Key Points:

  • Starknet Foundation, responsible for the Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet, recently addressed growing speculations about its airdrop.
  • Speculation was fueled by leaked screenshots of early draft plans from Starknet’s website, showing incomplete and misspelt information.
  • The foundation confirmed these screenshots were part of a development process, emphasizing the final criteria and allocation details are still pending.
  • A cutoff date for airdrop eligibility has been established, and no further actions can change eligibility status.
  • Starknet Foundation warns of potential scams exploiting the uncertainty surrounding the STRK token distribution.
  • Initial plans had designated 17% of STRK tokens to investors, 32.9% to core contributors, and 50.1% to the Starknet Foundation, primarily for developers and contributors to ecosystem security.
  • StarkWare emphasized that any criteria for receiving tokens are already set, and current activities will not influence eligibility.

Starknet airdrop update

The Starknet Foundation has recently addressed the community on the X app regarding circulating rumors of an upcoming STRK token airdrop. This follows the appearance of screenshots on social media, allegedly from Starknet’s website, outlining criteria for airdrop eligibility. The foundation clarified that these screenshots represented early drafts still in the process of development, and not the final plans.

These drafts, which contained incomplete information and spelling errors, led to widespread speculation among users and community members. However, the foundation has emphasized that the actual airdrop details, including eligibility criteria and token allocation, are yet to be finalized and publicly shared.

Starkent aridrop criteria

In an effort to mitigate any confusion, the Stark foundation has confirmed that the cutoff date for airdrop eligibility has been set. This means that no current or future user actions can influence their eligibility for the airdrop. Starknet users and community members are advised to stay alert for scams that may arise from the ongoing speculations.

Starknet logo

About the screenshot shared yesterday, on the Discord channel, the admins dismissed the airdrop news and suggested it was a scam. The official page was later taken down, which caused a lot of confusion among the crypto community

STRK airdrop discord scam

The initial distribution plan for the STRK tokens, as shared by StarkWare in 2022, allocated a significant portion of the tokens to StarkWare investors, core contributors, and the Starknet Foundation. This distribution was aimed primarily at supporting developers of core infrastructure and decentralized applications (DApps), as well as contributors to the ecosystem’s security.

As the community awaits the official announcement, the Starknet Foundation and StarkWare stress the importance of relying only on official communications to avoid misinformation and scams related to the STRK token distribution.