Volatility Shares is set to launch its highly anticipated 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITX) on Tuesday, June 27th. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) granted approval for the first leveraged Bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund, marking a milestone in the growing acceptance of digital assets within traditional finance.

Bitcoin 2x ETF gets launched

The Volatility Shares 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF aims to provide investors with exposure to Bitcoin’s price movements by leveraging the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Bitcoin Futures Daily Roll Index. By seeking to deliver twice the return of this index on a daily basis, the ETF aims to capitalize on the inherent volatility of the Bitcoin market.

It’s worth noting that the BITX fund will not directly hold Bitcoin itself. Instead, it will focus on Bitcoin Futures Contracts, allowing investors to benefit from potential increases in their prices. This approach aligns with the evolving trend of Bitcoin-focused ETFs, with an increasing number of firms exploring the creation of exchange-traded funds centered on the cryptocurrency’s spot market.

Leveraged ETFs, such as the BITX fund, employ financial derivatives like Bitcoin futures contracts to amplify the returns of a benchmark index. While this leverage offers the potential for significant gains in the short term, it also entails a higher level of risk, with the possibility of substantial losses.

The approval of the first leveraged Bitcoin futures ETF represents a crucial step forward for the broader adoption of cryptocurrencies within the investment landscape. It demonstrates the SEC’s willingness to explore innovative financial products that cater to the growing demand for exposure to digital assets. Market participants are eagerly awaiting the launch of the BITX fund on the Chicago Board Options (CBOE) BZX Exchange, anticipating its potential impact on the Bitcoin market.

The recent filings for spot Bitcoin ETFs by prominent firms like BlackRock, WisdomTree and Invesco further illustrate the industry’s recognition of the value and potential of Bitcoin. While the SEC has yet to approve a Bitcoin spot fund, the green light for leveraged Bitcoin futures ETFs signals a positive regulatory trend that could pave the way for broader market participation.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, with Bitcoin leading the way, the launch of the Volatility Shares 2x Bitcoin Strategy ETF marks another significant milestone in the integration of digital assets into traditional investment vehicles. Investors eager to capitalize on the potential gains offered by Bitcoin’s volatility can now access leveraged exposure through this innovative ETF, potentially unlocking new opportunities in the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies.

As soon as the news was out, Bitcoin went up by more than 1,300USD (from 30,000USD to more than 31,300USD). ETH price went up by more than 5%.