Binance has announced Neutron (NTRN) to its esteemed Launchpool. This noteworthy addition marks the Thirty-Eighth project to grace Binance’s platform and is poised to revolutionize the decentralized finance (DeFi) landscape.

Neutron, a smart contract platform, is strategically designed to provide developers and DeFi enthusiasts with a seamless platform for building cross-chain applications, harnessing the incredible potential of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol.

Furthermore, Neutron brings an extra layer of confidence to the crypto world by ensuring the economic security of the Cosmos Hub. Let’s embark on a comprehensive exploration of Neutron and the exciting possibilities it offers.

Understanding Neutron (NTRN)

NTRN token

Neutron, often denoted as NTRN, is positioned to be a game-changer in the cryptocurrency space. It boasts a robust ecosystem tailored for developers and DeFi enthusiasts. At its core, Neutron aims to simplify the process of developing cross-chain applications, eliminating the barriers that have traditionally separated different blockchains.

The Power of Cross-Chain Capabilities

Neutron’s primary value proposition hinges on its ability to facilitate the creation of cross-chain applications. This breakthrough is made possible through the utilization of the Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol. As blockchain technology continually evolves, the pressing need for seamless communication between various blockchain networks has become increasingly evident. Neutron takes center stage to address this necessity, enabling developers to construct applications that seamlessly transcend the boundaries of individual blockchains.

The importance of cross-chain capabilities cannot be overstated. It opens up a vast realm of possibilities, empowering DeFi decentralized applications (dApps) to interact fluidly with multiple blockchains, access a more extensive array of digital assets, and tap into diversified liquidity pools. In essence, Neutron positions itself at the forefront of this innovative shift.

Economic Security Anchored on the Cosmos Hub

Security is paramount in the world of cryptocurrency, and Neutron offers a unique solution by providing economic security through its association with the Cosmos Hub. The central blockchain in the Cosmos ecosystem, primarily tasked with securing assets and ensuring the overall economic stability of the network.

By anchoring its operations to the Cosmos Hub(CH), Neutron assures its users of a high degree of trust and reliability. This inherent economic security stands as a significant selling point for the platform, assuaging user concerns regarding the safety of their assets and interactions within the Neutron ecosystem.

NTRN Token Supply and Reward Structure

Understanding the supply and reward structure is pivotal for any cryptocurrency project.

Neutron (NTRN) features a total supply of 1,000,000,000 Neutron Native tokens. Additionally, 20,000,000 Neutron Native tokens (equivalent to 2% x total supply) are allocated to the Launchpool for token rewards. This allocation creates an opportunity for users to earn NTRN tokens by actively participating in the Launchpool.

The initial circulating supply of Neutron Native tokens amounts to 217,112,292 tokens, which represents approximately 21.71% of the total token supply. This meticulous distribution is aimed at ensuring that a sufficient supply of NTRN is available in the market, fostering liquidity, and trading opportunities.

Tracking NTRN Tokens with Mintscan – Neutron Explorer

For users keen on monitoring their NTRN tokens and staying informed about the overall state of the Neutron network, the Mintscan – Neutron Explorer emerges as an indispensable tool. This explorer presents a user-friendly interface for tracking NTRN transactions, addresses, and blocks, enabling users to maintain a real-time view of their NTRN holdings.

Participation in Neutron Launchpool: (How to)

The Neutron Launchpool extends an invitation to users, offering them the prospect of farming NTRN tokens by staking Binance Coin (BNB), TrueUSD (TUSD), and FDUSD.

Participation in the Launchpool is a straightforward process, yet it involves several essential steps and considerations.

Fulfilling Staking Requirements

Prior to participating in the Neutron Launchpool, users are required to complete KYC (Know Your Customer) verification of Binance.

This standard verification procedure is a common practice in the cryptocurrency space. It serves multiple purposes, including enhancing the overall security of the platform and ensuring regulatory compliance. Additionally, it functions as a means of verifying that participants meet the eligibility criteria for participation.

For those who are already KYC verified, they may ignore this step.

