It is going to be a platform where:

• Legitimate projects can come to build a following, share news and updates about themselves

• Users can discover upcoming blockchain projects

It has been a long time since cryptocurrencies took place, and crypto lovers are always determined to increase return rate on investments as the sector grows continuously. However, in spite of the fast rate that blockchain is influencing various business sectors, the one thing that’s lagging behind is social media, and it’s an important factor to be taken care of.

Blockster social platform

Blockster is initiating a thrilling new social platform for the crypto enthusiasts that vows to change how crypto lovers keep updated with present market trends.

Blockster’s Token: BXR – What’s the utility?

Blockster provides incentives to users with revenue-sharing, offering the chance to earn high returns on BXR tokens.

BXR tokens will be used for: 

• Purchasing ads

• Tipping your most liked content creators

• Buying NFT, games and services at the marketplace

• Staking to earn revenue

• P2P transactions

• Community governance

Features of Blockster

Blockster has all the usual characteristics one would expect in a social media platform. It aims on user-generated content subjected to blockchain and crypto.

The project’s aim is to make available the need for a social network that displays itself as the heart for all the fresh crypto news, engagement, advice, and tips on money-making.


To make things easier, Blockster is user-friendly, similar to all the other famous major platforms people are well-versed with, such as Twitter and Instagram. Blockster presents an engaging site built for community participation –  the most essential aspects of the crypto space among many others.

Additionally, it has

Blockacademy: A huge crypto knowledge base

Blockwatch: Lets you check coin’s price.

Blockdesk: It is a user created content blog where all the best content is curated and published on the first page. It focuses on news updates and high quality content.

Blockfarm: It gives a touch of defi. You would be able to yield farm and stake your tokens and earn more.

Blockfunder: It is a platform for the launch of crypto projects and their token sales.

NFT marketplace: You would also be able to buy and sell NFTs on Blockster.

Project Listing and Business page: It is a place for crypto startups to create their business pages and build a fandom.

Tip Content Creators and Pay Friends: You can use BXR tokens to pay tips to the content creators and also transfer ‘BXR tokens’ to your friends using the platform. 

Bringing together around 200 million crypto users globally, it will be of interest to both the current and the growing crypto community due to its leading-edge social media platform.

Blockster, as mentioned previously, comes with its own token, namely “BXR”, which fuels all the commerce and advertising on the platform.

What is Blockdesk, the platform?

A prominent component of Blockster, Blockdesk is a crypto related blog incorporating carefully selected, user-created content. Every user can publish posts on this section. However, only the best quality blog post will be displayed on the main page, and those will be trending articles or articles selected by the editorial team. Blockster has also hired a large team of professionals including crypto authors, journalists, and eminent leaders to get their articles posted on Blockdesk.


Blockdesk – main section of Blockster

Currently, the platform is exclusively INVITE only.  If you wish to join the waiting list, click here

Blockster Trying to be exclusive Facebook+Coinmarketcap for Crypto?

The image below shows the vibrant newsfeed that Blockster offers where you will get updates from the projects you are interested in, along with content and news covering digital assets. One can also have access to its Messenger which has text, video and audio facilities.


Blockster’s news feed with all the crypto related information

What makes Blockster different than the rest?

As much as it may sound like your regular social platform where you can have access to all sorts of news and build relationships, what distinguishes Blockster from the others is that it actually allows cryptocurrency advertising – legitimate projects, upcoming projects, exchanges and DeFi platforms – any of the thousands of crypto-based enterprises that are out for advertising.

Blockster Tokenomics

In totality, Blockster will mint 100 million BXR tokens, 10% of which will be available via the primary token sale. The sale will materialise on Blockfunder – the IEO token launch platform on the Digitex cryptocurrency exchange. A single token’s price is fixed at $1.00 for the primary round and will keep going up with each new round to $2.25 by the sixth phase.

Blockster platform

Should you buy BXR tokens?

Blockster is currently running an IEO, and the second round of token sale is on. Currently, BXR tokens can be bought at 1.25USD. 

If you wish the purchase some BXR tokens, you can buy the tokens directly. I would not advise you to put a lot of money, given we are at a very early stage. However, you can put a small amount.


Currently the platform is giving some tokens for free, which you can earn by doing simple tasks, like liking their facebook page, subscribing to their youtube channel etc. If you wish you earn some free BXR tokens, click here

My thoughts on Blockster: Do we really need one?

To sum it up, this platform allows users to find relevant and efficient crypto content, all in one place. Whether you are looking to connect with like-minded people, searching for trending news, or merely seeking to stay ahead of the market, Blockster provides it all.

For cryptocurrency businesses, the very fact that crypto-based advertisements on a social media platform is significant is because major popular platforms usually put a blanket ban on cryptocurrency advertisements. It is virtually impossible to buy or reach a quality traffic if you’re a cryptocurrency project.

This is when Blockster comes into play, and allows advertisement for a very rich industry ready to display itself out there.

All in all, Blockster seems like the right platform for both users who want to keep updated about crypto, as well as for crypto-based startups.

The project is quite ambitious. For crypto users to adopt a new platform, Blockster, the platform will need to be really good. I like the features. I personally have spent a lot of time surfing coinmaketcap everyday. So I would not mind using a platform where I can connect with fellow crypto mates, and check the price of crypto without needing to open a new tab.

However, I am not sure if I would like to see crypto ads everyday, everytime. We will have to wait and watch how far Blockster would go. 

What do you think of Blockster? Check them out and let us know under comments.

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