The Best Browser to use in 2021

Brave browser is the brainchild of Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript and the former CEO of Mozilla Firefox. In 2014 , he recruited former Mozilla colleague Brian Bondy, to help him with his idea for a new type of internet browser. Brian is now the co-founder of Brave.

How it all started ?

On 28 May, 2015, CEO Brendan founded Brave Software. By the end of 2015, almost 600 tests had been taken on browsers and more than 100 versions were created. The first version of Brave was launched by Brendon back in January 2016. The first release was a prototype with minimal extension support and was unable to display Brave’s own ads. Even after that, it recorded $4.5 million funding in August Brave launched its stable release on 13 November, 2019 having millions of monthly active users. In November 2020, Brave recorded 20 million monthly users and only this year it surpassed over 25 million users.

What is a BRAVE Browser?

Brave is your normal browser, only more updated, better, efficient and swift. It is just like chrome but definitely not chrome.

It is more modernised and refurbished. Brave not only stops online monitoring but also respects and protects your privacy.

It is a private browser which is decentralised.

It is a free and open source web browser.

This is because Brave is built on Chromium, which is kind of a double-edge sword. Chromium provides intense security, good speed and helps Brave to eliminate the privacy concern related to google chrome.

Brave is formed on certain principles.

The most basic and primary of them is that the users shouldn’t be tracked and stripped of their privacy without their consent.

It also aims at removing trackers and ads that earn from the screen time of consumers.

Brave also provides the website publishers and creators cryptocurrency as a payment. Not only the creators, but also the users earn a cut of ad revenue.

Brave gained more attention in 2017 due to its ICO (Initial Coin Offering) . This is why BAT came into picture. Brave is set to revolutionize the whole online digital advertising space.

FAQ’s about Brave

1. Is Brave a safe browser ?

Yes . Brave runs on Chromium and is absolutely safe to use. In Fact it is much better than your regular browser.

2. Is Brave browser free ?

The answer is a big yes. Brave is a free browser which can be downloaded from your play store at no cost.

3. Is Brave owned by Google ?

No. Brave is an independent browser which is not owned by Google. It is completely different from your regular Google browser.

4. Who owns the Brave Browser ?

Brave is a free browser, not owned by a particular person. It was created by Brendon Eich and Brian Bondy.

5. Which is better: Brave or DuckDuckGo ?

As we know, Brave browser is definitely better and more safe than DuckDuckGo. It is ranked as the 4th best browser while DuckDuckGo is ranked as 7 .

6. Is Brave browser better than Chrome ?

It is indeed. The main agenda of switching from Brave to Chrome is to safeguard your own privacy and experience a better surfing time.

7. Is Brave illegal ?

No, Brave is not illegal. It is less heard of but it’ll soon be the most used browser. It is legal and easy to download.

8. Is Brave browser really private ?

Brave browser is by far the most private browser that you can come across. Your data does not leaves outside the browser.

9. Does Brave Browser hide your IP address ?

Brave automatically blocks the third party trackers that recognise you based on your IP address.

10. Does Brave track and store your history ?

Absolutely No. Brave does not store any data related to the personal information of the users.

Why You should Start Using Brave Browser?

Among all the existing apps, and the browsers that have been running smoothly for years now, the question that arrives is Why Brave Browser?

Apart from what you read already, I’m sure you’ll be convinced after the following reasons :

1. Brave has an extremely efficient ad blocking engine.

2. Brave has a unique cryptocurrency integration with it’s native BAT.

3. Your surfing history never goes beyond the browser, i.e.Your data and information is completely secured . Your privacy concerns are eliminated.

4. You are being paid for your attention.

5. The browser runs smoothly and data is loaded with a lightning speed.

6. Brave consistently uses less ram and sucks less data.

7. Brave is transparent and the users can access and learn anything about the browser.

Without selling your personal preferences, Brave manages to benefit you and your right to privacy, the advertisers and the publishers as well.

Earning revenues from ads ?

The publisher’s, creators as well as the users have a golden chance to earn BAT coins by simply browsing or publishing the contents on Brave Browser.

-Advertisers buy and pay publishers in BAT coins To have their ads viewed by users.

-Users earn brave browser rewards in the form of BAT coins for viewing customized ads.

-Users can tip their favourite content creators in BAT.

