Quant (QNT) and its innovative Overledger technology are reshaping the landscape of blockchain and decentralized technologies. At its core, Quant is an ambitious blockchain project with a revolutionary mission – to solve one of the most pressing challenges in the blockchain space: interoperability. Interoperability refers to the ability of different blockchains to communicate and collaborate effectively, transcending the limitations of isolated networks.

Quant achieves this groundbreaking goal through its pioneering technology called Overledger. This technology serves as a unifying layer that connects disparate blockchains, allowing them to interact seamlessly. It’s a game-changer that simplifies the development of applications capable of working with multiple blockchains simultaneously.

Now, let’s take a closer look at Quant and its native cryptocurrency, QNT, exploring their significance, and the future they hold in the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Quant Price PredictionAbout QNT

Name Quant
Token QNT
Price (as of 31st May 2024)
Circulating Supply 14,544,176 QNT
Total Supply 14,612,493 QNT
Max. Supply 14,612,493 QNT
market cap
Fully diluted
market cap
Website Click here
Whitepaper Click here
ATH $427.42
ATL $0.215773

What is Quant?

Quant is an innovative blockchain project that has emerged as a pivotal player in the world of decentralized technologies. This groundbreaking initiative focuses on solving one of the most significant challenges in the blockchain space: interoperability. Interoperability refers to the ability of different blockchains to communicate and collaborate effectively, transcending the limitations of isolated networks.

At its core, Quant aims to bridge the gap between various blockchain networks by introducing its pioneering technology called Overledger. It functions as an agnostic layer that sits atop different blockchains, facilitating seamless communication between them. This unique approach provides several key advantages. It allows Overledger to work with a diverse range of blockchains, irrespective of their individual protocols or consensus mechanisms. Moreover, it enhances security by preserving the integrity of each connected blockchain, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities.

Quant’s mission is to unlock the full potential of blockchain technology by fostering collaboration and innovation across various blockchain networks. Through its innovative solutions and commitment to interoperability, Quant aims to revolutionize industries and drive the widespread adoption of blockchain technology.

What is QNT?

QNT serves as the native cryptocurrency within the Quant network, and it plays a central role in the ecosystem’s operation. Understanding the significance of QNT is essential to grasp how Quant functions as a whole.

First and foremost, QNT is the medium of exchange within the Quant ecosystem. It enables users to conduct transactions, pay for services, and participate in the network’s activities. This essential function positions QNT as a crucial component for the platform’s daily operations. Additionally, QNT serves as an incentive mechanism to encourage network participants. Users, developers, and validators can earn QNT tokens as rewards for contributing to the ecosystem’s growth and security. This incentivization fosters a vibrant and active community around Quant. Moreover, QNT plays a role in network security. Holding a certain amount of QNT may grant users access to specific features or permissions within the ecosystem, adding an extra layer of security and access control.

QNT is the lifeblood of the Quant network, driving transactions, incentivizing participants, and enhancing security, all while underpinning the platform’s functionality.

What is Quant’s Overledger Technology?

At the heart of Quant’s ambitious vision is Overledger, a sophisticated technology that serves as the backbone of the Quant ecosystem. Overledger plays a pivotal role in achieving blockchain interoperability. It acts as a unifying layer that connects disparate blockchains, allowing them to interact seamlessly.

Overledger is designed to provide a comprehensive solution for developers and businesses seeking to build applications that transcend the boundaries of single blockchains. It orchestrates transactions, data sharing, and communication between different networks, effectively breaking down the silos that have traditionally separated them.

By utilizing Overledger, developers can harness the full potential of multiple blockchains simultaneously. It simplifies the complex task of building applications that interact with various blockchain networks, making it easier for businesses to adopt blockchain technology and leverage its advantages.

Use Cases of Quant and Overledger

Quant’s Overledger technology opens the door to a wide array of potential use cases. Its ability to connect and coordinate multiple blockchains offers solutions to various industry challenges. Here are a few notable examples:

Cross-Border Payments: Overledger can facilitate faster and more cost-effective cross-border payments by connecting banks and financial institutions using different blockchain networks. This reduces the reliance on traditional correspondent banking systems.

Supply Chain Management: Overledger can enhance transparency and traceability in supply chains by connecting multiple blockchains used by different stakeholders. This ensures the authenticity of products and reduces fraud.

Healthcare Data Sharing: Overledger can enable secure and interoperable sharing of healthcare data across various institutions and providers while maintaining patient privacy and data integrity.

Tokenization of Assets: It can be used to tokenize real-world assets, such as real estate or art, making them more accessible for fractional ownership and trading on blockchain networks.

Smart Contracts: Overledger can facilitate the creation of complex smart contracts that interact with multiple blockchains, opening up possibilities for decentralized applications (DApps) with cross-chain functionality.

These use cases demonstrate the versatility and potential impact of Quant and Overledger across various industries.

How is Quant Different from other Cryptocurrencies?

