 percent of their portfolio in Celo

Preparing your Crypto Portfolio for Q3 2021 (July, August and September)

Cryptocurrencies Allocation (in %)
Bitcoin 50
Ethereum 25
FTX 10
1inch 3
Celo 2

The world of crypto is constantly evolving and growing at a rapid pace. There are several coins which have the potential to grow in to major players as tokens in the market. With July almost over, these cryptocurrencies could give the best returns in August and September, 2021. Having knowledge about crypto, the crypto exchanges and trading platforms and the functions of tokens will provide users with a better insight in choosing their suitable choice of investment.

Buying the Cryptocurrencies for Good returns: Risk Involved

Although the cryptocurrencies we have mentioned are good altcoins to hold even in the longer run, and we expect them to give multifold returns, there is no certainty. The price of all these coins could fall drastically. You should always exercise caution while trading in cryptocurrencies as the price is very volatile.

Do you hold any of these coins in your crypto portfolio? Let us know under the comment section.

Disclaimer: Please do not treat any of these as a financial advice. This article on ‘top cryptocurrencies to buy in Q3 2021 for good returns’ is only for research. Please DYOR before investing.