Technology keeps advancing, and one area that’s been greatly affected is artificial intelligence (AI). These intelligent models have become more complex, and the world of cryptocurrency is also benefiting from these advancements. The ChatGPT plugins are at the forefront of this expansion, offering solutions to various fields such as education, law, gaming, and content creation. In the past, conducting thorough research on cryptocurrencies would take over 48 hours. However, thanks to ChatGPT, you can now discover 100 times more valuable crypto assets, receive expert advice on cryptocurrencies, and perform DeFi analysis, all in less than 57 seconds.

In today’s digital landscape, plugins play a vital role in enhancing our experience with artificial intelligence. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revolutionized the way we interact with chatbots, making them more sophisticated and versatile. In this informative piece, we’ll delve into the exciting world of ChatGPT plugins and how they specifically cater to individuals involved in the cryptocurrency industry.

Crypto chatGPT plugins

What are ChatGPT Plugins?

ChatGPT plugins are designed to expand the capabilities of ChatGPT’s AI chatbot by integrating additional applications. They act as intermediaries, allowing smooth communication between the application and the ChatGPT API. OpenAI has taken a thoughtful approach by initially releasing the plugin features to a select group of users, showing their dedication to examining how these plugins are used and their effects in real-world scenarios.

Right now, we have a limited selection of plugins, but OpenAI is being cautious in their release, ensuring that these plugins are both efficient and secure.

Recently, OpenAI made an exciting announcement about the initial batch of ChatGPT plugins. The lineup included well-known platforms like Expedia, Kayak, Shopify, Wolfram (Wolfram Alpha), and Zapier.

However, it’s important to note that currently, these plugins are exclusively accessible to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus who are using GPT-4, the newest iteration of this widely used chatbot.

ChatGPT plugins For Crypto Investors: Why do you need them?

Not everyone in Crypto knows how to code and sometimes it becomes important to understand the smart contract, how it is written so that you know with what you are interacting – is the code clean or not? With ChatGPT, it is not easy for a non tech guy to analyse smart contracts easily.

One can also do quick research with these chatGPT plugins and thus decide faster whether to invest in a project or not based on its metrics. In this post, we have discussed 5 amazing ChatGPT plugins I use for my crypto research.


DeFiLlama stands out as the go-to open-source TVL aggregator for the crypto community. It serves as a hub for information on decentralized finance (DeFi) projects and protocols. Users can access up-to-the-minute data on liquidity and various metrics across multiple platforms. The DeFiLlama ChatGPT plugin seamlessly fetches both current and past data from blockchains, DeFi applications, and bridges. Gone are the days of spending hours analyzing data on DeFiLlama. Now, with the assistance of ChatGPT, all your inquiries are swiftly addressed with utmost accuracy. This remarkable plugin was skillfully developed by Kofi, a respected crypto data expert and contributor to the DeFiLlama project.

The DeFillama ChatGPT plugin offers an array of valuable features. It enables users to access comprehensive summaries of various blockchains, providing detailed information across different time frames. Additionally, the plugin allows users to explore rankings of protocols based on TVL gain, loss, growth, and other important metrics. It also provides analytical data on protocol fees, allowing users to filter and identify the top-performing protocols within specific time periods. The DeFillama ChatGPT plugin truly empowers users with extensive insights and information to make informed decisions in the crypto world.

Bitcoin Sentiment

Introducing the Bitcoin Sentiment ChatGPT plugin, an invaluable resource for investors and traders seeking real-time updates on Bitcoin’s price (in Australian dollars) and sentiment. This plugin empowers users to effortlessly monitor the latest market trends and sentiment, leveraging the analysis of the most recent 20 media mentions. While there’s always room for enhancements, this plugin holds great potential when operating at its best. What’s more, the Bitcoin Sentiment ChatGPT plugin is incredibly user-friendly, allowing seamless installation on any website or platform with just a few clicks.

Smarter Contracts ChatGPT Plugin

Smarter Contracts ChatGPT Plugin┬áis an innovative third-party application that brings together the power of the GPT language model and the Ethereum blockchain’s smart contracts and tokens. This remarkable plugin enables users to delve deep into the intricacies of smart contracts and tokens on the Ethereum network. Simply input the contract address, and watch as the plugin unveils a wealth of essential details!

The plugin’s advanced analysis can shed light on the functionality of the contract, identify any potential vulnerabilities, and provide assurance regarding the contract’s overall security. Armed with this knowledge, users can confidently navigate their interactions with smart contracts and make informed decisions when it comes to utilizing or investing in tokens on the Ethereum network. The Smarter Contracts ChatGPT Plugin opens up a world of possibilities for seamless integration between GPT and the Ethereum ecosystem.

ERC20 Scout

ERC20 Scout is an amazing ChatGPT plugin that offers highly precise data on renowned ERC20 tokens that exist on EVM-compatible blockchains like Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, xDai, and many others. It allows you to effortlessly retrieve information about token specifics, prices, addresses, and listings. What sets this plugin apart is its ability to index and aggregate popular token lists curated by various entities. By doing so, it ensures that the search results are comprehensive and top-notch. Rest assured, all indexed token lists adhere to the well-established Uniswap token list standard.

Ideal for getting quick and comprehensive token information, this plugin offers convenient search endpoints. You can search based on the token symbol, contract address, or even specific tags as defined by the token list guidelines. Each search endpoint also provides additional filters, allowing you to narrow down results based on chain identifiers, list names, and more. Moreover, the plugin generates explorer links whenever available, enabling users to seamlessly navigate to the token’s contract explorer for in-depth analysis and advanced insights. It’s the perfect tool to swiftly access token details and explore further with ease.


CheckTheChain ChatGPT Plugin is a game-changer for those seeking comprehensive blockchain information. This powerful plugin empowers users to conduct swift and efficient searches on anything blockchain-related, offering instant analysis and deep protocol explorations. Equipped with advanced analytical capabilities, it swiftly processes data and delivers valuable insights, enabling users to make informed decisions with confidence. Whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast or a curious explorer, the CheckTheChain ChatGPT Plugin is the ultimate solution for your information needs.

The plug-in is designed with user-friendliness in mind to cater to everyone, regardless of their expertise level. With just a few effortless clicks, users gain access to an extensive repository of valuable resources, ranging from whitepapers and blogs to insightful reports. This ensures that you’re always in the loop with the latest developments in the blockchain space, enabling you to make well-informed decisions. A standout feature of the CheckTheChain ChatGPT Plugin is its seamless integration with popular chat applications like Telegram, Discord, and more. This means you can conveniently tap into the plugin’s functionality right within your preferred chat app, eliminating the need to switch between different applications in order to access the information you need.

Summary: List of ChatGPT plugins for Crypto Research

  • DeFiLlama:
  • Bitcoin Sentiment
  • Smarter Contracts ChatGPT Plugin
  • ERC20 Scout
  • CheckTheChain