On OpenSea Marketplace, a 22-year-old Indonesian boy earns $1 million by selling NFT selfiesGhozali spent many years beside his desktop taking selfies, which he then transformed into NFTs as well as posted to OpenSea marketplace in December 2021. An Indonesian student who studies in college, reportedly made a million dollars through selling non-fungible (NFT) token versions of his profile images.

Sultan Gustav Al-Ghazali, an Indonesian computer science student who is 22 years old, recently transformed as well as sold approximately 1,000 selfies as NFTs. Ghazali claims that he photographed himself throughout 5 years, in between the age group of 18 and 22, as an approach to reminisce on his College’s graduation experience.

The images have been sold for 3.25 USD and then were purchased in just a few days. He gained $3,000 during his the very first transaction. 

The young college student also gives a personal touch by including some background details and selfies, thus enhancing NFT’s rarity.

Ghozali’s NFT bid surged, opposite to his initial imaginations, as famous Crypto Twitter individuals expressed support through purchasing as well as promoting the offers.

According to Chainalysis research published by the Financial Times, about $41 billion worth of Ethereum-based NFTs have been traded in the year 2021. This is unprecedented growth for this sector, which is likely to continue in 2022.

NFTs seem to be the tokens that issue digital property certificates and it exists on this technology of blockchain. This verifies that now the user that holds any asset is the true holder of the virtual asset, as well as this technology allows for monitoring the previous transactions.

Ghozali’s selection had generated significant interest as just a consequence of the large number of NFT transactions that has resulted in the introduction of 2022. In the first ten days of January, OpenSea logged over 1.36 B USD.

There is an enormously expanding interest in NFTs in India as well in many parts of the World, especially due to the many NFT launches by renowned personalities.