KAS is one of the most trending coins of 2024 and holds a marketcap of over $3,424,812,680. After ETH followed POS consensus, miners were looking for an alternate coin that may be profitable for them and KAS turned out to be one.

In this article we will read about what is Kaspa, what it does, and look at Kaspa price Prediction for 2024 to 2030. KAS, native token of Kaspa blockchain has already entered the top 208 cryptocurrencies by marketcap. The cryptocurrency community has recently given Kaspa a lot of attention and support.

As of 13th Day of March, 2024, Kaspa is trading at 0.1489 USD with a marketcap of $3,425,932,144.

Kaspa Details

Name Qtum
Token Kaspa
Price (as of 13 March 2024) $0.149
Circulating Supply 22,992,264,692 KAS (80.11%)
Total Supply $4,273,517,808
Maximum Supply  28,700,000,000 KAS
Circulating market cap $3,425,932,144
Fully diluted market cap $3,140,813,311
Website Home – Kaspa
ATH (All-Time High) $0.1837
ATL (All-Time Low) $0.00181

What exactly is Kaspa?

Kaspa is a decentralised, permissionless, layer 1 blockchain that follows proof-of-work consensus mechanism based on the GHOSTDAG protocol. Parallel blocks are not disregarded in GHOSTDAG, in contrast to conventional blockchains. Instead, it promotes peace and consensus among them while allowing them to coexist. In essence, Kaspa is a simplified version of the Nakamoto Consensus.

No centralized governance or economic strategy exists for the project. Accordingly, it is open-sourced, decentralized, and community-based. Yonatan Sompolinsky and Aviv Zohar originally came up with the idea and carried out the project in 2016. 

The group devised and carried out a project to address the scalability problems with proof-of-work-based applications using the GHOSTDAG protocol. Kaspa assures safety exactly like any other POW program while also offering the benefits of quicker block processing and customizable block period and reward. 

Why is Kaspa needed?

For a positive customer and developer experience, web application integration, and quick transaction settlement, immediate ledger confirmation is essential. Kaspa does this by reducing the latency on transaction processing and customer experience caused by the consensus engine.

Additionally, peripheral nodes assist in reducing major frontrunning and MEV risks. As a result, we don’t need to be concerned about miners and trading bots attempting to influence transactions in order to gain an unfair advantage over regular users. In order to safeguard consumers from such manipulations, the sub-second block times enable pre-trade secrecy and stealth transactions.

The core functionality of Kaspa is focused on becoming a scalable and quick transaction sequencing engine. In light of this, the base consensus will just record the status of payments. The Layer Two procedures, on the other hand, will monitor the more detailed and expressive shape. By offering a shared, optimized transaction sequencing layer, faster settlement times, and cloaking pre-trade transactions that guard against censoring miners and launch an ecosystem of cross-silo communication, the Kaspa network seeks to naturally address a timely issue for cryptocurrency projects and users.

How Is Kaspa Different?

Kaspa is exceptional in that it can support high block rates while retaining the degree of security provided by proof-of-work environments. The mainnet of Kaspa currently runs at a block rate of one block per second. Future research and development efforts by the core team will focus on pushing the speed of the system to its maximum—think 10 or even 100 blocks per second.

On the basis of the 12-note musical scale, Kaspa also has a special monetary strategy that reduces emissions over time in a geometric manner.

How to buy Kaspa?

Kaspa token can be bought from crypto exchanges like: Kucoin, Gate, Vitex, Txbit, and TradeOgre. It has also been listed on MEXC global.

Kaspa Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
March 2024 $0.194 $0.121
April 2024 $0.252 $0.168
May 2024 $0.277 $0.231
June 2024 $0.283 $0.235
July 2024 $0.339 $0.283
August 2024 $0.380 $0.316
September 2024 $0.387 $0.323
October 2024 $0.407 $0.339
November 2024 $0.447 $0.373
December 2024 $0.537 $0.447

In March 2024, Kaspa is expected to reach a maximum price of $0.194 and a minimum price of $0.121. As April approaches, Kaspa’s value is projected to surge, with its maximum price estimated to reach $0.252 and the minimum expected to be $0.168. By May 2024, Kaspa is anticipated to witness further growth, with its value predicted to peak at $0.277 and a minimum price projected at $0.231. As the year progresses, December 2024 marks a significant milestone for Kaspa, with its value soaring to a maximum of $0.537 and a minimum remaining steady at $0.447.

