Samsung has filed to launch a crypto exchange in South Korea next year. If all goes well, Samsung will operate a crypto exchange in 2023. Not just Samsung but a list of 7 Giant Security companies have are awaiting approval to start operating crypto exchanges in South Korea.

Samsung crypto exchange

In some other related news, El Salvador President met with Samsung head a few days back. Does that mean, Samsung is getting ready to accept Bitcoin?, asked a Twitterati.

Samsung has been doing a lot of experiments with crypto lately. It is always a good sign seeing the giants putting their head building products for crypto industry.

A report published on Newspim, two large companies were mentioned- Samsung Securities and Mirae Securities. Mirae happens to be the largest investment bank in South Korea, managing more than 648B in asset.

This is a massive news not just for South Koreans, but for the crypto industry as a whole. 2023 looks to be promising in nature.

According to the report, Mirae is looking to hire technical staff for research and development of Bitcoin and other blockchain related crypto projects. In parallel, Samsung is also making big move in order to enter the crypto ecosystem.

Recent presidential election of Yoon Suk-Yeo resulted in the hike in interest of the giant companies to look seriously into crypto.

If and when that happens, FSC plans to promote a legal framework to regulate all these businesses in South Korea.

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