Ethereum, the second highest coin by marketcap, was trading at 800 USD in the morning, and then pumped upto 978 USD within a very short period of time.

Investors are holding their ETH tokens patiently waiting for the alt run.

BTC touched 2017 ATH on December 17 and in 2020, December 16, BTC crossed the ATH. Currently Bitcoin is now trading at around 34000 USD.  Though BTC is trading at almost 1.8X of the previous cycle ATH, ETH and other major alts are still yet to touch their previous ATH.

Though ETH increased from 85 USD to 900 USD, Sats wise, ETH has been on a falling spree.

Ethereum needs to be up by another 500 USD to cross the previous all time high. 

Today, as Ethereum went from 800 to 978 USD within a very short amount of time, crypto enthusiasts are looking for one answer if it is the right time to invest in Ethereum?

Investors want to know with a 24 percent jump in ETH price, is the bull run confirmed?

What do you think is going to happen?

Personally, I think yes, the 24 percent jump in ETH price gives a signal that the alt run has started. We are going to soon see ETH touch ATH and this may happen within this week itself. Having said that, please understand this is just my opinion. Kindly do your due diligence before investing in ethereum or any alt coins.

There has been a surge among the institutional buyers for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos. Institutions like Grayscale are actively buying Ethereum and increasing their portfolio. 

Plus, the CME futures on Ethereum go live on 8th February 2021. This date is important and we are expecting Ethereum price to go up before that.

Also, with Ethereum going live for staking, more and more ETHERUM is being locked and less ETH are available for trading. The prices are bound to go up. 

We will be publishing a detailed guide on how to buy Ethereum in 2021 soon. Keep following.

Update April 2022: Now that we are in April, 2022, we can definitely say, we were in a altcoin season.