It’s not easy to familiarize yourself with the Web3 world. The emerging, decentralized internet is constructed out of a dizzying array of new technologies, including blockchains, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, digital assets, smart contracts and even more technical things that very few had heard about before they got started. 

Luckily, the Web3 world is one that’s big on education, and there is an eclectic mix of platforms, courses, social media groups and other products out there that can pave the way to learn about these concepts easily. Read on to discover some of the most innovative learning platforms in crypto.

web 3.0 platforms


Launched back in 2017, Newscrypto is one of the oldest crypto education platforms around. It sets out to help everyone become a professional trader with comprehensive information based on a syllabus that begins with the basics. Users will start by learning what cryptocurrencies are and how they work, progress to learning about individual tokens, then move on to the basics of trading itself, how to read price charts and perform technical analysis so they can start executing well thought out spot and futures trades. 

The great thing about Newscrypto is that its educational materials are designed in such a way that learning becomes a gamified, interactive experience. For instance, using the Moonlines feature, users can automatically add support, resistance and trend lines onto crypto price charts, and with that learn how to create them by themselves on any other chart. 

It also offers a simulated trading experience for those who would like to test their new-found skills on real-time market data, without risking their real-world funds. Through this, users have an immersive way to find their feet in the world of trading, applying their newly-acquired technical analysts skills. 

Once users have learned the basics and know how to read the charts, they can further inform themselves with Newscrypto’s curated technical analysis reports on specific digital assets. These are published regularly and provide in-depth analysis that can help traders to spot their enter and exit positions. Better yet, Newscrypto also provides detailed info on the high risk, yet extremely rewarding DeFi world, where they can find passive income generating opportunities such as staking, yield farming and more. 


Banksters is an innovative “trade-to-win” NFT platform that enables players to earn real financial rewards for learning to trade in a gamified environment. Essentially, it’s a game that introduces players to the concept of trading crypto, and is focused on absolute beginners with little knowledge of the world of finance. 

The premise of Banksters is that by gamifying the trading experience, players can master the various techniques required to trade profitably in small, bite-sized chunks that can be more easily digested. 

With Banksters, players learn all of the basic concepts behind financial trading, before putting these skills to use in a gamified environment that’s based on real world price data, where they compete against other human players for crypto rewards. During these individual games, known as investment runs, they get to practice skills that will ultimately help them in real world trading scenarios. The investment runs simulate different trading experiences, with players able to leverage special abilities granted to them by NFTs, allowing them to increase their trading profits. 

Banksters is first and foremost a game, but by playing it users will eventually emerge with all of the skills they need to be able to trade crypto in real life. It has been praised for its ability to accurately replicate the volatility of digital assets and show players how to cope with even the most extreme price swings. 

Jacob’s Crypto Clan 

The official Discord channel of well known crypto investor Jacob Bury is a novel social platform that exists to impart the knowledge of the best known traders in the space. Within the channel, followers can find threads that discuss almost every aspect of the crypto industry. It’s a very dynamic space with more than 17,000 members who’re all interested in crypto trading. 

Users can find information about everything from NFT airdrops to crypto pre-sales, trading signals and more within Jacob’s Crypto Clan. Some users have demonstrated how they’ve been able to make gains of 20x by going on the information shared within this channel, especially in terms of successful pre-sales of new tokens. There are also regular giveaways of free crypto tokens and NFTs. 

Alongside the free discussions there are also VIP groups where you can pay to receive trading signals and tips. 

Yellow Duckies 

A popular NFT game, Yellow Duckies serves as the official canary network of Yellow Network, which is a Web3 blockchain platform that uses state channels for safe cross-chain token trading without the risk of using blockchain bridges. 

Yellow Duckies is a game that acts as a testing ground for new features in Yellow Network, helping to educate its community about the new features it’s planning. Because Yellow Network is made up of sophisticated new technologies, most new users are completely unaware of what they network does and why it’s needed. This is where Yellow Duckies comes in, with an incentivized game that enables users to learn about everything Yellow Network can do. 

At its heart, Yellow Duckies is an NFT trading game where players are encouraged to collect ducklings that possess unique characteristics, abilities and traits. Each NFT has its own, unique artwork too. Playing the game is actually fairly simple, with players tasked with buying and selling NFTs in order to test Yellow’s cross-chain transaction capabilities and its novel smart contracts. Buyers are incentivized to do this with the opportunity to combine their Duckies NFTs to create newer ones that possess even rarer traits and abilities. When breeding Duckies in this way, mutations can occur to create extremely rare NFTs that are more desirable and therefore, often much more valuable. 

Besides testing Yellow’s technology, Duckies also helps Yellow to experiment with its governance mechanisms, with DUCKIES token holders allowed to vote on new proposals for the game. 


Peer is an ideal platform for anyone who wants to explore the intersection of new Web3 technologies such as blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse. Peer is actually a social network, but it takes the form of an augmented reality world that’s overlaid onto the real world. All of the data in Peer is stored in the blockchain, and NFTs serve as digital objects that can be placed in real world locations and collected by other players. 

The main premise of Peer is that it motivates people to get outside and explore the world around them, by encouraging them to visit nearby locations and see what kinds of memories, experiences and mementos they can find. It’s also a great environment for creative advertising, with businesses able to embed digital advertisements and discount coupons in different locations. 

By exploring Peer’s social world, players can familiarize themselves with multiple Web3 concepts, learning how to mint, store and trade NFTs, for example, or use the in-game cryptocurrency, while getting to grips with the metaverse itself.