LFi is a decentralized network that explores and engages in the future of wealth creation, through its own blockchain and DAO-driven ecosystem. LFi Ecosystem is powered by its DAO, where the community members are the sole owner. DAO governance allows the ecosystem to operate according to the voting decisions of its users.

Getting started on the LFi platform only requires a supported cryptocurrency wallet. We do not require users to go through a KYC identity verification process, once they have obtained a crypto wallet.

Benefits of joining the LFi community:

  • Enter a rich market, with 8 billion volumes per day.
  • LFi aims to become a major DeFi project by the end of 2024.
  • LFi will develop own decentralized blockchain
  • Becoming an LFi Chain ​​validator.

All you need is a supported cryptocurrency wallet — no registration or KYC is required. 

LFI decentralised ecosystem

The Platform’s Native Token 

LFi is the utility token of the LFi ecosystem. Once users acquire a significant amount of this token, it can be vested and will become vLFi. The vested LFi tokens will allow owners to receive rewards, increase voting power, and level up in the ranking system. 

What You Can Access on LFi 


This is the platform’s launchpad where crypto projects can increase their liquidity and raise their capital while allowing the community to be part of the early-stage token sales. By holding vLFi tokens and increasing your allocation, you can boost your rank to purchase a much larger quantity of tokens. 


L-DEX is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike its centralized counterpart, L-DEX has no intermediaries or third-parties that will oversee every transaction. Instead, it utilizes smart contracts that will facilitate trades directly between users. Such a function gives users permission-less and anonymous trading without being limited by the rules of centralized exchanges. 


LFi operates under a DAO governance structure where the sole ownership of the platform is transferred to its community members. Its rules are based on smart contracts that have been set by the core team in order for the platform to run with full autonomy. The voting power of each user depends on the quantity of vLFi tokens they own. The more tokens they are holding, the more voting power they are going to have. 

LFi Minting 

Minting is a type of consensus mechanism that validates information, creates new blocks, and records information into the blockchain. The LFi Minting refers to the process of minting LFi tokens by moving them from the total supply into the circulating supply. 

It is divided into three different types: Proof of Stake, where the validator will receive LFi for every validated block, Proof of Coverage, where rewards are received daily, and Proof of Action, where rewards are minted for every completed action.  

LFi Lending 

Letting your tokens sit in your wallet will not make you any profit. Through the LFi Lending service, you can provide liquidity to the lending protocol by depositing tokens. In exchange, you will have a chance to earn interest.

Join LFi Now 

With LFi, you are in control. You have full ownership of your assets and most especially, you can have the capability to decide what modifications are best for the platform and the community. The LFi platform is for you. The only thing you need to do is to access it now. 

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