Is Play 2 Earn still a hype? Back in 2021, play-to-earn was all the rage, but in 2022, post the beginning of bear market, GameFi projects seem to be undergoing a downward trend.

One of the reasons behind this fall could be because most blockchain games focused too much on “earn” to be fun. 

And in the bear market, when users’ earnings potential have fallen, and thus earnings cannot be guaranteed, games that fail to offer a good gaming experience would be naturally fail.


However, there is a catch. Since GameFi is generally considered the entry into the Metaverse, investors’ confidence in this sphere can hardly be shaken by short-term market swings.

As GameFi is embracing a new stage of development, TRON’s blockchain game WIN NFT HERO looks set to take the lead and bring an excellent P2E gaming experience.

WIN NFT HERO is a “GameFi+NFT” turn-based strategy game built on the TRON public chain. Gamers have full ownership of their in-game NFT assets, such as heroes and equipment. The game is committed to building a TRON metaverse combining “Free-to-play” and “Play and ECO“, allowing users to win various in-game assets for free and trade them in the official Marketplace. 

NFT WIN HEROES blockchain

Meticulously and delicately designed, the hero NFTs consist of five elements: quality, attribute, class, skill, and bond. Each hero has their own position. Both short-range tanks and long-range attackers are indispensable in winning combats. Moreover, heroes of the same class or gene form bonds, which substantially boosts the squad’s performance in combat. 

To perform better in combat, players need to create strategic plans in advance: select different heroes, arrange their positions, choose the appropriate equipment, and bond them.


Looking at the gameplay, WIN NFT HERO now offers four modes: Adventure, ALLSTAR, Dungeon, and Mission. Juicy rewards are available in each mode, allowing users to enjoy P2E in fun explorations and combats. Moreover, as a metaverse continuously being perfected, WIN NFT HERO could introduce more game modes as per users’ needs.  

WIN NFT HERO is now undertaking a new round of closed testing alongside testing events offering generous rewards. More rewards for early birds are to be released as the game progresses to a new milestone, so stay tuned!

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