In this rapidly evolving era of technology, it’s fascinating to witness how far we’ve come. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not everyone is on the same page just yet. Believe it or not, there’s a sizable chunk of our global community, roughly one billion individuals scattered across developing nations, who lack an official identity or any means of digitally verifying themselves. Simultaneously, over 1.7 billion grown-ups worldwide find themselves without access to banking services, mainly residing in remote rural areas.

Now, let’s add the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) into the mix, exemplified by the remarkable rise of AI-powered innovations like OpenAI’s very own ChatGPT. Furthermore, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives. So, here’s the million-dollar question: How do we ensure that everyone enjoys equal access to the global economy, all the while effectively distinguishing between real human beings and their bot counterparts in the vast digital landscape?

It’s a challenge that demands our attention, creativity, and collaboration. Universal economic inclusion for every individual, regardless of their background or location, is an ideal that should guide our endeavours. It’s truly remarkable how the convergence of these two fundamental concepts gives birth to Worldcoin. This groundbreaking initiative operates on an open-source framework, aiming to accomplish two crucial objectives in unison: establishing proof of personhood and fostering the provision of financial public goods. All of this is set in motion as the influence of AI technology continues to expand its reach across the globe.

With Altman teaming up with co-founder Alex Blania in 2019, this venture has set its sights on an audacious goal: to distribute a portion of a brand-new digital token to every single person inhabiting our planet. It’s a revolutionary concept that begs the question: how did Worldcoin manage to attract such substantial funding, especially during a challenging period for the cryptocurrency industry? Let’s dive in and unravel the key information surrounding this captivating project.

What is Worldcoin?

At the heart of Worldcoin lies a remarkable crypto project driven by an open-source protocol. It has garnered support from a diverse and passionate community consisting of developers, individuals, economists, and technologists who all share a common goal: to promote widespread involvement and inclusivity in the global economy. With this vision in mind, Worldcoin has introduced a fascinating device known as the orb, which plays a crucial role in their unique approach. The orb serves as a gateway to unlocking the potential of Worldcoin. By scanning people’s irises, it establishes their distinctiveness and verifies their humanity, thereby ensuring a fair and secure system. Those who undergo the iris scan process are rewarded with Worldcoin tokens, the digital currency that powers this innovative ecosystem.

The Worldcoin Foundation plays a vital role as the custodian of the Worldcoin project, committed to nurturing and expanding its community until it reaches self-sustainability. A key player in the project’s inception was Tools for Humanity, which played a pivotal role in launching Worldcoin. Presently, they continue to provide guidance and expertise as advisors to the Foundation, while also serving as operators of the World App. As the project progresses, the Worldcoin community eagerly awaits the official launch, slated for the first half of 2023. This milestone marks an exciting step forward, where Worldcoin will be fully operational and ready to make a significant impact on the global stage.

Worldcoin’s innovative approach promises to revolutionize the way we perceive and validate individual identities. By leveraging cutting-edge advancements in AI and blockchain technology, this system ensures that every person is recognized and acknowledged in the digital realm. But that’s not all. Worldcoin goes beyond the realm of identity verification, placing equal emphasis on the provision of financial public goods. In a world where access to basic financial services remains a challenge for billions, this visionary initiative strives to bridge the gap. Through its decentralized network, Worldcoin empowers individuals, particularly those in underserved communities, by granting them access to essential financial resources. No longer will anyone be left behind, as Worldcoin paves the way for inclusive and equitable participation in the global economy.

Worldcoin structure

Worldcoin is built upon a well-defined and comprehensive structure, which encompasses three key segments, each serving a distinct purpose within the ecosystem.

  • 1. World ID
  • 2. World App
  • 3. Worldcoin Token

Let’s explore these segments in detail:

World ID

World ID takes pride in being a decentralized and privacy-focused identity solution, with a clear objective: to bring “global proof of personhood to the internet.” This innovative system ensures that each user can unequivocally demonstrate their individuality, thus safeguarding Worldcoin’s services and benefits from potential misuse by automated bots. They provide a robust identity verification mechanism, World ID helps maintain the integrity and security of the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Describing World ID as a “digital passport,” Worldcoin highlights its role in enabling individuals to demonstrate their uniqueness and authenticity while preserving anonymity. The sensitive data stored within World ID is safeguarded through the use of zero-knowledge technology, which allows verification of a user’s personhood without divulging their actual identity or online activities to external parties.

Zero-knowledge technology ensures that the user’s privacy remains intact while still enabling the verification process. With this approach, Worldcoin strikes a balance between providing the necessary proof of personhood and protecting users’ personal information. By utilizing this innovative technology, World ID empowers individuals to engage confidently in digital interactions, secure in the knowledge that their identity and online behavior are protected.

By design, it ensures that user data remains under the control of the individual, preventing unauthorized access or misuse. This emphasis on privacy resonates with the growing demand for secure and trust-based digital solutions in an era where personal data is increasingly vulnerable.

World App

To initiate the verification process with World ID, the first requirement is to acquire the World App, Worldcoin’s mobile application. This user-friendly app serves as a foundational tool for interacting with the Worldcoin ecosystem, with additional functionalities set to be introduced in the future. Think of it as a streamlined crypto wallet, complemented by a few supplementary features. By leveraging the World App, users can securely manage their Worldcoin holdings and engage with various features within the Worldcoin ecosystem. The app acts as a gateway to accessing and utilizing Worldcoin services, thereby providing users with a holistic platform for their digital financial needs.

