PrimeXBT is a crypto trading platform that is registered in the Seychelles. The holding company name is Prime XBT Trading Services and their Company number is 148707. The exchange opened their books to the market in early 2019.

Ever since then, they have opened offices in St Vincent as well as The Grenadines and have moved their entire trading infrastructure to Switzerland. Currently, they claim that they have achieved $375m in daily volume and the team behind PrimeXBT consists of 30 employees.

The website is available in sixteen international languages: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, French, German, Italian, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, and Bengali.

PrimeXBT Review – Margin Trading FAQ – Crypto Margin Trading

One of the main selling points of the platforms is that they offer  leveraged trading for numerous crypto assets  that include a total of six cryptocurrency pairs with a maximum leverage of 100x and several Forex or commodity assets with leverage offered up to 1,000x.

In addition, Prime XBT utilizes the liquidity provided by larger exchanges and market makers in the industry. It aggregates or “pools” the liquidity from more than 12 different exchanges.

Primxbt exchange

PrimeXBT has crypto traders from over 150 different countries. However, there are some exceptions:

  • United States of America
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Algeria
  • Ecuador
  • Iran
  • Syria
  • North Korea
  • Sudan
  • United States Minor Outlying Islands
  • American Samoa
  • Russian Federation
  • Israel
  • Saint Vincent and The Grenadines

Furthermore, other countries with an economic sanction by the United Nations or European Union might face a restriction on services offered by PrimeXBT.

How to get started on PrimeXBT?

Prime XBT Registration

  1. Register for a new account by tapping on the “Sign up” option. Basic details such as a valid email ID and a strong password is required. If you have a referral code, enter the referral code.
  2. The email must be verified through the link sent to your email ID.
  3. It is highly recommended to switch on Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for added security. Note, that this not set by default.
  4. The KYC or AML procedures are not required to be completed by users, as PrimeXBT is a completely anonymous crypto trading platform.

Key Features: PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT — No.1 Bitcoin Trading Platform | Trade Crypto, Forex, CFD

Purchase crypto

Users can buy Cryptocurrencies by using more than thirty fiat currencies and through other options such as Credit card, Debit card, SWIFT, SEPA, or P2P trading.

When you open an account with PrimeXBT, you will be provided with various crypto wallets for multiple coins, and users can store them in their respective, chosen wallet, after buying.


Besides buying and selling crypto, the platform’s main features is the trading interface. Users can also get the feel of live trading, by exploring the preview of the trading interface.

Trading Screen

The only difference from the real trading window is visible in the very bottom section of the screen, labeled as “Positions.” If you have a live account, you will be able to view a list of positions with the following columns for each: symbol, position ID, time and date, side, size, fill price, current price, take profit, stop loss, and P/L.

As the preview version is not associated with any account, this section is blurred out.

PrimeXBT Charts

All trading on Prime XBT is centered around either shorting or longing the market. PrimeXBT is a Straight-Through-Processing (STP) platform, which means that the platform sends the user’s orders to liquidity providers ,rather than matching them against other platform users, unlike other P2P trading platforms. This operating model ensures that there will always be sufficient liquidity to execute orders, as soon as they are placed.

Users can view the trading pairs (LTC/USD, BTC/USD, ETH/USD, EOS/USD, and XRP/USD), and for every trading pair, the bid price, ask price, and change can be viewed. These figures are color-coded in white, green, and red. An order book with the transaction history is also available.

Users can choose between three markets:

  1. CFD
  2. Crypto
  3. Forex

The type of supported orders on the platform are:

  • Limit Order
  • Stop Order
  • Market Order
  • OCO (One Cancels the Other)
  • Protection Orders

Another important aspect of the trading interface is the trading charts (bar charts, candlestick charts, and line charts are supported). Trendlines and complex annotations such as the Fibonacci Retracements can be drawn on the chart. In addition to that, around thirty different studies such as the Average True Range, CCI, Bollinger Bands, and moving averages can be added to the chart.

Trades can be executed by using the charts or the green buy and red sell buttons, that are visible within the dashboard on the right. The interface can be altered by the user to their preferences, as the whole platform is widget based.

PrimeXBT Leverage


Leverage is one of PrimeXBT’s selling points as it offers leverage of 1:100.

PrimeXBT explains a few of the advantages of trading with leverage such as the ability to amplify profits, gearing opportunities (the ability to free up capital you can use for another investment), and the ability to gain when the market falls.

A convenient and easy to use leverage calculator is offered on PrimeXBT, so that users can calculate their buying power, based on their existing and available capital.

Note that, usage of leverage increases the potential of the invested funds as well as the potential profits, but it will also increase the potential losses.

It is advised to always be cautious, when opting for the maximum leverage offered on PrimeXBT. Users with prior crypto trading experience and confidence in their methods, find leverage to be an extremely beneficial tool.

