There are several poor projects on the market that put customers at risk. Many appealing projects exist, but they confront challenges in promoting and raising finance. Infinite Launch was built to address this issue. Infinite Launch is a cross-chain token and NFT fundraising platform. They seek to provide a list of functions as part of their ambition to deliver the most advanced and creative Launchpad for the community.

What does it do?

Infinite Launch is certain that providing assistance to potential unicorn companies at the right moment and in the right place will fuel the development of the Crypto industry and help it achieve its real objective. It’s linked with an NFT Network, where investors may meet projects and learn about the latest NFT developments. It is, at its essence, a launchpad, and the ultimate goal of a launchpad is to link investors with fantastic project ideas and transform them into reality. This has been their main focus. Their team has undertaken endless researches and prototypes in order to provide the most advanced and unique launchpad for the community, and they have eventually opted to go with Binance Smart Chain to assure cross-chain support.

On the market, the majority of launchpads depend on the supply of new upcoming projects. If there is a lack of new projects or the quality of existing projects deteriorates, the token price will suffer since there will be no motivation for the community to retain tokens, resulting in a significant drop in price. Infinite Launch adds NFT Platforms into the ecosystem to reduce such risks associated with the project. They prefer to work with conventional artists who are unfamiliar with NFTs and will assist them in launching their initial NFT collection on Infinite Launch. This will result in frequent and continuous new platform launches, ensuring that the token’s utility and value are maintained.

Because the future of gaming will be based on NFT and Blockchain technology, Infinite Launch has set itself the goal of being the largest center for NFTs and the gaming community. As a result, they expect to see a lot of gamefi or NFT initiatives built directly by Infinite Launch’s staff or their own network in the future. Gaming and NFT may be used to make money for anyone!

Core Features of Infinite Launch

  • Infinite Launch will concentrate on Gamefi, Defi, and NFT projects in order to create an all-in-one platform to support various cryptocurrencies, while also providing the hottest pools with adjustable whitelist terms.
  • Before going live, pools will be thoroughly vetted and tested to ensure that investors’ monies are completely safe. To safeguard users from rug-pulls, the project token and liquidity will be frozen in accordance with the project timeframe.
  • To enable new crypto users to get familiarized with NFTs and Play-to-Earn models, Infinite Launch would be the first launchpad to feature its own blockchain games.
  • For projects to invest their sold tokens, they have KYC, whitelist, and a Distribution Portal. This feature ensures that all tokens are released according to the vesting schedule and only the whitelisted addresses can purchase them.
  • The quantity of $ILA you have will influence whether you will be able to grind up your tier and obtain a guaranteed spot on the platform to join IDOs. Furthermore, $ILA will be used to purchase heroes, equipment, and other items for the gamefi or NFT projects.
  • Infinite Launch would be the first launchpad to concentrate on developing an artist community and providing an NFT ecosystem for tokens and NFT holders.

Infinite Launch Roadmap

Oct 2021 – Launch first NFT collection, Private sale whitelist.

Nov 2021 – Launch NFT Marketplace, Private sale and listing on Pancakeswap, Launch staking, and Tier system.

Dec 2021 – CEX listing, NFT Aggregators

Q1 2022 – Integration with Polkadot, Matic Blockchain, First Infinite Play2Earn game.

Q2 2022 – Integration with Ada, Avax Blockchain, Liquidity Locker

Q3 and Q4 2022 – Infinite launch Metaverse


Infinite Launch has shown great capabilities and has been able to gather attention from many investors. Some of the notable investors backing Infinite Launch are Panda Capital, Dutch Crypto Investors, Kangaroo Capital, Oracles Investment Group, AV Star Capital, and many more.

Bony Bastard NFT

The Bony Bastards has now become a set of 8,888 distinctive Skeleton NFTs – Infinite Launch’s first digital collectibles. Each Bony Bastards NFT is made up of over 52 different qualities, such as face, head, eyes, hands, clothing, backdrops, and accessories.

The story takes place in the Land of the Dead and revolves around skeletons. On the night of October 31st, after untold years of dark silence, the skeleton army known as the Bony Bastards is reawakened. They emerge from the graves with no recollection of their past lives and have no idea who they were. Each skeleton is just concerned with battling and preserving their silent graves.

Every Bony Bastards NFT represents one fortunate draw chance to join IDO of top-tier projects mentioned on Infinite Launch, gain increased APR for staking, and more. NFTs will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis for 0.1 BNB per mint, with a maximum of 10 NFTs per wallet.

Infinite Launch Token

The Infinite Launch ecosystem’s token is $ILA. In the games, $ILA plays a key part. Users can benefit from unique features such as ecosystem activities, feature development, auction type, and other applications by owning it. Furthermore, $ILA is used as a reward for those that engage in establishing or liquidity mining. Not only that, but owning $ILA will grant you priority access to the market as a digital asset exchange currency.

Infinite Launch Tokenomics

A quick summary of the tokenomics

Token name: $ILA

Token Type: BEP-20

Listing price: $0.015

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Initial Market Capitalization: $547,500

Circulating supply when listing: 36,500,000

Infinite Launch IDO Platforms and IDO Dates

The whitelist event for Infinite Launch will be held from 13th October to 23rd October. On a first-come-first-served basis, 400 addresses will be approved for whitelisting and will also share a $100,000 private pool. A maximum of 300 BUSD will be allocated to each whitelisted address. The private sale takes place on 5th November 2021 and it can be accessed from the official website

Backed by some major investors in the crypto market, Infinite Launch has some great potential and a few upcoming projects lined up which helped them gain a lot of attention and followers on Social Media. Make sure to let us know your views on Inifinite Launch in the comments below.

Our Ratings: 3/5