Unicycle is a decentralised, BSC staking project, a first of its kind. It is designed in a way to pay dividends to the CYCLE stakers in the form of BNB, for upto 100 days.

It is built on Binance smartchain. In this article, I will be explaining my journey with Unicycle and the kind of money we can make with the platform.

Read the article and follow it everyday so that you can understand by yourself if it makes sense to put your money in this project.

Unicycle: Website and Details

Website: http://unicycle.network/

Telegram: UnicycleOfficial

GoSWAP: Price chart

Whitepaper: Click here

Marketcap: At the time of writing, there are 403903 tokens in circulation and the cost of each token is 0.79 USD. So the total marketcap is 319083 USD, which is very tiny.

Unicycle Video


How to buy Unicycle?

To buy Unicycle:

  1. Go to Pancakeswap.
  2. Look for CYCLE tokens.
  3. If you do not see, choose the contract address: 0x5fe2a9183804e8d3094d695cb0610d3e00e1f355
  4. Swap against BNB or BUSD or any other coins of your choice. I suggest BNB as you will be able to calculate the ROI accordingly.

Note: Always verify the contract address from the official website or the official telegram.

How to make money with Unicycle?

There are actually 4 ways to make money with Unicycle:


This is by far the best and easiest way to make money with Unicycle. Just buy CYCLE and stake them in the system to earn dividends in the form of BNB tokens, for upto 100 days.

What’s the catch? If you unstake before 100 days, you would STOP getting the dividends. And until you unstake, you can’t claim your BNB. It will stay locked in the system. One IMPORTANT thing, once STAKED, the CYCLE tokens are burnt and you will never be getting your CYCLE tokens back. You only earn dividends.


Here you can stake your BNB tokens to get CYCLE tokens. How does that work? The system generates 100000 CYCLE tokens everyday. For example, let’s say there are 100 BNB in the auction. The cycle tokens get evenly distributed among the BNB stakers. So for every BNB that is staked in the auction, one gets 100000/100 = 1000 CYCLE tokens per BNB. And if in Pancakeswap the price is anything less than 1000 CYCLE per BNB, then you make profit from arbitrage. For the sake of simplicity, let’s say we get 500 CYCLES per BNB in Pancakeswap, then we can double our BNB by entering the auction. Also, once BNB is staked in the auction, do not expect those BNB back. 95% BNB are distributed among the CYCLE stakers.

FLIP Farming:

Hold and SELL for PROFIT

You can also buy the token and sell later once the price goes up. However, so far this has been a bad idea. The price has been falling everyday. However, once there is a balance, the the word is spread among the community about Unicycle, the price should go up.

My journey with Unicycle Token: How I got started?

I purchased Unicycle in presale. I had put 7.5 BNB and received 170 tokens.

Like any other coin, what I did was to hold the coin and expected the price to go up.

However, the price kept dipping heavily. Seeing the price drop, I sold by cycle tokens for a loss.

For the next two days, I kept watching the project and tried understanding the game.

I have re-entered with 2.5 BNB on the 3rd day and another 2 BNB on the 5th day.

I will be using this post to share my return on investment with Unicycle so that you can take a better decision.

Unicycle ROI Calculation

Presale Day

Invested 7.5 BNB for 170 cycles. Sold 170 cycles on the same day for 4.77 cycles. Loss: 2.73 BNB

DAY 1 ended at a loss of 2.73 BNB or 710 USD

TWIST: People who had staked their cycle tokens received 50 percent of their investment back.

Mistake: Not staking was a mistake.

For the next two days, I was active on the telegram group and tried to understand how the game is played.

Some of the members bought on AUCTION and sold on PANCAKESWAP and made more ROI.

After 3 days from the presale, I decided to put 2.5 BNB back and staked. Let’s see how things rolled on from there.

Staking Day 1 Journey:

End of Day 1: I received BNB Dividend of 1.46 BNB out of 2.5 BNB. To get back my initial, I need 1.04 BNB more. I want to wait for a couple of more days to see how much dividends do I get.

From the price point of view, I received 562 CYCLES with my 2.5 BNB, which means, 225 CYCLES per BNB or 0.86 USD per cycle. The price dropped and hence for anyone who did not stake, their portfolio is down. I did not want to repeat the mistake, hence staked 🙂

DAY 1 ROI: 58.4%

Staking Day 2 Journey

End of Day 2: I received 0.91 BNB. That makes it a total of 2.37 BNB. I need 0.13 BNB more to get back my initial. This is encouraging.

DAY 2 ROI: 36.4%

Net ROI: 58.4%+36.4%= 94.8%

Since I am happy with the returns, let me add 2 BNB more. I can’t wait to see how much dividend do I get at the end of day 3.


