In 2024, we expect a lot of gaming projects, and airdropping tokens to the players first, or early users. Gaming projects may airdrop tokens to not only reward players but also to cultivate vibrant and engaged communities. In the first week of 2024, we already had 2 major airdrops and we think there could be many more. In this post we will talk about airdrops from six distinct gaming projects, each contributing a unique facet to the crypto-gaming landscape. From the play-to-earn mechanics of Pixels to the virtual reality integration of The Treeverse, these projects are set to redefine the gaming experience while leaving room for exciting airdrop possibilities.

Read on to find out which gaming projects can do an airdrop in the coming future.

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6 Gaming Projects That Could Do an Airdrop in 2024

Pixels: Shaping Pixelated Realms

Pixels introduces players to a mesmerizing gaming experience within pixelated realms. Pixels is an innovative gaming project that has gained significant traction in the blockchain gaming space. It offers a captivating gaming experience where players build their virtual universe pixel by pixel. The game seamlessly integrates blockchain ownership with player progression, emphasizing equitable wealth distribution, transparency, and ownership as core pillars. Pixels offers a play-to-earn model, empowering users to explore, build, and earn within a decentralized ecosystem. The game’s dynamic landscapes, inspired by classic pixel art, provide a nostalgic yet innovative backdrop for players seeking a unique fusion of blockchain and gaming. Pixels differentiates itself through procedurally generated pixelated landscapes, ensuring each player’s journey is a one-of-a-kind adventure. Blockchain integration enables true ownership of in-game assets, facilitating trade and utilization across the broader gaming metaverse. The project has implemented the first NFT integrations, enabling users to explore the Pixels Universe with their Metamask wallets. Led by founder Luke Barwikowski, the Pixels team is a powerhouse of talent.

The venture has garnered substantial support, securing $2.4 million in a strategic seed round led by Animoca Brands and PKO Investments. Diverse investors, including angel investors within PKO Investments, the CEO of Rotten Tomatoes, the COO of Twitch, and luminaries from OpenSea, Untapped Capital, and Leonis Capital, have championed the project. Strategic partnerships with Ronin and Axie Infinity underscore Pixels’ commitment to collaborative success. With over 100,000 daily unique users, even in challenging market conditions, Pixels stands as a testament to its widespread appeal. The platform integrates over 50 different NFT collections, offering users a diverse range of avatars and expanding the horizons of in-game experiences. The two-token system is designed to create a balanced in-game economy, with $BERRY focusing on core gameplay progression and $PIXEL catering to premium enhancements and personalization options.

Anticipation for a Pixels airdrop arises from the project’s commitment to community building. By rewarding early adopters and contributors with tokens, Pixels aims to establish a dedicated player base, fostering sustained growth and an ecosystem where players actively shape the virtual realms.

The Treeverse: Nurturing the Gaming Ecosystem

Treeverse is an MMORPG under development by Endless Clouds, set in the city of Lorwick, where players embark on a journey to conquer different worlds. The game involves activities like battling monsters, gathering resources, crafting monster shards, and collecting blueprints. It unfolds as a visionary gaming project set in a mystical, arboreal universe. Emphasizing eco-friendly gameplay, players nurture and grow virtual trees while earning rewards through decentralized mechanisms. This innovative blend of environmental consciousness and blockchain technology positions.The Treeverse at the forefront of sustainable gaming experiences.

The Treeverse’s standout feature lies in its intricate tree-growing mechanics, where players nurture unique digital trees with individual traits. Leveraging NFTs for these arboreal entities allows players to showcase and trade their distinctive virtual flora. Integrating decentralized finance (DeFi) elements adds a layer of financial strategy, creating a holistic and rewarding experience for players.

Investors and partners supporting Treeverse include Sky Mavis, Animoca Brands, Pixelmon, Faze Clan, Immutable, Pixel Vault, Pudgy Penguins, Pixels Online,  and more. Endless Clouds recently secured $2.5 million in funding from this diverse group of investors to enhance the development of Treeverse and Capsule Heroes. The game, as of the latest update, is in the developer build phase, with plans to launch in January 2024. The team expresses excitement about getting gameplay builds into the hands of users and conducting live tests.

Paragon: Unlocking Mystical Realms

Paragon emerges as a groundbreaking gaming project, intricately combining a unique gaming experience with NFT integration, underpinned by blockchain technology. The game introduces a compelling concept where NFTs from any verified collection serve as players and playpieces. Referred to as “Find The Paragon,” this gaming companion to the Paragon Platform allows users to utilize other NFTs for gameplay, fostering a dynamic and inclusive gaming ecosystem. While the Seekers collection holds significance, participation in the game is not exclusive to Seeker holders; any NFT from a verified collection is sufficient to engage with the platform. Beyond being a game, it functions as a reward system, a testbed for platform features, and a collaborative space for creators.

The Paragon gaming experience is built on the Paragon NFT Experience Platform, emphasizing the functionality and utility of NFTs beyond their initial acquisition. The platform introduces innovative features such as NFT rental, Buy-Now-Pay-Later, and Swaps, which impact the game dynamics and provide players with diverse opportunities.

Paragon recently hinted at the launch of its native token, $PGON, following the success of its recent NFT collection, which garnered an impressive 400 ETH in volume. While specific details about $PGON remain undisclosed, the introduction of a native utility token suggests added functionalities and engagement opportunities within the Paragon platform. The community is buzzing with anticipation, especially regarding a potential airdrop associated with $PGON.

