Astar Network, a multichain based layer 1 blockchain solution, on 26th September, has set a world record by airing a nation wide newspaper campaign with the most firms in a single ad.

On Monday, the Nikkei, a top news agency in Japan, published a newspaper advertisement in which 329 blue-chip firms joined together.

This move from Astar Network, saw a huge support from big banks, technology companies and other businesses from Japan.

The ad was published to celebrate the listing on Astar on Bitbank, a top Japanese crypto exchange.


As a part of the campaign, a QR code was also shared, scanning which an user could get a free non-transferable NFT, absolutely free.

The campaign was carried out in collaboration with Japan’s top 329 web 2.0 companies to help distribute NFTs to over 2.6M readers!

Astar Network is a top Layer-1 blockchain from Japan, which was chosen as the nation’s most well-liked blockchain project by the Japanese Blockchain Association.

We want to demonstrate how teaming up with major financial institutions and top companies will create new exciting experiences! As the dominant L1 chain in Japan, we will lead the growth of Web3 in ??! – Astar Network said in a tweet.


Astar Network further said, 

Our ad celebrates the Japanese gov now including Web3 as part of national policy. This recognition accelerates the union of Web3 with legislation and opens a new economic possibility for all businesses in Japan.


Japan, as a technological hub, has starting taking giant steps in the world of web 3.0

The Japan Ministry earlier this year opened a Web 3.0 policy office in the Minister’s Secretariat. The ministry wanted to study the framework which was forcing the young web 3.0 entrepreneurs to leave the country in order to pursue their business. The main goal was to accelerate making changes in the currency policies to create a safe environment for the entrepreneurs, so that they can carry on the business staying within the country.

“Given that some entrepreneurs pursuing Web3-related business are leaving Japan for opportunities overseas, deliberations toward developing the business environment in Japan need to be accelerated.”

Japan was formally acknowledged as an epicenter for the cryptocurrency industry. Despite having the third-largest economy in the world, Japan experienced some growing pains while choosing its preferred blockchain before settling with Astar Network.

The Japanese government now includes Web3 in its national policy, and Sota Watanabe is assisting both the government and some of the country’s major commercial players in moving forward with Web3.

Sota Watanabe, founder and CEO of Astar Network, said on Monday,

Web3 is all about community. And we are proud that we could make this epoch-making ad supported by 329 companies including the biggest banks, reputable Internet companies and branch officers of a foreign companies like Microsoft and Accenture. This ad reflects the strong unity of the Japanese ecosystem. As Japan’s leading blockchain project, we will do our best to accelerate Web3 innovation through Astar,” 

Astar has acquired the initiative in reestablishing the nation as a world leader in blockchain technology.

The largest banks and well-known businesses like Microsoft, DeNA, GMO, AWS, Accenture, and others are in favor of the project and willing to improve Japan and its future. A total of 329 businesses supported Astar as it launched this advertisement to demonstrate their dedication.

Additionally, free NFT distribution through a QR code was a part of the advertising strategy. Anyone could get their hands on a NFT which is non-transferable by scanning the QR code located in the right bottom corner of the Nikkei newspaper advertising.

For those without wallet addresses already, the QR code instantly creates one.

With the use of smart contracts like WASM and EVM, Build2Earn model and a cross-consensus messaging (XCM), Astar Network enables developers to create decentralized applications (dApps) and earn money for their efforts via staking mechanism in dApp. Astar Space Labs, which provides an incubator hub for the top TVL dApps to assist developers speed up growth on Kusama and Polkadot, is another element of the network.

About Astar Network

The heart of the Multi Chain Smart Contracts is Astar Network. Astar Network provides developers with cross-consensus communications, genuine compatibility, and assistance in the development of dApps using WASM and EVM smart contracts. Astar was created for and by the developers. Through the innovative Build2Earn concept from Astar, programmers may be compensated for the code they create and the dApps they create.

Astar’s own crypto coin ASTR is currently trading at 0.04273 and is up 3.28% in the last 24 hours according to CoinMarketCap. ASTR ranks #232 among other crypto coins. ASTR has a total market cap of $153,241,427. With a total trading volume of $16,897,145 in the last 24 hours. ASTR’s total circulating supply is 3,611,434,193 ASTR coins.

With the backing of all major exchanges and tier 1 VCs, Astar’s dynamic network has emerged as Polkadot’s dominant Parachain worldwide. Astar gives developers the versatility of all Ethereum and WASM tools to begin creating their dApps. Top TVL dApps may use an incubator hub from Astar SpaceLabs to help their growth on the Polkadot and Kusama Networks.

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