bitcoin conference Miami

Massive Bitcoin conference held In Miami; the future of blockchain and what to expect:


-Miami likely to become a crypto hub.

-Max Keiser, a Bitcoin Evangelist cussed Elon Musk, said, “We’re not selling”.

-There was significant Black representation in the conference.

-Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy stated that “Bitcoin fixes everything”.

-Bitcoin expected to be legal tender in El Salvador.


Miami hosted a mega Bitcoin conference from June 4 to June 6 amidst crypto sector suffering outflow. It is said to be the biggest event ever to be arranged based on digital currency. Some very noteworthy incidents took place, including Max Keiser uttering profanities with reference to Elon Musk, Nayib Bukele planning to make Bitcoin legal tender, and even the infamous Laura Loomer, who is banned by Twitter and Facebook, calling out Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. 

Around 12,000 people went to Miami for the mega Bitcoin 2021 conference, while thousands of people watched the event online. On June 4, the line for the conference extended afar, likely more than a mile at Miami’s heart for innovation and tech. Presence of 50,000 people was expected by the conference initiators. The discussion included well known personalities such as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, Mayor of Miami, Isaiah Jackson, and many others.

  • Isiah Jackson, the writer of the success ‘Bitcoin And Black America’ attended the conference, and was arranged to talk about ‘Who is a Bitcoiner’. Isaiah’s prime nucleus has been on his community and to make Black people familiar with the concept of Bitcoin. He was well received when he brought the Bitcoin memo to beginners. 
  • Congressperson Laura Loomer hunted Jack Dorsey and made accusations about him tampering with her elections and committing a breach of rights. She further said that cryptocurrency is not for everyone when Dorsey solely is the chief of censorship. 
  • Max Keiser, a Bitcoin bull called out Elon Musk on the stage with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy and said, “We’re not selling”. He said this in reference to Musk trying to influence the price of Bitcoin with his tweets.
  • Video of President Nayib Bukele was played about him planning to make Bitcoin legal tender in El Salvador. According to a NewYork times writer, Bukele received the most cheers and applauses. The Bitcoin Law will offer a wide range of benefits, including immediate residency granted to crypto tycoons and no gains on capital tax.
  • A Dogecoin investor took over the meeting on the second day when he sprung on to the Bitcoin Miami 2021 stage, tore apart his suit to display the logo of Dogecoin, and hollered, “Dogecoin to the moon” before he was directed off the stage. After the incident, Tim Brooks tweeted that the crypto market is too “immature”, and the person in the picture verifies it.
  • American financial commentator and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., Peter Schiff, drew attention to Bitcoin prices declining as a bust for investors. He made a guess that a lot of buyers had contemplated the possibility of a conference.