Sun’s Acquisition and Partnership with Curve: In a significant and turbulent development in the DeFi world, Justin Sun, the founder of the blockchain network Tron, has acquired 5 million CRV tokens (worth around $2.9 million) from Curve’s founder Michael Egorov. The acquisition was done in an apparent OTC (over-the-counter) deal at a rate lower than the market price.

Justin Sun Curve partnership

Furthermore, Justin Sun has announced a partnership between Tron and Curve, introducing an stUSDT pool on Curve, described as the “first real-world asset protocol on the Tron Network.” Sun’s statement expressed excitement about assisting Curve and the intention to empower the community.

Egorov’s Financial Struggles and Curve’s Instability

Egorov has been grappling with financial concerns, notably a debt of 63.2 million USDT backed by a vast quantity of CRV tokens. His actions to stabilize his position include repaying a 5.13 million FRAX stablecoin loan and reclaiming CRV tokens as collateral. Egorov also launched a new Curve pool & gauge to incentivize liquidity towards the lending market.

This move comes at a tumultuous time for Egorov and the Curve Finance ecosystem, following a significant hacking incident on 31st July 2023 that resulted in a loss of over $52 million. The attack exploited a vulnerability in the Vyper programming language, leading to funds being drained from several DeFi projects.

Curve Hack Explained

Curve Finance, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has confirmed an exploit affecting various Ethereum pools, leading to a $52 million loss. The issue stems from vulnerabilities in versions 0.2.15, 0.2.16, and 0.3.0 of the Vyper programming language used for Ethereum smart contracts.

The exploit targeted three liquidity pools paired with Ethereum and Curve’s CRV token, along with several ERC-20 tokens on different platforms. The vulnerability has potentially affected other liquidity pools, such as Tricrypto, and exchanges like BNB Chain-based DEX Ellipsis.

Temporary suspension measures have been taken, and users are advised to exercise caution due to ongoing vulnerabilities and anticipated price volatility for CRV.

Market Reactions and CRV’s Turbulence

CRV’s market has experienced turbulence, hitting a low point of $0.50 before rebounding to $0.59. Traders appear to be shorting CRV in anticipation of further price drops. The sudden acquisition by Sun has garnered significant attention, and analysts are watching the situation closely.

Justin Sun’s Controversial Involvement

Justin Sun’s involvement adds complexity, given his controversial history in the crypto space, including accusations of insider trading and connections to Ponzi schemes. His support for CRV might boost market confidence, but his reputation warrants caution.

Attempts to Mitigate the Situation

Curve’s recent troubles, including the significant security breach and the drop in the DAO token price, highlight the persistent risks in the DeFi platforms and emphasize the necessity for robust security protocols.

Michael Egorov’s efforts to mitigate the situation include floating a new liquidity pool on Curve for FraxLend’s CRV/FRAX market. This move is seen as an attempt to alleviate concerns around a potential bad debt situation and buy time to repay highly-publicized borrowings.


The situation remains tense as the community awaits the potential knock-on effects on the DeFi ecosystem. The partnership between Tron and Curve and Sun’s substantial investment might offer a temporary respite, but concerns about Egorov’s financial state and Curve’s stability persist.

This unfolding drama illustrates the volatility and complexity of the decentralized finance space and serves as a cautionary tale for investors and stakeholders alike. The new partnership, investment, and attempts to stabilize the ecosystem will be closely monitored in the coming days.