Hourly Hard Cap per User

To maintain a level playing field and prevent token concentration in the hands of a few participants, the Launchpool enforces an hourly hard cap on the number of NTRN tokens that a single user can stake. Concretely, users are limited to staking a maximum of 3,333.33 NTRN in the BNB pool, 416.67 NTRN in the TUSD pool, and 416.67 NTRN in the FDUSD pool.

These hourly caps contribute to the equitable distribution of tokens, ensuring broader participation in the Neutron ecosystem.

Supported Pools

Within the Neutron Launchpool, three supported pools offer distinct allocations of rewards:

Stake BNB

This pool holds the highest rewards, with a staggering 16,000,000. Neutron Native Tokens allocated, representing 80% of the total rewards.

Stake TUSD

The TUSD pool offers 2,000,000 Neutron Native Tokens in rewards, comprising 10% of the total rewards.


The FDUSD pool, mirroring the TUSD pool, also provides 2,000,000 NTRN tokens.

Neutron Native Tokens in rewards, accounts for 10% of the total rewards.

Farming Period

The farming period for the Neutron Launchpool spans from 2023-10-11 00:00 (UTC) to 2023-10-30 23:59 (UTC). This generous 20-day window accommodates participants, granting them ample time to engage in staking and accrue NTRN rewards.

Daily Distribution of NTRN Farming Rewards

NTRN rewards are distributed on a daily basis throughout the farming period. The distribution of rewards is as follows:

  • BNB Pool: This pool generates a daily reward of 800,000 Neutron Native Tokens.
  • TUSD Pool: The TUSD pool dispenses 100,000 Neutron Native Tokens in daily rewards.
  • FDUSD Pool: Similar to the TUSD pool, the FDUSD pool also provides 100,000 Neutron Native Tokens in daily rewards.

Real-Time Updates

A standout feature of the Neutron Launchpool   ,is its unwavering commitment to transparency and real-time updates. Participants can anticipate continuous updates throughout the farming period, providing insights into the annual percentage yield (APY) and the total pool balance.

This up-to-the-minute information is invaluable for participants, enabling them to make informed decisions based on the most current state of the pools.

Flexible Staking

Neutron Launchpool offers flexibility when it comes to staking. Tokens can be staked in only one pool at a time, a crucial stipulation that ensures participants do not engage in double staking. This approach promotes fairness, delivering equal opportunities to all users.

For instance, User A who holds only BNB can stake in the BNB pool, and User B who holds TUSD can stake in TUSD pool.

User B need not buy BNB from its TUSD to participate in the Binance Launchpool.

For someone who holds both TUSD and BNB may also allocate his/her fund to both pools.

This flexibility empowers users to customize their staking strategy in line with their individual preferences and risk tolerance.

Furthermore, users retain the freedom to unstake their funds at any time without delay. This feature is advantageous for those seeking to move their assets between pools or make adjustments to their staking strategy.

The absence of a delay ensures users can act promptly, capitalizing on emerging opportunities within the Launchpool.

Automated Transfer of Staked Tokens and Unclaimed Rewards

At the conclusion of each farming period, tokens staked in each pool, as well as unclaimed rewards, are automatically transferred to users’ respective spot wallets. This streamlined process eliminates any complexities and ensures that users have immediate access to their assets and rewards.

The Future of Neutron (NTRN)

Neutron token

The introduction of Neutron to Binance Launchpool represents a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized finance and cross-chain capabilities. This project’s forward-looking roadmap unveils a series of exciting developments for the coming quarters.

In Q2 2023, Neutron plans to launch the SID Launchpad, a feature that will empower communities to construct and launch customized top-level domains. Additionally, Neutron will enhance its infrastructure to provide multichain support for these domains. This quarter also anticipates the official debut of the Neutron DAO, a framework for decentralized decision-making and governance.

Progressing into Q3 2023, Neutron envisions the implementation of NTRN as a payment token. This remarkable development will enable users to conduct transactions within the Neutron ecosystem using their digital identities. Additionally, the company will unveil a domain NFT-gated merchandise store, delivering exclusive personalized items for Neutron domain holders. Finally, the developer grant program will encourage the developer community to expand and enhance the ecosystem further.