One such service is the distribution of Worldcoin grants, which are payouts provided to eligible users in specific countries. Worldcoin grants represent a remarkable mechanism for fair and equitable distribution among World ID verified users, solely based on their ability to demonstrate their status as genuine human beings. These grants are designed to provide a level playing field, ensuring that all verified users have an opportunity to benefit from Worldcoin’s offerings. It’s important to note that these grants are time-limited offers, adding a sense of urgency and value to the distribution process. The grants themselves are disbursed in Worldcoin’s native token, WLD. Although WLD is not currently available for trading, it serves as the foundation for facilitating transactions within the Worldcoin ecosystem. By utilizing WLD for grant payouts, Worldcoin aligns its monetary system with its core principles of inclusivity and equal opportunity.

At present, the World App operates on the Polygon blockchain, providing a reliable and efficient infrastructure for its users. However, Worldcoin has recently announced its plans to migrate the World App to Optimism, as part of Optimism’s Superchain.

Worldcoin Token (WLD)

Completing the Worldcoin ecosystem is the Worldcoin token, commonly referred to as Worldcoin (WLD). This native cryptocurrency serves as the currency within the World App and plays a pivotal role in facilitating transactions and value exchange within the Worldcoin network. Even though as of now, the WLD token is not available for trading on external cryptocurrency exchanges, its value extends beyond speculative trading. Its primary function lies within the World App, where it is utilized for grant distributions and other related services. This strategic approach ensures that the initial focus remains on fostering an active and engaged community within the Worldcoin ecosystem.

In addition to its role in grant distribution, Worldcoin holds a broader purpose within the ecosystem. It will serve as a governance token, enabling token holders to participate in decision-making processes that shape the direction and future of the Worldcoin protocol. This governance mechanism ensures that stakeholders have a voice in determining key aspects of the project, fostering a decentralized and community-driven approach. Looking ahead, the Worldcoin token is expected to be integrated into the World App, expanding its utility as a means of payment for specific services offered within the platform. This integration will enhance the seamless user experience, allowing individuals to utilize Worldcoin for various transactions and enjoy the benefits of a unified ecosystem.

However, it’s important to note that at present, Worldcoin is not intended to be distributed to citizens in the United States or any other restricted regions. Compliance with regulatory requirements and ensuring adherence to legal frameworks are essential aspects that Worldcoin considers in its distribution strategy. This focus on regulatory compliance underscores Worldcoin’s commitment to operating within established guidelines and frameworks while fostering global participation.

What lies ahead for Worldcoin?

A significant challenge that Worldcoin aims to address is the accessibility of the Orb, the device used for iris scanning and identity verification. To overcome this hurdle, Worldcoin has devised a solution: offering coupons or access to specific loans. By doing so, Worldcoin seeks to incentivize participation and engagement from a broader user base. These incentives can act as compelling motivators for individuals who may have limited access to traditional financial services or face barriers to entry. By removing financial obstacles, Worldcoin strives to ensure that the benefits of the Worldcoin ecosystem are accessible to as many people as possible. The provision of coupons or access to loans not only encourages adoption but also contributes to the expansion of Worldcoin’s user database. As more individuals sign up, the database grows, creating a more robust and diverse network that further strengthens the integrity and functionality of the Worldcoin ecosystem.

Exciting news awaits developers as Worldcoin prepares to launch its Software Development Kit (SDK). This development will empower developers to integrate Worldcoin’s technology into their own applications and platforms seamlessly. By leveraging Worldcoin’s API, developers will be able to incorporate the unique feature of performing actions just once. The launch of the SDK represents a significant milestone for Worldcoin, as it opens doors for collaboration and integration across a wide range of digital platforms. Developers will have the opportunity to enhance their own applications, ensuring a more efficient and secure user journey.

Worldcoin’s recent success extends beyond the upcoming SDK launch. Rumors are swirling that Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is on the verge of a major financial breakthrough for Worldcoin. If reports are to be believed, he is close to securing a staggering $100 million for this extraordinary cryptocurrency project.

This significant funding round highlights the confidence and interest in Worldcoin’s vision and potential. In its Series A round, Worldcoin has already secured investments from prominent and respected players in the industry. Notable investors such as a16z, Digital Currency Group, and Coinbase Ventures have recognized the value and potential of Worldcoin, aligning their support with the project’s mission. The combined forces of Worldcoin’s impending SDK launch and the substantial funding raise demonstrate the project’s momentum and its ability to attract key players and resources within the crypto and blockchain space.


As AI technology continues its rapid evolution, Worldcoin stands at the forefront of progress, embracing its potential and transforming it into tangible benefits for humanity. This combination of cutting-edge technology and a profound commitment to social welfare sets Worldcoin apart, offering a glimpse into a future where everyone has the opportunity to thrive in a digital landscape that recognizes their worth.

Furthermore, the involvement of Sam Altman, a prominent figure in the tech industry and the CEO of OpenAI, adds credibility and gravitas to Worldcoin’s endeavours. Altman’s reputation for pushing boundaries and driving innovation has undoubtedly played a role in attracting significant financial support for this audacious project.

While there are still many questions surrounding the practical implementation and potential challenges of Worldcoin, there’s no denying the excitement and interest it has generated within the crypto community and beyond. As this project continues to unfold, we eagerly await further developments and insights into how Worldcoin’s vision of a more inclusive and equitable digital future will come to fruition.