The day belonged to people who entered the Auction lobby. A lot of people staked CYCLES the previous day and in the AUCTION lobby, less BNB was staked. Compared to 22nd March where 309 BNB was staked, we can see only 221.99 BNB was staked in the Auction lobby and the entire 100000 CYCLES were distributed among the BNB stakers, which means, 100000/221 = 450 CYCLES per BNB was distributed. One can go and swap it on Pancakeswap for more BNB.

In short, the day belong to the Auction lobby stakers, which also means less dividends for BNB stakers (still the rewards are exciting).

End of Day 3: At the end of day 3, I am sitting at 2.88 BNB. I earned 2.88-2.37= 0.51 BNB.

Day 3 ROI: 20.4%

Net ROI: 58.4%+36.4%+20.4%= 115.2%

I am not planning to unstake it. I will like to keep it for another 1 week and see how the rewards are drying up before taking a decision. So far I am 15 percent up after only 3 days of staking. I can earn 97 days of free dividends (until I unstake).

Experiment 2: Also for the 2 BNB I put yesterday, I earned 0.59 BNB as rewards. ROI at the end of day 1: 29.5% The reason this is less could be because huge number of Cycles were staked compared to the Auction lobby.

I am not taking any fresh entry today. I will wait for another day to see how the system is rewarding at present before taking a call on whether I should stake more CYCLES for BNB dividends or not.

Day 4: Another Win for Auction Lobby Participants (Quick 5-10 percent Arbitrage)

Just like Day 3, less people entered the auction lobby. 169 BNBs were staked. The lesser the number of BNB auctioned in the auction lobby, the more number of cycles you receive, which you can swap quickly on pancakeswap and make some quick profit.

Someone from our facebook community, put 10 BNB in Auction, and sold them today for 10.5 BNB and made 0.5 BNB in profit.

If we see further less number of BNBs staked tomorrow, again there could be a good arbitrage opportunity.

TODAYS UPDATE: End of Day 4: Experiment 1: At the end of day 4, I am sitting at 3.22 BNB dividends, which means I received 3.22-2.88=0.34 BNB as dividends.

Day 4 ROI: 13.6%

Net ROI: 58.4%+36.4%+20.4%+13.6%= 128.8%

Am I getting the same ROI for the remaining BNBs that I staked later? Let’s check it out.

Experiment 2: ROI: Dividend received at the ends of day 2: 0.99- 0.59-0.40 BNB. Day 2 ROI: 20%. Net ROI: 49.5% after 2 days.

Experiment 3: I received 0.084 BNB for staking 0.4 BNB. ROI after day 1 is: 21%

We can clearly see the dividends are getting less juicier. Whereas there is a potential arbitrage opportunity with AUCTION LOBBY participants. If I were to enter today, I would enter the AUCTION lobby and sell for a arbitrage right after the auction ends. Tip: We need to be quick.

To be continued..

Pro tips for Unicycle Fam

  1. Staking is more rewarding as of now.
  2. Buy CYCLES at the END of the auction on Pancakeswap. You will find the best price during this time of the day as the people who staked in the Auction lobby generally dumps their CYCLES around this time.
  3. Do not unstake your BNB after 2-3 days. Remember, if you unstake, you can get your BNB back, but the system stops paying you further dividends.

Things You Need to know about Unicycle

– When staking, 95% of the stakers CYCLE tokens are burnt, meaning there is a constant fluctuation of supply and market cap.

Liquidity is locked, meaning our code blocks reversing Flip tokens back to BNB and CYCLE.

– When staking, 5% of those CYCLE tokens get sent to the FLIP FARM. This is the perfect ingredient to balance inflation and deflation!

– Because of the locked liquidity, it “should” stabilize the price and cause arbitrage opportunities

Staking is INSTANT! Usually in some models, you have to wait days to start accumulating divs. Not here – you’ll start seeing those BNB divs climbing from DAY 1!

95% of the BNB flowing through the lobby goes straight to our stakers!

– When you finish your stake, you are left with BNB and no cycle token. This is because 95% was burnt on stake (taking it out of circulation)

BNB divs will ALWAYS be based on the amount of CYCLE you have staked – simple as that!

– If you’re the farming type, you can simply lock your FLIP tokens and collect CYCLE forever!

Staking your CYCLE tokens to collect BNB divs is up to 100 days!

Does it make sense to put any money in Unicycle?

So far I have found the staking program rewarding. Many have made money by purchasing from the auction and selling on pancakeswap. It does not make any sense for buying and holding the CYCLE tokens as of now. However, once the word is spread, the tokens could definitely skyrocket. The marketcap is 319083 USD and there is a huge room for growth.

Latest Update: I have closed all my UNICYCLE positions and I ended up in no profit no loss, after losing a lot of money after joining the presale and not staking it. Since the rewards have dried up, it does not make any sense investing in Unicycle.

Note: All images used in this article are taken from the whitepaper of Unicycle. We do not own any right over any of the images.

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