Build On Base is a very exciting layer 2 platform on Ethereum that is working towards Making Ethereum accessible to everyone. ‘Base’ layer 2 blockchain, as the name suggest, is launched by Coinbase. The protocol is secure, low-cost, and developer-friendly which makes it a great option for most users. And like other airdrops, crypto investors are anticipating a $BASE airdrop in the future. And here is your chance to become an early user in their platform which may make you eligible for future rewards (read Base airdrop). In this article, we will take you through how you can earn this BASE NFT for free.

Step 1: Configuring your wallet

  1. First, open MetaMask, go on settings and click on Networks
  2. Now click on “Add Network” and select “Add a Network manually”
  3. After this, you will have to fill in some information like Network name, New RPC URL, Chain ID, Currency symbol, and Block explorer URL (Optional). You can refer to the given details on what to fill in each section:
    1. Network name: Base Goerli
    2. Network URL:
    3. Chain ID: 84531
    4. Currency symbol: ETH
    5. Block explorer URL: 
  4. Once you have added all this information, click on “Save”

Step 2: Request some test ETH funds

  1. Visit the official website of the Goerli Faucet by Alchemy through this link: 
  2. Copy your Ethereum wallet address from your wallet or your ETH Mainnet ENS Domain
  3. Paste the copied text into the search bar
  4. Click on Send Me ETH
  5. Approve the pop ups from your wallet and you would have received the funds

Step 3: Use the Bridge from Goerli to Base Goerli

  1. Visit the official website of the Base here 
  2. Select Bridge assets 
  3. click on Connect Wallet to link your preferred wallet to the testnet. You can choose from Meta Mask wallet, Coinbase wallet, Wallet Connect and rainbow wallet.
  4. Click on the wallet of your choice. Approve the pop ups from your wallet and switch the network
  5. Go to the Bridge section and select Deposit
  6. Now enter the amount of ETH you wish to send. In both From and To areas, Goerli and Base Goerli would be automatically selected respectively when you start
  7. Click on Deposit and authorize all the pop ups from your wallet

Step 4: Deploy a contract on Base and mint The Build On Base NFT

Deploy contract on Base Testnet

  1. Visit the official website of the Contracts Wizard here Openzeppelin
  2. Choose the ERC-20 option.
  3. Now, under Name enter and set a Name For Your Token and under Symbol choose what you want your token’s symbol to be. You can have additional features like MINTABLE, BURNABLE function. See image below. 

Build on Base NFT guide

4. After that Click Open In Remix. Clicking on ‘Copy to Clipboard’ may not work. In that case, you can directly open in Remix.

5. If you see something like the image shown above, click on Complete Contract (blueish green color button)

6. Next, make sure that your base network is set to Base Georli, configure the Environment As Injected Provider and then Click Deploy.

7. Before clicking Deploy, make sure, under Environment, it should display:  Injected Provider – Metamask, if your wallet installed is Metamask.Base NFT testnet deploy

8. Confirm Transaction In MetaMask by approving the pop ups that are shown

9. Now open up your MetaMask wallet and then Click On The Transaction, 

10. Select View On Block Explorer and after that just Copy The Contract address.

11. Go to the official page of Base Quest through this link: 

12. Click on Connect Wallet to link your preferred wallet to the testnet. You can choose from Meta Mask Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect, Ledger Live and rainbow wallet.

13. Click on the wallet of your choice. Approve the pop ups from your wallet and switch the network

14. Select Start Quest  and then go on Continue

15. Simply Paste Your Smart Contract Address in the typing bar and Click Verify

16. A Message stating that Your Smart Contract Is Valid will appear

17. Now just select the Mint NFT option and Approve Transaction In MetaMask by authorizing the pop ups that are shown.

To conclude

Bingo! You now have the Build on Base NFT as a reward, and this may be a major criteria for a future $BASE airdrop. Becoming an early user of the Build on Base platform can prove to be a great idea fo you in the long term. It is a growing platform that has received a lot of acclaims. By following our guide you can stay a step ahead and easily interact with the platform.

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