Kaspa Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.591 $0.476
February 2025 $0.622 $0.444
March 2025 $0.684 $0.551
April 2025 $0.547 $0.391
May 2025 $0.595 $0.479
June 2025 $0.713 $0.510
July 2025 $0.699 $0.564
August 2025 $0.839 $0.600
September 2025 $0.923 $0.745
October 2025 $0.839 $0.600
November 2025 $0.856 $0.690
December 2025 $0.942 $0.673

In January 2025, Kaspa’s maximum price is expected to reach $0.591, reflecting growing market confidence, while its minimum settles at $0.476, indicating stability amid fluctuations. February sees a surge to $0.622 for the maximum and a resilient $0.444 for the minimum. March marks a significant uptick with a peak of $0.684 and a stable floor at $0.551. April witnesses a slight dip, reaching $0.547 at its highest and maintaining $0.391 at its lowest. June brings a resurgence, hitting $0.713 at the peak and maintaining $0.510 at the lowest. By December, Kaspa achieves remarkable heights, soaring to $0.942 at its maximum and maintaining $0.673 at its minimum, closing the year on a high note.

Kaspa Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $1.130 $0.911
February 2026 $0.904 $0.646
March 2026 $0.695 $0.561
April 2026 $0.626 $0.447
May 2026 $0.563 $0.454
June 2026 $0.433 $0.310
July 2026 $0.358 $0.289
August 2026 $0.278 $0.198
September 2026 $0.347 $0.280
October 2026 $0.434 $0.310
November 2026 $0.477 $0.385
December 2026 $0.534 $0.382

Kaspa Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.641 $0.517
February 2027 $0.513 $0.366
March 2027 $0.466 $0.376
April 2027 $0.396 $0.283
May 2027 $0.333 $0.269
June 2027 $0.256 $0.183
July 2027 $0.205 $0.165
August 2027 $0.159 $0.113
September 2027 $0.199 $0.160
October 2027 $0.248 $0.177
November 2027 $0.273 $0.220
December 2027 $0.306 $0.218

Kaspa Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.367 $0.296
February 2028 $0.294 $0.210
March 2028 $0.267 $0.215
April 2028 $0.227 $0.162
May 2028 $0.191 $0.154
June 2028 $0.173 $0.124
July 2028 $0.217 $0.175
August 2028 $0.279 $0.200
September 2028 $0.349 $0.282
October 2028 $0.436 $0.312
November 2028 $0.480 $0.387
December 2028 $0.538 $0.384
January 2029 $0.371 $0.299
February 2029 $0.436 $0.312
March 2029 $0.546 $0.440
April 2029 $0.649 $0.464
May 2029 $0.706 $0.569
June 2029 $0.847 $0.605
July 2029 $0.807 $0.651
August 2029 $0.672 $0.480
September 2029 $0.840 $0.678
October 2029 $1.051 $0.750
November 2029 $1.156 $0.932
December 2029 $1.294 $0.924
January 2030 $1.261 $1.017
February 2030 $1.513 $1.081
March 2030 $1.441 $1.162
April 2030 $1.201 $0.858
May 2030 $1.501 $1.210
June 2030 $1.876 $1.340
July 2030 $2.064 $1.664
August 2030 $2.311 $1.651
September 2030 $2.251 $1.815
October 2030 $2.701 $1.930
November 2030 $2.573 $2.075
December 2030 $2.144 $1.531

Throughout the years 2028, 2029, and 2030, Kaspa experienced a journey marked by fluctuating values, reflecting the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market. In 2028, Kaspa’s price oscillated between its highest point of $0.538 in December, reflecting periods of bullish sentiment, and its lowest point of $0.124 in June, underscoring moments of market correction and investor caution. The subsequent year, 2029, saw Kaspa’s value surging to new heights, with its maximum price reaching $1.294 in December, signaling robust investor interest and growing adoption. Conversely, the minimum price settled at $0.299 in January, indicating stability amidst market fluctuations. As the calendar turned to 2030, Kaspa continued its upward trajectory, reaching a peak of $2.701 in October, propelled by factors such as increased institutional investment and technological advancements. However, the cryptocurrency market’s inherent volatility was evident, with Kaspa experiencing a minimum of $0.858 in April, highlighting the challenges and opportunities inherent in the digital asset landscape. Despite the fluctuations, Kaspa’s journey underscored its resilience and potential as a store of value and investment instrument in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies.

