As the blockchain sector and expands, the need for decentralized exchanges (DEXs) has surged, leading to the emergence of Zyberswap. This DEX has garnered significant attention from the crypto community, being a fully decentralized exchange operating on the Arbitrum network. Arbitrum is a high-speed, low-cost Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. This article delves into Zyberswap and its unique attributes that set it apart from other DEXs.

What is Zyberswap

About Zyberswap (ZYB)

Zyberswap Details
Token  ZRB
Arbitrum Address 0x3B475F6f2f41853706afc9Fa6a6b8C5dF1a2724c
Tags Zyberswap, DEX, Arbitrum Ecosystem
Price (ZYB) $0.07114
Whitepaper  Click here
Market Cap $400,006
Circulating Supply 5,622,515 ZYB
Max Supply 20,000,000
Total Supply 5,676,391 ZYB
Best exchange to
buy ZYB
Uniswap, Bitget, BKEX

Zyberswap claims to promote true decentralization and fairness by having a fair launch of their native token, $ZYB, without any pre-sale or private sale. While this approach aims to provide an equal opportunity for everyone to own the token, some may question its effectiveness in achieving true decentralization. The tokenomics of $ZYB are interesting, with a maximum supply of 20,000,000 and an initial supply of only 10,000.

However, it remains to be seen whether the emission rate of 0.3 per second and the allocation of 86.5% of the total token supply for liquidity incentives will be sustainable in the long run. At present, there are 1,990,863 $ZYB tokens in circulation.

Provide Liquidity and earn reward

At Zyberswap, liquidity pools serve as a decentralized and permissionless platform where users can pool tokens (liquidity) and facilitate trades. Users can supply liquidity to these pools and receive Zyberswap Liquidity Provider (ZLP) tokens as proof of their contribution. The ZLP tokens denote a proportional share of the pooled assets, enabling users to withdraw their funds at any time.

Zyberswap imposes a 0.25% fee on every trade made on its platform, with 0.15% of that fee allocated to the liquidity pool. The platform aims to offer its users low fees while still providing profitable rewards to liquidity providers. By staking and locking their $ZYB tokens, users can earn rewards in Ethereum. The current lockup period is two weeks, and the rewards are distributed on a weekly basis.

Zyberswap’s ZAP function simplifies the process of liquidity provision for users by using only one token in the trading pair. The feature automatically executes trades with the provided token and adjusts the trading pair to a 50/50 ratio before adding liquidity. As a result, users can add liquidity regardless of the number of tokens they contribute to the trading pair, even if it is not perfectly balanced with the existing pool.

Zyberswap roadmap

Zyberswap has a well-defined plan for its future development, including the release of new farms, partnerships, and a governance voting system. The platform is also working towards launching a 1-Click Farm, analytics page, and vaults. In the upcoming quarter, users can look forward to staking $ZYB and earning $ETH, participating in a bug bounty program, and enjoying an NFT game. The third quarter will bring leverage trading and a UI upgrade to the platform.

Security and Audit

To prioritize the safety of its users, Zyberswap has taken significant measures to ensure the platform’s security. The team has conducted a security audit to identify any potential risks and address them. Moreover, the platform’s smart contract has been audited by CertiK, a top blockchain security firm that performs thorough checks to ensure the platform is secure for users.

For those seeking a non-custodial way to trade coins on ARIBITRUM blockchain without paying high fees to centralized intermediaries, Zyberswap is a decentralized exchange that offers an appealing option. The platform’s fair launch, low transaction fees, and rewards for liquidity providers make it an attractive choice for traders.

Zyberswap (ZYB) Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

ZYB Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $0.092 $0.058
April 2024 $0.120 $0.080
May 2024 $0.132 $0.110
June 2024 $0.135 $0.112
July 2024 $0.162 $0.135
August 2024 $0.181 $0.151
September 2024 $0.185 $0.154
October 2024 $0.194 $0.162
November 2024 $0.213 $0.178
December 2024 $0.256 $0.213

In March 2024, the maximum price for ZYB is expected to reach $0.092, while the minimum price is forecasted to be around $0.058. As we progress into April, ZYB’s maximum price is projected to rise to $0.120, with the minimum price expected to increase to $0.080. Throughout the following months, ZYB’s maximum and minimum prices are anticipated to steadily climb, with December 2024 marking a significant peak, with a maximum price of $0.256 and a minimum of $0.213.

ZYB Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.282 $0.227
February 2025 $0.297 $0.212
March 2025 $0.326 $0.263
April 2025 $0.261 $0.186
May 2025 $0.284 $0.229
June 2025 $0.340 $0.243
July 2025 $0.334 $0.269
August 2025 $0.400 $0.286
September 2025 $0.441 $0.355
October 2025 $0.400 $0.286
November 2025 $0.408 $0.329
December 2025 $0.449 $0.321

In January 2025, ZYB’s maximum price is anticipated to rise to $0.282, while the minimum price is forecasted to be $0.227. Moving into February, ZYB’s maximum price is expected to further increase to $0.297, with the minimum price projected to reach $0.212. As the months progress, ZYB’s price fluctuates, with December 2025 marking the end of the year with a peak, as the maximum price is expected to hit $0.449 and the minimum to be $0.321.

