Cryptocurrencies are taxed differently all around the globe. Each nation does have its own crypto laws, some of which are in place or even in the midst of being implemented. Many nations have outright prohibited cryptocurrencies in their countries, whereas others act as tax havens or those who are crypto-friendly. 

As an instance, India’s Lok Sabha has recently approved a new crypto bill requiring you to submit a 30 cent taxation on every one of your cryptocurrency profits, per deal. It’s vital to remember that somehow this 30 percent tax applies to every transaction, but not your entire business, as long as it’s profitable. This new draconian cryptocurrency tax legislation in India seems remarkably similar towards how speculative commodities, such as Bitcoin, are charged in India. As a response to such things, investors are considering relocating to crypto friendly nations. We’ve come up with a list of cryptocurrency-friendly nations where traders could relocate.

Crypto friendly nations

We are living in the world of web 3.0 where if you have got internet, laptop and a smartphone, you could do the same work sitting at any part of the world.

So, if you are passionate and you think cryptocurrency is the future, why not move to crypto friendly countries?

Top 6 Crypto Friendly Nations for Cryptocurrency Traders and Investors 2022

We have mentioned a list of 6 such countries.

6. El Salvador: 0% Crypto Tax – A Country with no crypto regulation

El Salvador intends to entice overseas traders and investors and seems to have a tax exemption in effect with them after being the first nation in the world to classify Bitcoin as a legal tender. Bitcoin earnings are excluded from capital gains and income taxes in the country.

The universe has still been waiting for El Salvador’s regulatory environment to implement these formal pronouncements, however the cryptocurrency community hails as being among the greatest crypto friendly nations. 

The country also plans to build world’s first Bitcoin city.

However, the crime rate in El Salvador has spiked up in the recent times and this is something one would need to consider before moving to El Salvador.

Apart from El Salvador, countries like Bermuda and Cayman Islands do not require to pay any tax on income or capital gain tax on crypto.

5. Switzerland

In the year 2018, Swiss banks became one of the first in the world to give cryptocurrency firms business accounts, understanding that banking channels will aid in the eradication of scammers as well as the encouragement of genuine enterprises. Cryptocurrencies are categorized as assets in the country, therefore Bitcoins have been accepted as legal money in some areas. You would not be subject to capital gains tax if you sell or keep cryptocurrencies as a form of investment with your own account as well as qualify as just an individual seller. Purchasing as well as selling via licensed professional dealers, but at the other side, is regarded as business earnings and therefore is taxed as such.

The city of Zug in Switzerland is renowned as the “Crypto Valley.” With blockchain businesses, organizations, stores, as well as entrepreneurs, the city has become a crypto hotspot. Throughout this cryptocurrency valley, entrepreneurs profit from such a tax-free atmosphere. In 2016, Zug became the first city in the planet to receive Bitcoin as payment. We could conclude that Zug ranks Switzerland the finest crypto friendly nations in the world.

4. Singapore

Singapore has become one of the greatest places for crypto traders. The country is very pro-crypto and it has passed a number of legislation to support it. And this is why cryptocurrency companies as well as traders continue to flock to Singapore.

Throughout Southeast Asia, Singapore is indeed a hotspot which is fintech based. There is no capital gains taxation in this country. Corporations and individuals crypto funds really aren’t subject to income tax. However, if a corporation is located in Singapore and operates as a cryptocurrency trading firm or accepts crypto transactions, it is responsible for paying taxes.

You are also needed to pay taxes on your profits from crypto staking and lending.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the country’s banking system, is working to create a healthy cryptocurrency ecosystem. The MAS does not want to severely control cryptocurrency, but instead to analyze it in order to detect financial fraud as well as illicit activity. Bitcoin is classified as a commodity as well as, thus, is subject to goods as well as services tax.

3. Germany

Germany has the advantage of not treating virtual currencies like legal cash, but instead as personal funds. Because of the laws on the books, protracted companies may find Germany to be a haven.

If you already own cryptocurrency for more than 12 months, then you exempted from paying Capital gains tax, irrespective of its value. This I think make it one of the best countries for crypto taxes.

However, if you are holding your crypto for less than a year and have earned a profit of more than 600 Euros, you are taxed. Obviously, the nation is attempting to combat individuals who are attempting to circumvent the system in order to engage in high-volume selling and buying.

2. Portugal

Portugal has been among the world’s greatest appealing crypto friendly nations. The Portuguese Tax Authority (PTA) has exempted cryptocurrency transactions from capital gains as well as income tax since 2016. Income tax includes companies which take virtual currencies as payment for their products as well as services.

Portugal also have launched a Golden Visa programme for non EU residents to become a permanent Portugal citizen in only 5 years.

Lifestyle wise, Portugal is one of the best place you could move to if you wish to maintain a high quality of life by not spending much.

1. Dubai: My Most Favourite Crypto Friendly Nation

If you are wondering which country is the most crypto friendly? I would say Dubai.

Dubai recently approved the first ever virtual asset legislation. Dubai has already entered the number of nations that have enacted cryptocurrency rules, including Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, as well as El Salvador.

The Gulf city represents “a fantastic home for [crypto businesses] because of its accessibility as well as desire to create a regulatory structure for digital currencies, according to Bin Sulayem. Nevertheless, Dubai continues to provide benefits for investors, including a 0% cgt, security in a dangerous region, as well as a freewheeling lifestyle throughout the heat.

The most frequent approach to acquire Bitcoin within Dubai would be to establish a trading profile with another of the cryptocurrency exchanges (BitOasis, Kraken, Coinbase) or perhaps a brokerage profile with another of the BTC brokers (eToro).

Which Crypto Friendly Tax Haven Are you Shifting to? 

Apart from the above 6 crypto friendly countries, there are some other nations like Malta and Slovenia. Malta recognizes cryptocurrencies as a store of value and also a medium of exchange. While crypto gains could attract taxes upto 35 percent, but it can be reduced to less than 5 percent or infact zero based on your income tax slab.

Several nations already have enacted more lenient taxation policies for cryptocurrency, with the goal of becoming a financial center for focusing on innovation. Others offer reduced income tax rates on cryptocurrency gains in order to entice more traders.

The possibility to conduct crypto operations with such a minimal or even no cgt is clearly an inducement for expatriates to migrate their businesses or even transfer oneself to a specific jurisdiction. And which nation is the most crypto friendly for you? It was something that every trader should think about. Moving to a tax shelter is indeed a big decision which requires a lot of study and consideration into the individual tax regulations of all of these nations.

If you want to make investments in Bitcoin or choose another crypto, several crypto friendly nations may be able to assist you. As a result, ensure that you spend after only a thorough evaluation and therefore that you leave no rock behind in terms of security.

Since crypto nation legislation may change over time, it’s a good idea to double-check the most up-to-date information before investing in a nation.

You can indeed seek assistance from a cryptocurrency specialist. They are more suited to help you because they have expert expertise. We are glad you liked our list of the best crypto friendly nations for you to choose from.

So, which country are you moving to? Drop a comment below and hopefully we will meet you there.