-Publishers receive BAT coins based on user attention .

This BAT creates a win-win situation between users, publishers and advertisers. It’s a cake walk to earn using Brave browser now. You just have to download the app, click on ads and start being rewarded in BAT tokens for your attention. Earning crypto by doing something that you regularly do, i.e, surfing the web, has become so easy now.

Brave vs Chrome: Safety, Speed and Performance

Chrome has been everyone’s go-to browser since 2008. It has surely been one of the most used browsers and has witnessed billions of active users. But it is not 2008 anymore and neither are people so ignorant to accept the injustice that Chrome does to its users.

Brave, even though recently discovered, is gaining its place swiftly in the market due to its efficient functionality and modernized policies. It has witnessed 25 million active users this year and is counting on many more.

While Chrome strips its users of their privacy and sells their personal choices, data, and information to advertisers, to highest bidders for its own benefit and the users make nothing out of it.

Brave on the other hand, extinguishes the privacy concern of its users by providing them complete control over their data. The information from one’s web surfing never gets out of the browser.

Chrome intends on earning money by your attention .

Brave pays you 70% of the proceeds they earn from your choice of ads.

Chrome is not an ad blocker browser and hence consumes considerable amount of time to load your content.

Brave is a tracking and ad blocking browser and hence runs smooth as butter.

Chrome exploits your data without being transparent about it.

Brave runs on a data saving policy and is completely transparent about its working.

Brave lets you transfer all your extensions, bookmarks and saved passwords from Chrome and also provides you a better experience along with guarding your personal data . The switch is easy, and also necessary.

BAT (Basic Attention Token ) : The Utility Token

In order to achieve its goal of crediting both users and publisher’s, Brave needed its own currency that could be exchanged and accepted by everyone. The Basic Attention Token or BAT was Brave’s new coin that was transferred in returns for web surfers and online publishing and could be cashed in for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In May 2017, Brendon raised $35 million in 30 seconds for his start-up browser Brave by selling one billion BAT tokens . BAT is differentiated from other cryptocurrencies because it is a utility token and is already in use. BAT holders can also use BAT as a collateral to generate loans and earn interest.

BAT creates an innovative digital advertising market place between users, publishers and advertisers. BAT token serves as a unit of exchange between creators and as a reward for users.

How to earn BAT coins using Brave ?

The current price of BAT token in the coin market is $0.7508 . But Brave offers you a chance to own these cryptocurrencies for free by only using the app as your browser.

Follow the given steps to get your very own BAT coins for free :

1. Download The Brave browser on your desktop or your mobile .

2. The home screen of the browser shows you the ads that has been blocked, the amount of time it saved you and the data you consumed using the browser .

Best browser to use in 2021- Brave browser

3. Click the triangle at the top of the screen.

Brave Browser Shields

4. You can see your Basic Attention Wallet. Click on Rewards settings

5. That will lead you to a new page where you can see Brave Rewards. Turn it on .

Brave Browser Rewards

6. Turn on the Ads section as well .

7. You’re all set to receive your BAT tokens only by watching ads of your choice.

FAQ’s about BAT

1. How do you get BAT tokens using Brave ?

Users can earn BAT tokens using Brave by just doing what they do on a regular basis i.e. web surfing . You will be paid for watching ads, and for your attention.

2. How can I get free BAT tokens ?

Earning free BAT tokens is the easiest part. You just have to switch to Brave and turn to Brave Rewards, where you turn on Ads . You earn 70% of the ad-revenue.

3. What is the BAT token ?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is Brave’s very own cryptocurrency used to reward it’s users, advertisers and publishers.

4. How much BAT do you earn using Brave ?

This is a subjective thing. You can earn as much as $100 worth of BAT coins or more depending on your surfing time and your ad viewing capacity. Generally, for 2-3 hours of surfing, you can expect 25-30 USD per year.

5. Is BAT a good investment in 2020 ?

Yes, BAT is just another cryptocurrency. And we all are familiar that Crypto is the best investment you can make right now.

6. Can I withdraw BAT from Brave ?

Yes, you can. You can always convert your BAT tokens to Bitcoins, use it as a digital currency or also change it to your fiat currency

7. Is BAT useful ?

BAT is a currency, a virtual token. You can use it as a fiat currency or even change it to gift tokens.

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