Have you ever heard the famous quote that says, “Not your keys, not your crypto.” Well, it’s more than just a catchy phrase. Privacy and security are like bread and butter for those involved in the crypto world—they simply can’t afford to make any compromises. It’s a matter of utmost importance, and rightly so.

Once considered an impenetrable fortress for safeguarding your precious crypto assets, the highly acclaimed Ledger hardware wallet, particularly the Nano X model, has unexpectedly found itself in the midst of controversy as we enter the month of May in 2023. Ledger has long enjoyed a prestigious position as a market leader in the realm of crypto hardware wallets, and rightfully so. However, recent events have led to a significant shift in sentiment within the crypto community, causing many to distance themselves from the once-revered brand.

Concerns began to surface, leading to a lot of doubt over the integrity of Ledger’s new feature, as fears of a potential backdoor emerged—raising the unsettling possibility of Ledger gaining access to users’ seed phrases. In light of these developments, we took it upon ourselves to dive deep into the market, conducting extensive research to identify trustworthy alternatives to the once-reliable Ledger wallet, which we are excited to explore and share with you in this article.

What is exactly the Controversy over Ledger Wallets?

With the rise of crypto scams, where cunning hackers have succeeded in emptying users’ wallets of their valuable digital assets, the unparalleled realm of security offered by hardware wallets has become the talk of the town. These devices have gained quite a good reputation for a reason.

By and large, Ledger has skillfully established its name as a reliable and esteemed purveyor of hardware wallets. When you embark on the journey of setting up a Ledger wallet, they graciously furnish you with a seed phrase—a key element in the wallet’s recovery process. This ingenious mechanism ensures that users can reclaim their precious crypto treasures, even in the unfortunate event of hardware damage.

Revamping their firmware to version 2.21, Ledger introduces an innovative and thought-provoking addition: a seed phrase recovery feature called “Recover,” available through a subscription model. On the surface, it may appear as a convenient solution. However, it has sparked a debate within the crypto community, raising concerns about the company retaining fragments of the sacred “seed phrase.” For many, this raises red flags, as the essence of the crypto realm lies in its fundamental principle of trustlessness.

Although they may have had honourable intentions, their attempt to tackle this situation has undoubtedly taken an unexpected twist. What has truly set the crypto community ablaze is the unsettling notion that seed phrase recovery is now a possibility. This has led to widespread concern and outrage.

Privacy holds immense significance in the world of crypto, with pseudonymity serving as a cornerstone of its foundation. However, with the introduction of Ledger’s latest wallet update, a rather controversial shift has taken place. In order to obtain this “Recover” functionality, users are now required to undergo an ID-based registration process. What’s more, this process demands the submission of a government-issued identity card, which many views as a distressing blow to privacy.

5 best alternatives to Ledger Wallets

In the aftermath of Ledger’s recent decisions, a wave of discontent spread among their user base, as accusations of misleading claims regarding wallet security took center stage. If you find yourself disheartened by Ledger’s current trajectory, fret not! The realm of crypto offers a multitude of alternatives to explore. So, without further ado, let’s dive into a selection of robust Ledger wallet alternatives that might just capture your attention:

Trezor – Best Ledger Alternative hardware wallet

ledger wallet alternative

Back in 2013, a cool company named Satoshi Labs, hailing from Prague, birthed an amazing invention called Trezor. With its star player, the Trezor Model T, it has gained quite a reputation as a top-notch crypto hardware wallet that puts safety first. It kicks things off with the classic key pair setup, then flexes its muscles with recovery seed generation and a slick two-interface transaction signing feature. To beef up security, it offers a clever PIN-Passphrase combo. Unlike its rival Ledger, Trezor has taken a generous step by making its software open source, providing a lighter level of transparency.

Guarda: Best Ledger Alternative for Multichain Crypto Assets


Guarda wallet - alternative to ledger walletGuarda is a fantastic wallet for cryptocurrencies that lets you handle your investment portfolio on over 50 diverse blockchains, all conveniently in one place. They’ve made it super easy for you to navigate and manage your crypto assets without any hassle. Plus, they’ve gone above and beyond by including a very useful feature called the multichain swap widget. Guarda also offers fiat purchases, allowing you to buy cryptocurrencies directly from their platform. And if that wasn’t enough, they even provide a Visa debit card that enables you to spend your crypto assets just like traditional money.

Metamask: Best Free Alternative to Ledger Wallet

MetaMask is a unique type of crypto wallet that puts you in complete control of your private keys and funds. This means that there are no intermediaries or third parties—just you and your crypto! MetaMask doesn’t stop at Ethereum. It’s got your back when it comes to a whole range of other EMV-compatible blockchains. With MetaMask, you can easily dive into this thriving DeFi market, connecting with smart contracts, decentralized applications (dApps), and all the exciting innovations happening in the blockchain space. Only problem with Metamask is that you can’t hold Bitcoin in it. Nonetheless, it is one of the mostly used and trusted browser based extension wallet. Unlike Ledger wallets, Metamask is free to download and use. I personally use Metamask wallet for most of my crypto transactions.

Slingshot: Latest Ledger Alternative

Slingshot finance

If you are looking for an efficient and fast protocol that runs on the latest Web-3 technology, Slingshot Finance is your answer. You can trade your favorite crypto tokens at lightning-fast speeds and find the best deals in town. Their native wallet is like your personal DeFi genie. You can buy, sell, swap, and store crypto, all at the best prices with zero fees. And let me tell you, the interface is sleek and shiny. It’s so easy to use, you’ll be navigating the crypto world like a pro in no time. Plus, they’ve got this awesome search engine that brings together all the liquidity you need.

Trust wallet: My personal Favorite Mobile Crypto Wallet


Trust Wallet is an all-open-source wallet and works like a charm on your mobile. It is one of my best mobile crypto wallet. It got contracted by Binance back in 2018, and ever since then, it’s been blowing up like crazy. It’s no wonder it’s got over 5 million active users spread across the globe. Trust Wallet comes with its very own Web3 Browser. You can even buy your favourite cryptocurrencies straight from the wallet using the native decentralized exchange powered by Kyber Network. This wallet is multi-chain, my friend. It supports a whopping 68 blockchain networks. So, no matter what crypto you’re into, Trust Wallet has got you covered. And let’s not forget about security. They’ve got your back with features like pin code scanning and fingerprint scanning. Your crypto will be locked up tight and safe as can be.