Worldcoin, co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, seeks to establish a global digital currency backed by a unique iris-based ID system. Its multi-functional World App offers payment and asset transfer services and recently secured $115 million in a Series C funding round led by Blockchain Capital. On July 24th, Worldcoin’s native token, WLD, made its debut on leading crypto exchanges, with promising price projections anticipated due to its innovative tech and substantial institutional support.

In this article, we are going to also see WLD price prediction from 2024 to 2030 my personal opinion on what I think of this project, and whether buying WLD tokens worthwhile in 2024.

But first thing first: As of April 2nd, 2024, the WLD token is trading at $7.57 with a market cap of $1,282,276,968.

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a global initiative aiming to create a privacy-preserving digital identity system, World ID, and a digital currency, Worldcoin Token (WLD). Verified via a biometric device, the Orb, World ID distinguishes humans from AI online while preserving privacy. WLD aligns user incentives towards network growth.

The World App facilitates the verification process and manages World ID credentials. Worldcoin’s potential applications include instant financial transactions, bot-free digital communication, global democratic processes, equitable resource distribution, and a possible pathway to AI-funded Universal Basic Income, promising to significantly increase global equality of opportunity.

Worldcoin Funding: How much did Worldcoin raise?

Worldcoin, the cryptocurrency project co-founded by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, recently received a significant boost with a $115 million Series C funding round, led by Blockchain Capital. This round, which also saw participation from prominent investors like a16z, Bain Capital Crypto, and Distributed Global, comes on the heels of the $100 million raised in March 2022, when Worldcoin was valued at $3 billion.

The latest funding will fuel the expansion of Worldcoin’s project, boost research and development, and enhance bot detection. Despite a bear market, investors continue to show a keen interest in Worldcoin, which has already onboarded around two million users across five continents during its beta phase.

This support underscores the belief of Blockchain Capital and its general partner, Spencer Bogart, that Worldcoin could serve as a major gateway to the crypto world, with its World App potentially becoming the most widely adopted crypto wallet.

What is Worldcoin Orb?

The Worldcoin Orb is a unique biometric device used in the Worldcoin system. It’s central to the process of creating a World ID, which is a privacy-preserving digital identity based on proof of personhood.

The Orb is used to verify that an individual is both human and unique, without revealing their actual identity. This is done through advanced biometric scanning, with a focus on protecting user privacy. The images taken by the Orb are promptly deleted by default after verification to maintain this privacy.

Thus, the Worldcoin Orb plays a crucial role in distinguishing humans from AI online while preserving individual privacy, a key premise upon which Worldcoin is built.

WLD tokenomics

The WLD tokenomics structure is comprehensive, with a total supply of 10 billion WLD tokens. These tokens are allocated and distributed across various categories to ensure diverse involvement and long-term growth of the Worldcoin ecosystem.

The allocation of tokens is as follows:

  1. User Grants (25%): 2.5 billion WLD tokens are allocated for User Grants, given to users after biometric verification. The distribution is phased over 15 years, with users receiving less as more people join the network.
  2. Ecosystem Fund (10%): 1 billion WLD tokens are assigned to the Ecosystem Fund. This fund aims to provide financial resources for strategic investments, partnerships, and other operations that help grow and secure the Worldcoin ecosystem.
  3. Community Grants and Incentives (10%): 1 billion WLD tokens are earmarked for Community Grants and Incentives, aimed to incentivize contributions to the growth of the ecosystem, like the development of new protocols, systems, and integrations.
  4. Initial Development Team (12.5%): 1.25 billion WLD tokens are allocated to the initial development team for their work on the Worldcoin project. The tokens are vested over four years, with a one-year cliff.
  5. TFH Investors (12.5%): 1.25 billion WLD tokens are assigned to Tools for Humanity (TFH) Investors who provided initial funding. These tokens are also vested over four years.
  6. TFH Reserve (20%): 2 billion WLD tokens are held in reserve by TFH, serving as a backup for the project to counter unexpected circumstances or to exploit new opportunities.
  7. Liquidity Provisioning (10%): 1 billion WLD tokens are allocated for liquidity provisioning. This strategy ensures that the token has sufficient liquidity, which facilitates price discovery and stability.

On the technical front, Worldcoin utilizes Ethereum Mainnet and Optimism “layer 2” network for its operations, demonstrating its focus on security, scalability, and reduced transaction costs.

To maintain the long-term value and utility of WLD tokens, there’s a provision to mint up to 1.5% of new tokens per year after 15 years, which will be controlled by the protocol’s governance system.

Though the WLD tokenomics reflects a well-thought-out balance between short-term growth and long-term sustainability, I feel with tokenomics structure, long term, I do not see the token increasing its value by leaps and bounds because of the high inflation. 

