The leading cryptocurrency casino,, has reportedly suffered a security breach, resulting in the loss of an astounding $41.3 million. This recent hack underscores the vulnerabilities that persist in the rapidly growing crypto gambling industry, despite platforms employing advanced security measures. Casino stolen

Initial reports suggest that this multi-million-dollar theft was facilitated by a private key leak, which allowed the malicious actors to withdraw approximately $15.7 million in ether (ETH) from Stake’s Ethereum wallet.

Investigations further reveal that an additional $25.6 million was pilfered from the casino’s Polygon and Binance Smart Chain wallets. These funds were subsequently converted into ETH and dispatched to multiple external wallets., headquartered in Australia, recorded an impressive $2.6 billion in revenue in 2022, as reported by the Financial Times. Etherscan data shows that the compromised Ethereum wallet still holds around $2.4 million. The company has momentarily halted withdrawals, a move corroborated by several user accounts on Twitter.

Cyber-analyst Cyvers first raised the alarm about the suspicious transactions, with crypto expert ZachXBT later disclosing the losses involved.

While’s revenues are impressive, this incident emphasizes that high earnings do not necessarily translate to impenetrable security. had previously adopted various security protocols, including mandatory complex passwords, 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), periodic security audits, cutting-edge encryption technologies, and user guidelines. Despite these efforts, the breach indicates that no platform is truly immune to the advanced techniques employed by today’s cybercriminals.

The repercussions of this hack may extend beyond The integrity of the entire crypto casino industry could come under scrutiny. This breach could lead to a decline in the trust of potential users, with fears of similar incidents happening on other platforms. Moreover, it could catalyze tighter regulatory controls on crypto gambling ventures to assure user funds’ safety. recently released an official statement about the incident on twitter.


The crypto industry will keenly await’s further actions and strategies for restitution, as it will set a precedent for handling such high-profile breaches.