Delabs: Crafting the Future of Laboratories

Delabs Games, spearheaded by Joonmo Kwon, the former CEO of Nexon, stands as a gaming company committed to the creation of enduring and engaging games through the integration of blockchain technology. With a mission to build games that transcend generations, the company harnesses the power of blockchain for longevity and involves the community as active contributors to the game-building process. Delabs Games is dedicated to crafting accessible and entertaining games for everyone. The company’s focus is on creating Web3 games from the ground up, prioritizing the source of value as fun rather than tokens or digital assets.  “Rumble Racing Star” has been successfully launched, and playtests for additional games such as “Space Frontier” and “Metabolts” are currently active.

Delabs Games has chosen to partner with Polygon, a decision driven by the blockchain’s speed and security features, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Other partnerships include prominent entities Planetarium, Killabears, among others. Specific details about the investment raised are not disclosed. Delabs Games has hinted at the possibility of conducting an airdrop for playtest users and NFT holders. Players can engage in the game and explore the option to stake their NFTs for potential benefits.

PortalCoin: Bridging Dimensions in Gaming

PortalCoin emerges as a transformative gaming project, seamlessly blending the virtual and physical dimensions. With a unique approach to interactive gameplay, PortalCoin introduces portals that bridge the gap between the gaming metaverse and the real world. Players navigate these portals, unlocking a myriad of possibilities and rewards. It stands at the forefront of Web3 gaming, aiming to usher in the next significant wave of gaming users. Built with LayerZero Labs, the project is set to redefine the gaming landscape with its innovative approach and commitment to creating a sustainable gaming ecosystem.

Portalcoin introduces a host of unique features, including a play-to-airdrop mechanism that rewards users for creating content. Players can earn $Portal for each tweet or content piece they generate, fostering community engagement and participation. Its standout feature lies in its incorporation of augmented reality (AR) portals, allowing players to experience gameplay extending beyond the digital realm. Blockchain ensures authenticity and ownership of virtual assets discovered through these portals, creating a dynamic and interconnected gaming experience. Portalcoin leverages cutting-edge blockchain technology, integrating with LayerZero Labs, Solana, 0xPolygon, and more. This multi-chain integration ensures scalability, speed, and security, providing players with a seamless and efficient gaming experience. The CEO, Joonmo Kwon, a former CEO of Nexon, brings over 20 years of experience, steering the project toward success.

The project has garnered substantial support from strategic investors, founders, creators, and more. With a successful presale and partnerships with prominent projects like ApeironNFT, Portalcoin has demonstrated its readiness for a transformative journey in 2024. The project is well-positioned to accelerate $Portal adoption, as evidenced by its strategic initiatives and partnerships.

Kuroro Beasts: Unleashing Beasts in the Gaming Arena

Kuroro Beasts, an ambitious gaming project that has been in development since mid-November 2021, is set to revolutionize the world of play-to-earn NFT MMORPGs. The brainchild of a dedicated team consisting of 18 individuals, including eight engineers and three professional Pokémon players, Kuroro Beasts brings forth a captivating experience through the fusion of two integral components: the MMO Unity Game and the PvP Engine. It stands at the forefront of gaming evolution, offering an immersive experience centered around competitive creature battles. Inspired by the allure of monster-catching games, it combines blockchain technology with a play-to-earn model, inviting players to unleash and compete with powerful beasts within a decentralized ecosystem. The $KURO token, the backbone of the Kuroro ecosystem, plays a pivotal role in unlocking various in-game utilities and benefits for holders.

Kuroro Beasts operates on the Polygon chain, leveraging Layer 2 scalability to provide an interactive and cost-effective gaming experience. The decision to use Polygon stems from its proven track record in sustaining major NFT games and its commitment to becoming a leading network for gaming. As of the recent update, Kuroro Beasts stands as one of the first blockchain RPGs with a functional MVP of an interactive game. While certain aspects require additional testing and refinement, the team emphasizes that Kuroro will be an ever-evolving MMO, with ongoing development post-launch.

The project boasts significant achievements, having raised $500K at a valuation of $15M and over 700ETH through NFT sales. Notably, the involvement of Nat Eliason, a prominent figure, as an advisor speaks volumes about the project’s credibility. Partnerships with Arbitrum Odyssey and Treasure Quests further underline Kuroro Beasts’ positive momentum. The upcoming airdrop for Kuroro Beasts involves several strategies for participants. Engaging in playtests, obtaining specific NFTs like the “Kuroro Ancients” whitelist, and owning an Origin Beast or Trainer Badge are highlighted as avenues for positioning oneself favorably for airdrop rewards.

What are the Risks?: Cautionary Considerations in Gaming Project Airdrops

While gaming project airdrops offer an exhilarating avenue for community engagement and token distribution, navigating this space comes with its set of inherent risks. Understanding and mitigating these risks is paramount to ensuring a seamless and secure airdrop experience for both project developers and participants.

One significant risk lies in the potential for malicious actors to exploit airdrop mechanisms. Bad actors may attempt to manipulate the system by creating multiple accounts or leveraging automated tools to garner an unfair share of the airdropped tokens. This not only distorts the intended distribution but also poses a threat to the integrity of the gaming project’s community.

Moreover, the volatile nature of cryptocurrency markets introduces a financial risk for participants. The value of airdropped tokens can fluctuate significantly, impacting the perceived benefits of the airdrop. Participants must be aware of the market dynamics and exercise caution to avoid potential financial setbacks.

Additionally, the regulatory landscape surrounding airdrops remains dynamic and can pose legal challenges for both projects and participants. Ensuring compliance with evolving regulations is crucial to prevent legal repercussions that may arise from a lack of adherence to established guidelines.

As the gaming crypto space continues to evolve, stakeholders must remain vigilant and proactive in addressing these risks, fostering an environment where airdrops can thrive securely and participants can reap the rewards without compromising the integrity of the gaming projects.