Primxbt exchange

Profit from market fluctuations

Proft from Market Ups & Downs

PrimeXBT offers methods for profiting when the market is going up or down. Users can trade from any of the most popular cryptocurrencies and hedge existing crypto holdings, or profit from rallies or a fall in the market.

In simpler terms, users can choose to go either long or short with PrimeXBT. Buying is when the user wishes to long, while selling is when you go short. To go long, the user must purchase Bitcoin or any other crypto and watch your account increase in value while the price of BTC rises. In this case, a fall in BTC’s price would drop the value in your account or the user can go short, which means they can open a position that will increase its value, if the price of BTC falls down.

Turbo Platform

This feature is aimed at inexperienced traders, the Turbo platform is the most user friendly feature on PrimeXBT. This allows users to take a position on an asset, over a period of time for a specific gain.

It can be considered a “Digital” instrument, whereas if the user’s price prediction was correct at the end of the expiry then the user is bound to receive a fixed payout. The user can choose to either go long (goes up) or short (goes down).

Users have three options when it comes to the duration of these trades. They are 30 seconds, 1 minute or 5 minutes . It would have been great if the duration for expiry was longer as trading for a short period is not optimal.

Covesting module

Covesting allows crypto traders to set up and manage trading strategies. It shows a pool of trader’s assets visible to the public and can be imitated by others.

This provides an opportunity for both experienced successful traders and followers to boost each other’s profit potential.Users can create a strategy or follow traders using USDC, USDT, and other currencies.

This module is provided by Covesting which a completely licensed DLT services provider. Covesting was one of the first to receive a DLT license in Gibraltar, along with Huobi Global, Etoro, and CEX.

Primxbt exchange


PrimeXBT is transparent about its fee structure and charges two types of fees, namely trading fees and overnight fees.


The trading fees ranges from 0.01% to 0.05%, which is much lower than the traditional CFD brokers. Users can avail  discount on trading fees, if they complete certain volume requirements.

There are no fees for incoming payments made for deposits or withdrawals, however when the user makes a withdrawal, they are required to pay an arbitrary miner fee.


PrimeXBT stores majority of the users funds in cold storage, that is offline.

Furthermore, the security protocol, utilizes Cloudfare’s technology to minimize the risks from Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS). In trading, PrimeXBT utilizes advanced software and technologies based on AWS web host that is considered one of the best in the market.

In terms of user security, PrimeXBT offers two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security using their mobile phone or Google Authenticator. However, it is not mandatory to use the 2FA , but it advised to enable it.

PrimeXBT utilizes whitelisting of BTC addresses, through which crypto can be sent only to specific users in a trusted manner.

Customer Support

The live chat is the most convenient option available for customer support, it is available round the clock.

For queries related to security, account management or product inquiries, users can reach them at [email protected].

Tutorials and guides can be found on the platform’s website. For updates on the platform, following PrimeXBT’s social media handles can be useful.


  • Attractively low fees.
  • Anonymous crypto trading and accounts.
  • High leverage is offered.
  • A quick and easy sign up process.


  • Geographical restrictions
  • Fiat deposits or withdrawals are not supported.
  • There is no spot trading, only CFDs.
  • The exchange is self-regulated.

My Final Thoughts on PrimeXBT

With a high leverage, low fees and easy to use trading platform, PrimeXBT has earned a good reputation in the crypto space. It is suitable for traders of all levels and caters to many crypto needs at once. I also like their Covesting feature where you can coinvest with the successful traders and earn your share of profit. However, be careful! Wherever there is levarage, there is a chance of liquidation. Please use the platform carefully or you may lose all your funds.

Unlike Binance, I hardly found PrimeXBT freezing on high volatility days. I do use PrimeXBT for trading Bitcoin most of the times. If you wish to open an account, click on the link below and enter coupon: 50BONUS12. You will get 50 percent off on your first deposit, if you deposit more than 0.1 BTC, whcih can be used as trading fee.

Primxbt exchange

PrimeXBT Bitcoin Trading Platform: FAQs

Is KYC compulsory on PrimeXBT?

KYC is not compulsory. However, they may ask you to verify you address, source of income etc.

Is PrimeXBT available in the US?

PrimeXBT is not available for the traders from US, Canada, and some countries.

Is Prime XBT free?

Deposits in PrimeXBT is free. However, there is trading and withdrawal fee.

How do I get PrimeXBT bonus?

Use Promocode: 50BONUS12 to get 50 percent bonus on your first deposit. The credits can be used to pay for the trading fee.

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PrimeXBT is giving away 20000$. Take part in PrimeXBT’s $20000 Giveaway.

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Do share with us if you have any questions about PrimeXBT trading exchange.