Quant (QNT) distinguishes itself from many other cryptocurrencies through its unique focus on interoperability and blockchain connectivity. While most cryptocurrencies primarily serve as digital currencies or platforms for smart contracts, QNT acts as a bridge between different blockchain networks.

In comparison to major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, which have specific use cases, QNT’s versatility enables it to interact with multiple blockchains, making it a valuable asset for projects requiring cross-chain compatibility. Additionally, QNT’s Overledger technology sets it apart by offering a robust framework for developing decentralized applications (dApps) that can operate seamlessly across various blockchains. This capability positions QNT as a key player in the evolution of blockchain technology.

Investors and developers interested in projects that demand blockchain interoperability often turn to QNT due to its unique features and potential to simplify complex multi-chain interactions.

Price History of Quant’s Token QNT

2018: The Early Days

In 2018, Quant (QNT) embarked on its journey in the world of cryptocurrencies. Starting at a humble price of $0.2878, it was relatively unknown in the crypto sphere. However, as the year progressed, it showed signs of promise and gained some traction.

2019: The Year of Growth

Quant’s price in 2019 exhibited substantial growth. Starting the year at $2.1244, it experienced a remarkable surge, reaching $8.6133 by July. This 2019 bull run marked an impressive year for QNT, showcasing a substantial percentage increase.

2020: Volatile Market

The year 2020 was marked by significant volatility in the cryptocurrency market. Quant began the year at $3.6607, but its price fluctuated throughout the year. It reached a high of $13.86 in October, demonstrating its ability to weather market turbulence.

2021: New Heights

2021 witnessed Quant’s price surging to new all-time highs. Starting at $11.23 in January, it soared to $201.84 by November. This remarkable growth was driven by increased interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

2022: Rollercoaster Ride

Quant’s price journey in 2022 was nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. It began the year at $123.80, but by October, it had reached an all-time high of $226.09. However, the crypto market is known for its unpredictability, and Quant experienced fluctuations throughout the year.

2023 (till August): A Year of Challenges

In 2023, Quant faced some challenges in maintaining its price momentum. Starting at $109.31, it experienced fluctuations, ending up at $99.44 in August. These fluctuations are common in the cryptocurrency market, and Quant continued to navigate this volatile terrain.

Throughout its price history, Quant has exhibited both substantial growth and moments of volatility, reflecting the broader trends and dynamics of the cryptocurrency market. Investors and enthusiasts closely monitor its performance as it continues to play a pivotal role in the world of blockchain and decentralized technologies.

Where to purchase QNT?

Quant (QNT) can be acquired through various cryptocurrency exchanges. QNT is commonly traded on platforms included Binance, Huobi, OKEx, Bittrex, KuCoin, Bilaxy,Gate.io, and Bitfinex. These exchanges offer QNT trading pairs, typically with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ether and Tether (USDT).

QNT Price Prediction 2024, 2025 to 2030

What is the Price Prediction of QNT in 2024?

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
June 2024 $96.866 $80.722
July 2024 $106.553 $88.794
August 2024 $117.208 $97.673
September 2024 $128.929 $107.441
October 2024 $130.218 $108.515
November 2024 $143.240 $119.366
December 2024 $144.672 $120.560

In June 2024, the QNT Token is expected to reach a maximum price of $96.866 and a minimum price of $80.722. By July, the QNT Token is anticipated to rise further, with prices ranging between $106.553 and $88.794. As the year progresses, December 2024 is projected to see the QNT Token peak at $144.672, with a minimum price of $120.560, indicating a strong upward trend throughout the year.

QNT Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $146.119 $117.838
February 2025 $132.835 $94.882
March 2025 $135.492 $109.268
April 2025 $123.175 $87.982
May 2025 $133.885 $107.972
June 2025 $147.274 $105.196
July 2025 $144.386 $116.440
August 2025 $173.263 $123.760
September 2025 $174.996 $141.126
October 2025 $159.087 $113.634
November 2025 $162.269 $130.862
December 2025 $163.892 $117.066

As we step into January 2025, the QNT Token is expected to have a maximum price of $146.119 and a minimum price of $117.838. Throughout the year, the QNT Token will experience fluctuations, with February seeing a potential range between $132.835 and $94.882, and by August, the prices could reach a high of $173.263 and a low of $123.760. By December 2025, the QNT Token is projected to peak at $163.892, with a minimum price of $117.066, highlighting a year of significant price movements.

