Town Star NFT Collection: Everything you want to knowTown Star may not have been Gala Games’ first playable game, but also the first of its sort. The play-to-earn farm builder allows gamers to own completely marketable blockchain-backed items. These things can be used alongside ordinary in-game items, but they come with additional perks as well as the opportunity to gain daily TOWN rewards for just using and playing with them. Read further to know more about Town Star NFT Collection.

About Town Star NFT Collection

Town Star is indeed a competitive agricultural game created by one of Zynga’s co-founding members, who also created Farmville. Gamers accomplish tasks to unlock as well as receive TownCoin play-to-earn prizes nearly everyday, as well as the best players on the leaderboard win major prizes weekly basis! The focus is to create the most productive as well as efficient town possible through growing, gathering, as well as crafting.

Town Star is based on Gala’s decentralised network that uses the Ethereum blockchain technology. NFTs owned by players that provide in-game benefits can be bought as well as traded on secondary marketplaces.

Here is the graph that shows the 90 Days sale of Town Star NFT. The 90 day average price and 90 day volume is ETH 0.2101 and ETH 11,068.4668 respectively.

Town Star NFT Collection: Everything you want to know

Town Star’s Token

The official launch token for Town Star is named Town Coin. With a 24-hour trading volume of $2,583,985 USD, the current Town Star price is $0.720075 USD. If you’re looking for a place to purchase Town Star, the major crypto exchanges to use right now are OKEx, Bitrue, Uniswap (V3), as well as DODO (ERC-20).

Here is the table showing the town star token’s price statistics:

Town Star Price $0.71
Price Change 24h $-0.03937
24h Low / 24h High $0.6892 /
Trading Volume 24h $2,583,984.65
Volume / Market Cap 0.1259
Market Dominance 0.00%
Market Rank #3016
Market Cap $20,531,004.50
Fully Diluted Market Cap $72,007,472,194.29

Town Star NFTs

Several Town Star items are playable anywhere at any time by anyone in the game. These items are only available for purchase using in-game currency. This money must be totally earned as well as spent in the game itself. This has no true worth beyond the game and is therefore not transferable. Other items have a finite amount and it can only be owned by one player at a time. They’re known as blockchain items, as well as NFTs for short. Users can use them in the game which could result in extra rewards.

Just because you bought NFTs at the Town Star store doesn’t guarantee you’ll never have that money again. You may quickly cross your collection over to one of several other games inside the Gala Games network or utilising the official Town Star marketplace on, if you don’t have much time to play.

List of Town Star NFTs

The Bots

Town Star’s designers and programmers have had such a special place for the game’s bot avatars since the start. These assistant workers complete numerous in-game chores more quickly than normal employees of the same role, and they do it while looking good. The majority of them are only available on the secondary marketplace now.

  • FarmBot – Extremely uncommon – in-game utility unknown
  • Cranebot – This bot takes the place of your Town Star Builder as well as moves 3 times faster.
  • Elfbot – Helps in the moving as well as harvesting of common agricultural products such as sugarcane, wheat, as well as cotton. Preference has been given to sugar-related items.
  • Saltybot – Helps with the transportation as well as harvesting of basic farming goods, with a penchant towards salt-related items.
  • Mr. Puddles – Is doing whatever has to be done with water, whether that’s watering crops, constructing structures, or feeding animals.
  • Buggy Mr. Puddles – Waters crops, constructs structures, and hydrates animals. 

The Resource Stands

Stands could provide steady supply of a particular crop, reducing the need for cultivating fields to some extent. They could make a massive difference in your Town Star town if utilized wisely.

  • Wheat Stand – Provides surrounding buildings (such as Windmills and Feed Mills) with passive units of wheat in varying quantities depending on the uniqueness of the unit. Standard, Rare, Epic, Legendary, as well as Ancient stands are all available.
  • Sugar Stand – Provides surrounding Windmills with passive sugarcane units in varying quantities depending on the unit’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, Legendary, as well as Ancient stands are all available. 
  • Cotton Stand – They are incredibly rare. This little structure distributes passive cotton units to adjacent buildings.

Extra Storage

The adaptability of a basic Silo often can work against you. The more influence you have over what happens in your town, the higher your in-game performance will be, and that is what this gameplay is really all about.

  • Wheat Storage – This unique silo only stores wheat in variable quantities based on the building’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, as well as Legendary storage containers can indeed be identified.
  • Brine Storage – This specialised silo only stores brine in variable quantities according to the building’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, as well as Legendary storage containers can indeed be identified.
  • Grape Storage – Due to the building’s rarity, this unique silo only stores grapes in different amounts. Standard, Rare, Epic, as well as Legendary storage containers can indeed be identified.
  • Sugarcane Storage – This unique silo only stores sugarcane, which is stored in differing amounts depending on the building’s rarity. Standard, Rare, Epic, as well as Legendary storage containers can indeed be found.

Fountains and Water Towers

These units that provide water are one of the most essential in the game. They offer passive water to your crops as well as Water Facilities in the very same way that ponds do, but with the extra advantage of being easily removed as well as replaced.

  • Alfa Fountain – Alfa Fountains are available in four different old-school rarities: OK, Good, Great, as well as Majestic. They were initially given as a new user referral prize. Passive water is delivered in bigger volumes to a wider number of nearby squares as the Fountain’s rarity grows.
  • Water Tower – Water Towers operate in the same way as Alfa Fountains, except these could be purchased from the Town Star store (while supplies last). The bigger the Water Tower is, the more passive water it offers to the tiles around it. They come in four different varieties: standard, rare, epic, as well as legendary.
  • Express Depot – Whenever a user of the ecosystem upgrades their membership to Gala Gold, they receive this NFT, which grants them immediate access to Gala characteristics, sneak peeks, as well as other bonuses. It’s an improved Trade Depot unit in the game to make supplies significantly faster than that of the basic one.
  • Solar Panels – Similar to ponds, fountains, as well as water towers, Solar Panels are also the first in-game item to deliver passive units of energy to adjacent squares. Such panels are incredibly valuable not only because of the passive energy they provide, but also because they can indeed be quickly removed as well as replaced wherever they may be required. Solar Panels seem to be the first sort of NFT which requires TownCoin to buy.

Beyond that, it’s expected that 2022 will be Town Star’s most exciting year yet, with fresh ways of playing, new methods to earn, as well as plenty of new NFTs for the users to collect. This brings the article to a close. I hope you found this post to be informative. If you require any additional help, please let us know in the comments section below.