ZYB Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $0.539 $0.435
February 2026 $0.431 $0.308
March 2026 $0.332 $0.268
April 2026 $0.299 $0.213
May 2026 $0.269 $0.217
June 2026 $0.207 $0.148
July 2026 $0.171 $0.138
August 2026 $0.132 $0.095
September 2026 $0.166 $0.134
October 2026 $0.207 $0.148
November 2026 $0.228 $0.184
December 2026 $0.255 $0.182

ZYB Price Forecast 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.306 $0.247
February 2027 $0.245 $0.175
March 2027 $0.223 $0.179
April 2027 $0.189 $0.135
May 2027 $0.159 $0.128
June 2027 $0.122 $0.087
July 2027 $0.098 $0.079
August 2027 $0.076 $0.054
September 2027 $0.095 $0.076
October 2027 $0.118 $0.085
November 2027 $0.130 $0.105
December 2027 $0.146 $0.104

ZYB Price prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.175 $0.141
February 2028 $0.140 $0.100
March 2028 $0.127 $0.103
April 2028 $0.108 $0.077
May 2028 $0.091 $0.073
June 2028 $0.083 $0.059
July 2028 $0.103 $0.083
August 2028 $0.133 $0.095
September 2028 $0.167 $0.134
October 2028 $0.208 $0.149
November 2028 $0.229 $0.185
December 2028 $0.257 $0.183
January 2029 $0.177 $0.143
February 2029 $0.208 $0.149
March 2029 $0.260 $0.210
April 2029 $0.310 $0.221
May 2029 $0.337 $0.272
June 2029 $0.404 $0.289
July 2029 $0.385 $0.310
August 2029 $0.321 $0.229
September 2029 $0.401 $0.323
October 2029 $0.501 $0.358
November 2029 $0.551 $0.445
December 2029 $0.618 $0.441
January 2030 $0.601 $0.485
February 2030 $0.722 $0.516
March 2030 $0.687 $0.554
April 2030 $0.573 $0.409
May 2030 $0.716 $0.577
June 2030 $0.895 $0.639
July 2030 $0.985 $0.794
August 2030 $1.103 $0.788
September 2030 $1.074 $0.866
October 2030 $1.289 $0.921
November 2030 $1.228 $0.990
December 2030 $1.023 $0.731

Throughout the years outlined, the ZYB market showcases a fluctuating landscape, with its maximum and minimum prices painting a vivid picture of its volatility. In 2028, ZYB’s journey begins with a minimum price of $0.059 in June, gradually climbing to a peak of $0.257 by December. The following year, 2029, witnesses a significant surge, culminating in a maximum price of $0.618 in December, while the minimum remains relatively stable at $0.143 in January. However, it’s in 2030 where ZYB truly makes its mark, experiencing a remarkable ascent to a peak of $1.289 in October, with April marking its lowest point at $0.409. This rollercoaster of highs and lows underscores the dynamic nature of the ZYB market, appealing to both risk-takers and cautious investors alike.


How can you buy ZYB?

You can buy ZYB on various cryptocurrency exchanges such as Uniswap, and Bitget. To buy ZYB on Uniswap (Arbitrum), you will need to fund your Arbitrum account with Ethereum (ETH) or USDC. Once you have deposited funds, you can search for the ZYB token and place an order to buy it. You can find the contract address at the top.

How can I participate in the Zyberswap Launchpad?

To participate in the projects launching on Zyberswap Launchpad, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official website of ZyberSwap and create an account.
  2. Complete the required KYC (Know Your Customer) process to verify your identity.
  3. Ensure that you have enough funds in your wallet to participate in the IDO.
  4. Visit the Zyberswap Launchpad section on the website and check the schedule of upcoming IDOs.
  5. Choose the IDO in which you want to participate and click on the “Participate” button.
  6. Enter the amount of funds you want to contribute and click on the “Confirm” button.
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the transaction and wait for the confirmation.

It is important to note that participation in projects launching on Zyberswap launchpad can be very competitive, and the demand for tokens can be very high. You will need to hold enough ZYB tokens, which is why you may see the token pumping in 2023.

Therefore, it is recommended to be prepared and act quickly during the sale. Also, make sure to do your own research and understand the risks involved before participating in any IDO.

What is ZYB price prediction for 2025?

ZYB price prediction for 2025 suggest ZYB could be trading in between $0.186 and $0.449.

What is ZYB price prediction for 2030?

ZYB price prediction for 2030 shows it could be trading in between $0.409 and $1.289.

Conclusion: Should you invest in ZYB in 2024?

It is too early to conclude on whether Zyberswap will be a success or not. However, if Zyberswap becomes one of the top launchpads on Arbitrum, then ZYB price could skyrocket and now could be a good time to get some tokens.

It is important to note that there already is another launchpad and dex on Arbitrum, Camelot, which has already started gaining attention. It will be interesting to see who becomes the best launchpad award on Arbitrum, and we should be able to know in next 6-9 months.

I have personally invested in Zyberswap, a very small part of my portfolio and my ZYB portfolio is in loss. Currently I will be holding the token. Since the amount is very small, I will ride the coin. Though I am not much hopeful.