The final quarter of 2023 is poised for exceptional developments. Neutron plans to introduce NTRN token staking, allowing users to stake their tokens for domain name discounts and trading fee reductions. The company will also launch identifier, or colon domains, capable of representing all identities and multi-chain addresses. These developments underscore Neutron’s commitment to expanding and improving its ecosystem, creating fresh opportunities for users and developers alike.

Tokenomics of Neutron (NTRN)

Neutron, symbolized as NTRN, will be issued as an ERC-20 and BEP-20 token.

The project boasts a total token supply of 1,000,000,000 NTRN tokens, thoughtfully allocated across various categories. These categories include Seed Sale, Strategic Sale, Binance Launchpad, Core Team, Advisors, Marketing, Foundation, Community Airdrop, and Ecosystem.

The Seed Sale and Strategic Sale allocations represent 20% and 8% of the total token supply, respectively. Notably, the Binance Launchpad Sale Allocation comprises 5% of the total token supply, offering a sale price of 0.025 USD per NTRN. The total amount anticipated to be raised in the Binance Launchpad sale is 2,500,000 USD.

Upon listing on Binance, the initial circulating supply of Neutron (NTRN) will stand at 217,112,292 NTRN, constituting approximately 21.71% of the total token supply. Moreover, the Core Team is expected to hold 15% of the total token supply, while Advisors and Marketing allocations amount to 7% and 13%, respectively. The Foundation and Ecosystem allocations both stand at 12%, with an additional 10% reserved for Community Airdrop.

It’s important to note that the snapshot for the NTRN token airdrop has already been taken. Therefore, if you’re considering earning NTRN tokens for free, this opportunity has passed. However, an enticing prospect arises in the form of the Neutron Season 2 airdrop, a new opportunity that awaits participation.

Should You Participate in the NTRN Token Sale on Binance Launchpad?

Now, the pressing question arises: should you consider participating in the NTRN token sale on Binance Launchpad? The prospect of investment in Neutron holds substantial promise, but it’s essential to evaluate the various factors at play.

The NTRN token sale on Binance Launchpad is indeed an attractive opportunity that has the potential to yield favorable returns. However, if you are one of those individuals who may not be eligible for the NTRN token sale, and you are contemplating the acquisition of NTRN tokens upon their initial release, it may be advisable to exercise patience. Following the token sale, there’s a possibility that we may observe an initial fluctuation in the token’s price, potentially leading to a price correction.

A prudent strategy for engaging with NTRN tokens could involve monitoring the token’s performance after its initial launch. In particular, it may be advisable to consider acquiring NTRN tokens on the Binance platform after any significant correction, possibly in excess of 50%.

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency, strategic timing is often key, and an informed decision can yield fruitful results. By observing the initial market dynamics, you may seize an advantageous entry point into the Neutron ecosystem while potentially maximizing your investment.

In Conclusion

With its focus on empowering developers and DeFi enthusiasts to create cross-chain applications seamlessly, Neutron brings a breath of fresh air to the crypto community. The economic security anchored on the Cosmos Hub adds an extra layer of trust, assuring users that their assets are in safe hands.

Neutron’s tokenomics, farming opportunities, together with a roadmap of groundbreaking developments, promise a dynamic future. Whether you’re an enthusiastic user or a seasoned investor, Neutron presents an ecosystem ripe with possibilities.

For those considering to participate in the NTRN token launch pool, your decision may prove to be a wise choice.

In the grand mosaic of cryptocurrency innovation, Neutron takes its place as a project on the cusp of revolutionizing DeFi and cross-chain capabilities.

Stay informed, stay engaged, and seize the opportunities that Neutron has to offer. As the project unfolds and the crypto space continues to evolve, the journey promises to be an exhilarating one.

[Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not financial advice. It is for informational purposes only, and readers should conduct their research and consider their financial situation before making any investment decisions in cryptocurrencies.