Still stuck with your old browser that shows you multiple unnecessary ads and strips you of your privacy by tracking your private information and using them to their own benefit ? If yes, You need to move on. The world has moved on from the privacy-theft browser, and shifted to Brave. If you’re still not aware of the browser which started as an alternative to your Google browser but is soon going to overrule it, then let me enlighten you about it.

What is Brave Browser

Why is Brave Browser winning hearts in 2021

The brainchild of Javascript creator and Mozilla project co-founder Brendan Eich, is surely turning heads due to its features. Brave is a web browser. Yes, it is your general web browser that lets you navigate through websites, run various web pages, Open different web apps and view online content. But, the browser is getting recognised due to its ad-blocking features, privacy policy, faster loading and crypto rewards. Brave pays you in BAT tokens for your attention and web-surfing time. Brave launched its stable release on 13 November, 2019 having millions of monthly active users. In November 2020, Brave recorded 20 million monthly users and only this year it surpassed over 30 million users.

Brave Browser Review – Best Browser to use in 2021?

Why Brave Browser?

Over 30 million users have put their trust in Brave due to its exceptional and over the top necessary features. Let’s see why Brave Browser is Winning the internet :

The Ad-blocking Feature:

Brave is specifically designed to eliminate the unwanted and unnecessary ads popping up everytime on your website without your consent or your choice. When you look into them, these ads are based on your personal web-surfing searches and your data which has been sold by your browser to the highest bidder. But, this will not be the case with Brave. Brave is better and it respects your privacy by practicing a better policy of blocking ads that are not selected by you. You can choose to see your preferable ads or not see them at all. The browser will automatically block any ads that are irrelevant or not preferential According to you.

Privacy Policy

With Brave you can sleep in peace knowing that your browser history is safe and secure. Brave is very strict on its privacy policy and has gained a majority of its customers due to the same. Brave does not allow any data or web-search to leave your browser. The other ‘normal’ browsers track your web browsing activity and steal your information online. And the worst part is that your personal data is being sold to a bidder in order to design and develop your web browser accordingly. Ever wondered how the same dress that you searched for on chrome appears on your Instagram ? Yes, the browser sells your data to a third party without your permission. And Brave strictly resigns against stripping people of their privacy rights.

Competition to the Big Techs

The browser market has been constantly dominated by certain big techs like chrome, opera and Safari. And these browsers are so popular that most people often use them without giving a care about their privacy, data, speed,etc. So these browsers misuse their popularity and serve the users with their desired result along with ads based on their data. Brave is new in the market and certainly goes against all the big techs. It’s always worth having fresh choices in the list. Brave keeps these big techs in check and spreads a constant reminder that they cannot dictate the user’s choice. There are more than 30 million users who have opted for Brave over these giant techs and this gives a healthy competition in the market.

Open source Network

Brave is an open source network and it is based on Chromium. Chrome is also built on Chromium but Brave is a completely open source project while Chrome is a proprietary project. Since, no one officially controls the brave network, anyone can inspect the source code to verify the claims made by Brave or assess the security of the browser if required. There are other features of using Brave open source network such as community involvement for adding new features, checking the projects and claiming the transparency that they offer. This way Brave ensures that the customers can access all kinds of services on the platform.

Faster Browsing Experience

Brave is super fast, it loads any web page 3X times faster than your average google chrome. But these are not in-built features on Brave. Brave makes the browser experience faster for every user by blocking ads and trackers automatically. Brave saves your time and memory by downloading less. When you use other browsers, they save all your browsing history so that the third parties can attack you with their invasive ads. Your browsing experience is being compromised to make profit out of it without your consent. But Brave does not save your data, and blocks extra unnecessary ads so that your web pages can load at maximum speed.

High performance, low impact

Your browser can only store so much information, and perform as many instructions before slowing down due to lack of memory. Brave claims to put less strain on your computer and its performance as compared to google chrome. You can open multiple tabs, and your brave browser will still run effortlessly. It uses 66% less storage than your chrome browser. Not only does it impact the swift browsing and the memory capacity, Brave also consumes less data. It takes 35% less battery than Google chrome. Brave ensures that your web browsing is satisfactory and your multiple tabs run smoothly, and your online time is well spent.

Earn Rewards by giving Attention: BAT tokens

When you pay attention to your normal browser and the ads they serve you, you actually pay them to benefit from your attention. An average user browsing the internet, is actually charged for their attention, for browsing pages, and waiting to see the contents. But with Brave, you are actually paid for giving your attention. You can control your ads, and for every ad that you see you’ll get paid for it. In exchange for paying attention, you will actually get 70% of the ad revenue. You’ll be paid in BAT tokens, the native token of Brave Browser.