• Walken surpasses the two million registered users milestone. 
  • The latest milestone defies the current bearish crypto market conditions. 
  • More features and events set to come, Walken team says. 

Walken, a move-to-earn mobile app, has successfully crossed the 2 million user registration mark despite the current turmoil in the crypto market. According to a report by the team, the latest milestone comes months after the platform registered its 1 millionth user back in August, showing there is still great interest in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. 

The project has been in the beta testing phase since July with interest in the project peaking in Q4 2022. Much of this community interest in Walken follows its sustainable tokenomics and addictive gameplay that keeps the players engaged and excited. 

Walken is a move-to-earn project, developed by the team behind Appyfurious and GetFit Apps, aiming to connect real-life sports activities with online gaming and earning crypto. The mobile app uses movement-detection capabilities on smartphones and wearable smart devices to capture the step count of users. The users are then rewarded accordingly using $WLKN tokens, which can be used for in-app gameplay and purchasing its native NFTs, CAThletes. The app revolves around rewarding humans to keep a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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Walken Future Plans in Web 3 gaming

The current bearish conditions in the crypto market do not seem to deter users from blockchain gaming, as the ecosystem grows by the day. The success of Walken, in particular, can be attributed to the increasing popularity of its CAThletes NFTs, its easy-to-use and convenient user interface, and has no barriers to entry, giving everyone across the globe a chance to earn.

Notwithstanding, the Walken team is also committed to its quest to introduce Web 3 gaming to millions of Web 2 users. The latest milestone follows through with this goal, as there is tremendous interest in exploring the era of user empowerment and decentralization.

As explained, the latest milestone is just the beginning of Walken’s goal to capture the global market. According to the statement, the team plans to introduce more features and events in its gameplay to entice even more gamers. Several events and updates are planned for all users including the CAThlete merge event which allows users to exchange 2 CAThlete NFTs for 1 CAThlete, with the latter guaranteed a higher rarity than the common NFTs.

Additionally, Walken will also introduce the Walken Earn feature allowing players to stake their $WLKN tokens under fixed or flexible terms. This is set to enable users a broader token utility and player empowerment within the platform. Users will also have daily tasks that contribute to a diversified and exciting experience with associated rewards. Finally, plans are underway to introduce the Walken Runner, a first-of-its-kind hyper-casual game of the ecosystem in the coming months.