What is the utility of Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is designed to serve several key utilities:

  1. Digital Identity Verification: Worldcoin’s World ID offers a privacy-preserving, global identity network. It uses proof of personhood, verified through a biometric device called the Orb, to establish that an individual is unique and human, helping distinguish humans from AI online while preserving privacy.
  2. Global Financial Transactions: Worldcoin’s digital currency, the Worldcoin Token (WLD), is designed to provide universal access to a decentralized financial infrastructure. This can facilitate instant, borderless financial transactions, offering a new level of financial inclusion and economic opportunity.
  3. Network Incentive Alignment: The issuance of Worldcoin tokens to network participants aligns incentives around the growth of the network. This helps to bootstrap the network, potentially leading to the Worldcoin token becoming the most widely distributed digital asset.
  4. Governance and Resource Distribution: By providing a secure, private, and universal digital identity, Worldcoin can enable fairer airdrops, protect against bots/sybil attacks, and allow for the fair distribution of limited resources. Additionally, it can enable more democratic processes and novel forms of governance, potentially paving the way for an AI-funded Universal Basic Income (UBI).
  5. Infrastructure for Web3: Worldcoin could provide a critical building block for the next-generation internet (Web3), offering a secure, privacy-preserving, and human-verified identity system that is currently lacking in the digital realm.

How to buy Worldcoin (WLD)?

WLD is available to be bought and sold and top crypto exchanges from 24th of July 2023. You can buy WLD on crypto exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Uniswap, Bithumb, and more.

However, our recommendation to trade Wordlcoin would be on Binance, as you would find the highest liquidity nowhere else. Of course, if you are a fan of decentralization, Uniswap should be your go-to exchange.

Buy WLD token on Binance

Worldcoin (WLD) Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
April 2024 $8.632 $5.755
May 2024 $8.719 $7.266
June 2024 $8.806 $7.338
July 2024 $8.894 $7.412
August 2024 $8.983 $7.486
September 2024 $9.073 $7.561
October 2024 $9.163 $7.636
November 2024 $9.255 $7.713
December 2024 $9.348 $7.790

Throughout 2024, the prices of WLD are anticipated to experience fluctuations. Starting in April with a maximum price of $8.632 and a minimum of $5.755, the market is projected to witness a gradual increase in both maximum and minimum prices over the months. By December, it is expected that the maximum price will peak at $9.348, with the minimum price also rising to $7.790. These price changes are subject to various factors including market demand, supply dynamics, and external influences, which may shape the trajectory of WLD prices throughout the year.

Worldcoin (WLD) Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $9.441 $7.614
February 2025 $9.536 $6.812
March 2025 $9.632 $7.768
April 2025 $7.705 $5.504
May 2025 $8.376 $6.754
June 2025 $10.051 $7.179
July 2025 $9.854 $7.946
August 2025 $11.824 $8.446
September 2025 $11.943 $9.631
October 2025 $10.857 $7.755
November 2025 $11.074 $8.931
December 2025 $11.185 $7.989

Throughout 2025, the prices of WLD are expected to exhibit notable fluctuations. Starting in January with a projected maximum price of $9.441 and a minimum of $7.614, the market is anticipated to experience variations in both maximum and minimum prices over the following months. By December, it is forecasted that the maximum price will peak at $11.185, while the minimum price may stabilize around $7.989.

Worldcoin Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $11.297 $9.110
February 2026 $9.037 $6.455
March 2026 $6.952 $5.606
April 2026 $6.257 $4.469
May 2026 $5.631 $4.541
June 2026 $4.331 $3.094
July 2026 $3.580 $2.887
August 2026 $2.775 $1.982
September 2026 $3.469 $2.797
October 2026 $4.336 $3.097
November 2026 $4.769 $3.846
December 2026 $5.342 $3.816

WLD Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $6.410 $5.170
February 2027 $5.769 $4.121
March 2027 $5.245 $4.230
April 2027 $5.769 $4.121
May 2027 $6.346 $5.118
June 2027 $4.882 $3.487
July 2027 $3.905 $3.149
August 2027 $3.027 $2.162
September 2027 $3.784 $3.052
October 2027 $4.730 $3.379
November 2027 $5.203 $4.196
December 2027 $5.828 $4.163

