Crypto week at a glance

  • The world’s dominant cryptocurrency, Bitcoin rallied above $50,000 for the first-time since Mid-May. It climbed to a subsequent high after 3 months and was recorded at $50,379 on Monday morning. 
  • Other major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum hiked up by 2% and Cardano hiked up by 7%. 
  • PayPal launched its cryptocurrency service in the UK.
  • Visa got rolled into the NFT craze and purchased a crypto punk for $150,000
  • The FTX crypto exchange bought Cal Memorial Stadium Naming Rights
  • Substack is now accepting Bitcoin payments on the Lightning Network powered by Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode

24th August (Tuesday) 

Crypto week at a glance

  • Genius States lead the way in Democratizing the Real Estate.
  • An anonymous person delisted crypto punks worth $200 million
  • BTC/USD was driven below $49000 and remained on the defensive early as the pair depreciated to the 48384.50 level.
  • The Poly Network took to Twitter to announce that all the tokens stolen in a $610 million attack have been returned. 
  • The Bitcoin infrastructure firm Blockstream is now valued at $3.2 Billion after a $210 million Series B raise. 
  • The statistics show that Monero has spiked over 58% in a month and XMR is up by 240% 
  • Banking giant Citibank is said to be fielding a surge in the client demand for cryptocurrency. They will be trading Bitcoin futures. 

25th August (Wednesday)

Crypto week at a glance

  • launches a CoLearn PAInt, a NFT platform for machine learning art
  • MicroStrategy adds to its 108,992 bitcoin collection an additional 3907 Bitcoin with proceeds from ATM facility sales. 
  • Cardano trends on twitter and the investors had an exciting week when ADA rallied high and almost reached the $3 mark. 
  • The early stage venture capital fund Prime Venture Partners has announced the launch of its fourth $100 million fund to focus on #DeFi.
  • Africa now has the largest volume of Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading worldwide having transacted $18,073,777 worth of BTC in the last 7 days. 
  • AscendEX is thrilled to announce the listing of the SifChain token (ROWAN) under the pair USDT/ROWAN 

26th August (Thursday) 

Crypto week at a glance

  • Axie Infinity is on its way to expand and bring new people in the crypto market in order to increase mass adoption
  • EASPORTS is looking for a senior director to explore cryptocurrency and NFT’s in the market of games. 
  • Chainlink partners Solana to launch its Price feeds oracle system for DeFi
  • The Australian Taxation office issued a warning to crypto investors after the hike in Bitcoin price on Monday. 
  • Venture capitalist Bill Gurley built a personal position in the Ethereum market stating that he is a fan of the blockchain network as he moves to ETH
  • The Tron foundation partnered up with Shopping.Io to make TRX usable for Ecommerce. 
  • Facebook has always compromised with the users privacy. It recently ignored Bitcoins to focus on NFTs and StableCoins. 
  • British Billionaire Simon Nixon seeks capital for Bitcoin exposure. 
  • XMR Developer Announces Bitcoin to Monero Atomic Swap Capabilities

27th August (Friday) 

Crypto week at a glance

  • Cuba officially recognizes and has permitted authorized payments in Bitcoin and Crypto. 
  • The crypto analysts are so bullish on Bitcoin, they predict it to skyrocket to $100,000 by the end of the year. 
  • Morgan Stanley funds now own more than 1 million shares of Grayscale Bitcoin
  • Blockchain technology is being utilised in all fields. Even, Hollywood is embracing the technology to make movies
  • The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) will employ artificial intelligence to monitor and regulate DeFi
  • Edgar Borja has created Kioskos K1, the first ever Bitcoin Atm in El Salvador to accept payments in bills and send Bitcoin to any users wallet
  • ABEYCHAIN launches Decentralised exchange XSWAP
  • NFT Gaming Token $GIF to Launch on Rocket Launchpad Following Tezotopia Marketplace Sellout
  • Singapore Myanmar Investco Purchased 800 Bitcoin Mining Rigs, Firm Plans to Offer Mining Services

28th August (Saturday)

Cryptoo week at a glance

  • The SOLX token will be listed on HydraSwap DEX and Soldex trading bots might be implemented in the HydraSwap system soon too. 
  • Ethereum witnessed a chain split today as a software bug affected a large quantity of full node clients.
  • The CEO of Arisebank, Called as “the world’s first decentralized banking platform,” has been sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $4,258,073 in restitution for lying to investors
  • Square, one of the world’s largest payments companies, just announced it wants to disrupt the Bitcoin exchange market. 
  • Dollar-cost averaging is the most popular method among HODLers to maximize their Bitcoin stack
  • The meme cryptocurrency, “Cake monster” has jumped 112% in value over the last 24 hours.