The term metaverse has grown beyond the crypto and decentralized space and is now tossed around by big and small tech companies, with many people not fully able to comprehend why it is such a big deal.

Gaming companies market it as an extension of gaming, thanks to which players would be able to own their in-game items — but for what purpose? In addition, there are many uses related to social media — however, people are definitely fed up with these platforms in their current form, let alone in some upgraded virtual equivalent.

Perhaps one of the most commonly marketed use cases related to metaverse is upgraded online shopping. We get it: companies want to find better and more immersive ways to sell us products. Still, how do we benefit from this?

Every technology is good by nature — it’s how we use it that can make it worse, and metaverse is no exception. So, if you do not see the revolution the metaverse is bringing to the table, you need to look at it from a different perspective. That’s why we’ve decided to list some of the unique use cases related to the metaverse that can help you see the good side of it.

Solving the Challenges of Remote Work

Even with the technology we have nowadays, remote work is quite challenging, as we’re still separated and feel disconnected from our colleagues. This can significantly impact our motivation. By introducing virtual shared spaces in the metaverse, we (our avatars, that is) will be able to work together with other people in the same virtual office and take remote work to another level. In-person interaction will be enhanced, and managers will have a better overview of processes and potential blockers.

Enhancing Creativity

Various projects are already trying to use the metaverse to foster creativity among different groups of people. One of the most ambitious projects of this kind is definitely Fashion League. It combines creative design, fashion, NFTs, and online transactions to offer a unique experience aimed mainly at female gamers and fashion enthusiasts. If you add the social aspect to it, you get a metaverse that’s perfect not only for entertainment but also for socializing.

Improving Learning and Education

eLearning is already widespread — in fact, it became a necessity during the first COVID-19 lockdown. However, learning from home can be somewhat depressing, as many learners fail to find the motivation to do it.

Luckily, the metaverse can solve this problem and even improve the way in which we learn things. Imagine a teacher explaining geometry fundamentals in the metaverse. They will be able to design objects in the virtual space and present them through a shared classroom so that students can actively participate in the teaching process and understand math better.

A history teacher talking about ancient Rome could quickly change the classroom settings so that the students’ avatars are instantly taken to the central forum of an ancient city. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it?

Revolutionizing Payments

Like it or not, various metaverse worlds will create new ways of buying and selling things. Even though metaverses are mostly going to be based on cryptocurrencies, we will still need payment methods that will make transactions easy in the virtual world — something like a virtual ATM. Naturally, entire teams will have to deal with the ecosystem of metaverses to make them sustainable and functioning.

Experiencing Virtual Tours in a Whole New Way

Google Earth has allowed us to travel to any location in the world in a couple of seconds, simply by clicking on a place we are interested in. However, combined with AR/VR technologies, metaverse can take this to an entirely new level. This pairing will make travel and virtual tours more immersive and engaging, giving everyone a chance to experience the beauty of our world (and countless imaginary worlds).

Final Thoughts

Metaverse is here to stay, but there is much more to it than simply using it for cheap entertainment. After all, for the first time in history, our virtual worlds will have actual digital ownership, which will make the metaverse even more important and relevant for the overall technological evolution of humanity. 

Hopefully, you are now able to see the real value that the metaverse offers — and this is just the beginning. As we continue to explore it, there will probably be many more uses that will make our lives easier.