QNT Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $172.086 $138.779
February 2026 $189.295 $135.211
March 2026 $173.086 $139.779
April 2026 $206.504 $147.503
May 2026 $227.154 $183.189
June 2026 $206.504 $147.503
July 2026 $170.664 $137.632
August 2026 $155.149 $110.821
September 2026 $193.937 $156.400
October 2026 $242.421 $173.158
November 2026 $266.663 $215.051
December 2026 $298.662 $213.330

QNT Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $328.529 $264.942
February 2027 $394.234 $281.596
March 2027 $358.395 $289.028
April 2027 $395.234 $284.596
May 2027 $433.658 $349.724
June 2027 $333.583 $238.273
July 2027 $266.866 $215.215
August 2027 $206.873 $147.766
September 2027 $258.591 $208.541
October 2027 $323.239 $230.885
November 2027 $355.563 $286.744
December 2027 $398.231 $284.450

QNT Price Prediction 2028-2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $438.054 $353.269
February 2028 $394.248 $281.606
March 2028 $358.408 $289.038
April 2028 $395.248 $282.606
May 2028 $331.169 $267.071
June 2028 $301.062 $215.045
July 2028 $376.328 $303.490
August 2028 $485.463 $346.759
September 2028 $582.556 $469.803
October 2028 $529.596 $378.283
November 2028 $534.892 $431.365
December 2028 $599.079 $427.914
January 2029 $540.188 $435.635
February 2029 $635.515 $453.940
March 2029 $699.067 $563.764
April 2029 $832.222 $594.445
May 2029 $904.590 $729.508
June 2029 $995.049 $710.749
July 2029 $947.665 $764.246
August 2029 $789.721 $564.086
September 2029 $797.618 $643.241
October 2029 $997.023 $712.159
November 2029 $1,016.963 $820.132
December 2029 $1,037.303 $740.930
January 2030 $1,006.993 $812.091
February 2030 $1,027.133 $733.666
March 2030 $987.628 $796.474
April 2030 $823.023 $587.874
May 2030 $839.484 $677.003
June 2030 $763.167 $545.119
July 2030 $992.117 $800.094
August 2030 $1,002.038 $715.742
September 2030 $839.484 $677.003
October 2030 $1,007.380 $719.557
November 2030 $959.410 $773.718
December 2030 $872.191 $622.993

QNT Price Prediction Summary 2026-2030 in INR

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 $24,910.50 $9,242.69
2027 $33,215.25 $12,326.05
2028 $49,968.58 $17,937.76
2029 $86,516.26 $36,334.14
2030 $85,667 $45,464.56

In 2026, the QNT Token is expected to reach a maximum price of $24,910.50 and a minimum price of $9,242.69. Moving into 2027, the QNT Token is anticipated to have a maximum value of $33,215.25, with a minimum value of $12,326.05. In 2028, the QNT Token’s prices will likely increase, reaching a maximum of $49,968.58 and a minimum of $17,937.76.

Looking further ahead to 2029, the QNT Token is projected to see significant growth, with a maximum price of $86,516.26 and a minimum price of $36,334.14. Finally, in 2030, the QNT Token is expected to experience a peak at $85,667, with the minimum price rising to $45,464.56, indicating a continued upward trend.


What is the Price Prediction of QNT in 2025?

In 2025, Quant (QNT) expected to experience steady growth, starting at $146.119 in January and ending the year at $163.892 in December, showcasing its potential for investment.

What is the Price Prediction of QNT in 2030?

In January 2030, Quant (QNT) is expected to trade in a range between $545.119 to $1,027.133.

Can I mine Quant (QNT)?

No, QNT cannot be mined through traditional proof-of-work (PoW) or proof-of-stake (PoS) mining processes. It is a pre-mined cryptocurrency, meaning that all available tokens were created and distributed during its initial launch.

How does Overledger enhance blockchain interoperability?

Overledger enhances blockchain interoperability by serving as a middleware layer that connects different blockchains. It enables the seamless exchange of data and assets between blockchains, fostering collaboration among blockchain networks. Overledger’s unique design allows developers to build applications that can harness the capabilities of multiple blockchains simultaneously.

How can I store Quant (QNT) safely?

You can store QNT safely in cryptocurrency wallets, including hardware wallets, software wallets, or exchange wallets. Hardware wallets offer the highest level of security by keeping your QNT offline, protecting it from potential online threats.

Can I use Quant (QNT) for smart contract development?

Yes, QNT can be utilized for smart contract development on the Overledger platform. Smart contracts written in QNT can execute programmable tasks on interconnected blockchains, offering versatility and efficiency in building decentralized applications.

What are the risks associated with investing in Quant (QNT)?

Investing in QNT carries inherent risks, including price volatility, regulatory changes that may impact its use or trading, and technological challenges.

Conclusion: Is QNT a Good Investment?

QNT currently stands at $90.90. Assessing the investment potential of Quant (QNT) requires a careful consideration of its price predictions spanning from 2024 to 2030. Our price predictions suggest a mixed outlook over this period, with fluctuating prices and periods of growth and decline.

QNT is expected to be close to $1,000 mark in 2029. Long-term holding of the currency is expected to bring exponential returns, i.e. 10 times returns to the investors. For the coming years, QNT for sure can bring exemplary returns if investors hold the coin with prudence. Investing in QNT, like any cryptocurrency, comes with risks, and it’s essential for investors to conduct thorough research, consider their risk tolerance, and have a long-term perspective. Diversifying your investment portfolio and staying informed about developments in the blockchain space can also be prudent strategies.