Kaspa Price Prediction (in INR): 2024 to 2030

Year WISE (in INR) Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹44.48 ₹10.02
2025 ₹78.03 ₹32.39
2026 ₹93.60 ₹16.40
2027 ₹53.10 ₹9.36
2028 ₹44.56 ₹10.27
2029 ₹107.19 ₹24.77
2030 ₹223.71 ₹71.06

In 2024, Kaspa is poised for growth, with the maximum price projected to reach ₹44.48 and the minimum expected at ₹10.02, indicating stability. By 2025, Kaspa’s value is forecasted to surge further, peaking at ₹78.03, while maintaining a minimum of ₹32.39. The trend continues into 2026, with Kaspa’s maximum price reaching ₹93.60 and the minimum stabilizing at ₹16.40. In 2027, fluctuations persist, with the maximum price hitting ₹53.10 and the minimum holding steady at ₹9.36. As 2028 unfolds, Kaspa’s trajectory remains positive, with a maximum of ₹44.56 and a minimum of ₹10.27. The upward trend continues into 2029, with the maximum price soaring to ₹107.19 and the minimum stabilizing at ₹24.77. By 2030, Kaspa’s value surges to new heights, peaking at ₹223.71, while maintaining a minimum of ₹71.06. These projections highlight Kaspa’s potential in the dynamic cryptocurrency landscape.

Kaspa Price Prediction: FAQs

How much is the Kaspa expected to cost in 2024?

Kaspa’s price in 2024 may range between $0.121 and $0.537, according to predictions made by crypto specialists.

Can Kaspa reach 10cents ever?

Kaspa could reach 10 cent by 2040. Kaspa’s price in 2030 may range between $0.858 and $2.701, according to predictions made by crypto specialists.

How much is the Kaspa expected to cost in 2027?

Kaspa’s price in 2027 may range between $0.113 and $0.641, according to predictions made by crypto specialists.

What will be Kaspa token’s price in 2030?

Kaspa’s price in 2030 may range between $0.858 and $2.701, according to predictions made by crypto specialists.

What is KAS Price Prediction for 2025?

KAS price prediction 2025 suggests, Kaspa could be trading in between $0.391 to $0.942.

Can Kaspa Reach 1USD?

Yes, Kaspa could reach 1USD, by the end of 2029.

What I think of Kaspa blockchain project?

It can be difficult to implement GHOSTDAG, despite the fact that it is a quite fascinating protocol. In light of this, Kaspa differs from other simple GHOSTDAG implementations. Before they were close to having a workable implementation, a wide range of theoretical and engineering problems needed to be resolved. Nobody can foretell the future, but experts believe there is a non-zero probability that Kaspa will prove to be the quickest, most dependable, most resilient PoW blockchain ever developed. In the market, Kaspa is unquestionably unique.

Is Kaspa a Scam?

Kaspa has really established themselves as a reliable layer 1 blockchain very well in the past one year. The project as reached more than 202.8K followers on Twitter and is followed by popular Twitter accounts like Cryptofrog @cryptofrog202 and Unsiwap Detective. They are known to share low marketcap coins on their twitter profiles, many of which did 5-50x, but some also gave negative returns.  If you are investing in Kaspa, know that it is too early for the project to be called a game changer. Some CT experts think it could be a scam project, however, it could not be verified by our team at Cryptobullsclub at this moment.

One of the drawbacks of this project is, the project has not been listed by any top tier centralised crypto exchange (including Kucoin). However, despite that, it has got more than 106,951,987USD in trading volume daily which is a positive sign.

Some investors shared on Coinmarketcap comment area that the project could be a rugpull. Many also thinks, it could be a game changer to invest in this token.

Our advise would be: There are many other coins you can invest in 2024, if you do not like degen way of investing. However, if you are one of those degen trader, why not get  a very small amount of KAS and wait for big exchanges to list, and then sell? I would personally not be investing in Kaspa token more than 0.005% of my portfolio at this point.

Last updated: 13th March 2024