Dating back to the Old Age Mythology, Skullx NFT will introduce 10K Skullx as ERS-721 tokens. Here’s everything you would want to know about the promising Skullx Universe.

The NFT Marketplace has been booming as of late. Starting from adorable animal avatars to warrior skulls, NFT is growing exponentially every day. Non-Fungible tokens are making their way up to the top of the crypto industry, and they’re here to stay for a while. Skullx NFT has a unique collection of skull avatars that depict aesthetic artwork and is set to intrigue NFT collectors. There will be 10,000 of these avatars that will be minted. 

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There have already been two drops prior to this NFT release. The Skullx Origin (March 12, 2021) and Skullx Aeons (September 9, 2021) drops will be treated as mint passes, as pre-sale passes to mint these 10k demonic Skulls avatars.

We can expect the Skullx: 10k to be launched by the last week of October 2021. 

SkullX 10K NFT Sneakpeak: How good is the art?

Check the post below where we could see some SkullX 10k NFTs. The art looks dope to us.

Roadmap of Skullx 10K NFT

Moving on from the March 12, 2021, Skullx Origin, and September 9, 2021, Skullx Aeons drop, we can wait for the Skullx 10k drop pretty soon.

Following these three drops, there is also an airdrop scheduled for 2022. This budding NFT platform has a lot scheduled and planned for in the upcoming months. For example, after the much-anticipated airdrop in 2022, they have announced a tentative contract migration of Skullx Origins and Aeons’ 1st Utility followed by the introduction of Skullx DAO.

This Skullx roadmap seems to be a very practical and feasible roadmap, that they have already begun to achieve. 

Meet the team of Skullx NFT Project

The Skullx NFT team consists of a team of pseudo-anonymous members, who go by Soh(Artist), Ubbe(Developer), and Deadlock (Project Manager). Skullx has already collaborated with another very famous NFT project known as Coolcatsnft. Skullx has also created an interactive and well-communicated ecosystem within the community.

SkullX 10K NFT Important Dates

Although this project is led by a team of anonymous creators which might be a factor of uncertainty for some investors, this project has a very promising stature. The community within the server is pretty well engaged and could take this budding project a long way. All the collectors and community members are very excited about the overall Skullx Universe project!

Featured Image Credits: @NFTverse_