WLD Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $11.073 $8.929
February 2028 $9.965 $7.118
March 2028 $9.059 $7.306
April 2028 $7.700 $5.500
May 2028 $6.468 $5.216
June 2028 $5.880 $4.200
July 2028 $7.350 $5.928
August 2028 $9.482 $6.773
September 2028 $11.853 $9.559
October 2028 $10.775 $7.696
November 2028 $11.853 $9.559
December 2028 $13.275 $9.482
January 2029 $11.853 $9.559
February 2029 $13.944 $9.960
March 2029 $17.430 $14.057
April 2029 $20.750 $14.822
May 2029 $22.555 $18.189
June 2029 $27.066 $19.333
July 2029 $25.777 $20.788
August 2029 $21.481 $15.343
September 2029 $21.695 $17.496
October 2029 $27.119 $19.371
November 2029 $27.390 $22.089
December 2029 $27.664 $19.760
January 2030 $27.390 $22.089
February 2030 $27.664 $19.760
March 2030 $26.347 $21.248
April 2030 $23.952 $17.108
May 2030 $24.191 $19.509
June 2030 $23.952 $17.108
July 2030 $26.347 $21.248
August 2030 $26.611 $19.008
September 2030 $28.742 $23.179
October 2030 $29.030 $20.735
November 2030 $27.647 $22.296
December 2030 $25.134 $17.953

In 2028, the maximum price of WLD Token is anticipated to reach $13.275, while the minimum price is expected to be $4.200. Moving into 2029, it is projected that the maximum price of WLD will rise to $27.664, with a minimum of $9.559. Looking ahead to 2030, it is forecasted that WLD will see its maximum price peaking at $29.030, while the minimum price is expected to be $17.108.

WLD token Price prediction in INR

Year WISE (in INR)
Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹779.21 ₹479.72
2025 ₹985.60 ₹458.80
2026 ₹941.67 ₹165.22
2027 ₹534.34 ₹180.23
2028 ₹1,106.63 ₹350.12
2029 ₹2,306.13 ₹796.86
2030 ₹2,419.82 ₹1,426.16

In 2024, the maximum price of WLD Token is expected to be ₹779.21, while the minimum price is projected to reach ₹479.72. Moving into 2025, it is anticipated that the maximum price of WLD Token will rise to ₹985.60, with a minimum of ₹458.80. Looking ahead to 2026, the maximum price of WLD Token is forecasted to be ₹941.67, with a minimum of ₹165.22. By 2027, the maximum price is expected to reach ₹534.34, while the minimum may stabilize at ₹180.23. In 2028, the maximum price is forecasted to soar to ₹1,106.63, with a minimum of ₹350.12. By 2029, the maximum price is projected to surge to ₹2,306.13, while the minimum could rise to ₹796.86. In 2030, the maximum price of WLD Token is expected to hit ₹2,420.00, with a minimum of ₹1,426.16.


What is the purpose of the Worldcoin Orb?

The Worldcoin Orb is a custom biometric device designed to verify an individual’s unique human identity as part of the World ID system. It allows individuals to prove they are human without revealing their real-world identity, distinguishing humans from AI online while preserving privacy.

How does Worldcoin propose to increase global equality of opportunity?

Worldcoin aims to increase global equality by providing universal access to a decentralized digital identity and financial network. By distributing Worldcoin Tokens (WLD) to all network participants, enables instant and borderless financial transactions. Its World ID system could also facilitate global democratic processes, help maintain bot-free digital communication, and enable a more equitable distribution of resources.

What safeguards are in place to prevent fraud or misuse with Worldcoin?

Worldcoin’s World ID system uses custom biometric hardware, the Orb, to establish proof of personhood, ensuring that each World ID is unique to an individual. This proof of personhood system is designed to prevent fraudulent actors from acquiring more than one World ID or using someone else’s credentials. Moreover, all images taken by the Orb are promptly deleted on-device by default to protect user privacy.

What is the WLD price prediction for 2025?

The maximum price is predicted to be $11.943 in September 2025, while the minimum price is forecasted to be $5.504 in April 2025.

What is the WLD price prediction for 2030?

WLD Token is expected to trade between $29.030 to $17.108 in 2030.

When will WLD reach 10 USD?

WLD is expected to reach 10 USD by June 2025

Final Thoughts: Should you invest in WLD?

Despite its impressive technological advancements under the guidance of Sam Altman and a unique concept, Worldcoin and its native token WLD might not be an ideal choice for retail investors. The fact that barely over 1.6977% of tokens are currently in circulation, coupled with its presence in the top 150 cryptocurrencies by market cap, and an FDV of 75,529,322,894 USD, raises significant overvaluation concerns. As more WLD tokens enter circulation, there is a significant risk of price depreciation.

Another aspect is whether should you let Sam Altman scan your eyes for just 100 worth of WLD tokens. I would certainly not do that.

Although WLD predictions point towards a significant increase in the token price, reaching $10 by June 2025 and $29.030 by October 2030, the potential for dumping could overshadow these gains. Ultimately, while Worldcoin’s concept and technology hold great potential, the tokenomics of WLD may dissuade potential investors. As such, a cautious approach is advisable for Worldcoin.