RNDR is a new way for people who make cool 3D pictures and videos to share them with others and make money if they want to. It’s like a big online market where artists can show their work and people who want to use it can pay for it. It’s also safe and secure because it uses a special technology called blockchain. This will help make things like movies, games, and even news better and faster in the future!

Anyone who is into designing and video editing will know how much time it takes to render high-quality videos and the importance of GPU in rendering. Render Network makes it possible for you to share the power of GPUs in a decentralized manner that brings down the rendering time by a huge margin. For someone who wants to understand how much it helps, check out the following tweet. RNDR token is what makes the network decentralized.

RNDR token is on an uptrend in March 2024. So is it a good time to buy an RNDR token?

Before that, let’s learn – What is RNDR? Is it a good coin to hold? What is the RNDR price prediction for 2024 to 2030?

What is Render Network?

The Render Network is a network for distributed GPU rendering that uses advanced software from OTOY Inc. to connect individuals or organizations who need access to GPU computing power (GPU Requestors) with those who provide it (GPU Providers) in a marketplace setting.

What is Rendering?

Rendering, also known as image synthesis, is the process of creating a lifelike image or scene from a computer model. This is an essential element in many of our technological devices, such as smartphones and computers, which constantly display images, videos, and games. Renderings can range from simple 2D cartoons to complex scenes in blockbuster movies like Transformers.

The field of rendering is advancing rapidly, with recent breakthroughs allowing for instant, real-time rendering of photorealistic scenes using tens of thousands of parallel GPUs in the cloud. It’s a significant improvement from just a decade ago when rendering a single animated frame could take as long as 6.5 hours, as in the case of Ratatouille.

RNDR Details

Render Token RNDR
Rank #36
Token RNDR
Website rendertoken.com
Explorers Ethereum
Tags Art, Media, AI & Big Data, Distributed Computing
Price (RNDR) $7.65
Market Cap $2,962,497,115
Max Supply 532,077,324 RNDR
Total Supply 532,077,324 RNDR

What are RNDR tokens and what are their use-cases?

RNDR token is a cryptocurrency that facilitates the rendering and streaming of complex virtual works by enabling GPU-based render jobs to be distributed and processed on a peer-to-peer network. This will simplify the transactional process of rendering and streaming 3D environments, models, and objects for end users.

RNDR token Use Cases

The Render Network, powered by RNDR, will also expand to include crowd-sourced 3D projects and digital rights management, creating a marketplace to fund digital ideas, assets, and applications that are accessible to anyone.

The Render Network (RNDR) token has diverse applications across multiple industries, enhancing processes with its decentralized rendering capabilities:

  1. Entertainment: RNDR facilitates high-quality rendering for visual effects, animation, and post-production in the entertainment sector, streamlining workflows for filmmakers and animators.
  2. Virtual Reality: The token has been instrumental in creating immersive VR experiences, exemplified by its use in the Emmy-nominated VR series, “The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners,” offering users enhanced realism and engagement.
  3. Architecture: Architects leverage RNDR for rendering 3D designs, allowing them to present photorealistic models of projects to clients, thus improving communication and visualization of proposed designs.
  4. Gaming: In gaming, RNDR enables the rendering of lifelike visuals in real-time, contributing to more immersive gaming experiences with superior graphics and performance.
  5. Scientific Research: The network supports scientific endeavors by facilitating the quick rendering and processing of complex data simulations, such as molecules and proteins, aiding in visualization and analysis for research and innovation.

In summary, RNDR powers a wide range of applications from entertainment and VR to architecture, gaming, and scientific research, providing efficient, high-quality rendering solutions that drive innovation and enhance user experiences across these fields.

RNDR Ecosystem

The RNDR ecosystem, powered by OTOY’s Render Network, encompasses a suite of innovative technologies and platforms designed to revolutionize the 3D content creation and rendering landscape. At its core, OctaneRender offers a GPU-based rendering application that delivers high-quality, physically accurate renders at remarkable speeds, supporting features like particulate matter rendering and real-time noise-free images. This is complemented by ORBX Media, an open-source framework that enables seamless transfer and streaming of 3D content across various devices and cloud platforms, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

The RNDR Marketplace further enriches the ecosystem by providing a decentralized platform for trading 3D rendering services, utilizing RNDR tokens as currency, and employing a multi-tier pricing protocol to match jobs with Node Operators based on reputation scores, ensuring quality and efficiency.

Additionally, the RNDR SDK offers developers the tools to build decentralized applications on the Render Network, fostering innovation and the creation of immersive 3D applications. Together, these components form a comprehensive ecosystem that not only democratizes access to high-quality rendering services but also fosters a community of creators, developers, and users engaged in the cutting-edge field of digital content creation.

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
July 2024 $8.470 $7.058
August 2024 $9.317 $7.764
September 2024 $10.249 $8.541
October 2024 $10.351 $8.626
November 2024 $11.386 $9.489
December 2024 $11.500 $9.583

In 2024, the maximum and minimum prices for RNDR Token are projected to increase significantly throughout the year. In July 2024, the prices are expected to range between $8.470 and $7.058. By December 2024, these prices are anticipated to rise, with the maximum reaching $11.500 and the minimum at $9.583.

RNDR Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $11.615 $9.367
February 2025 $11.559 $6.542
March 2025 $10.770 $8.686
April 2025 $9.791 $6.994
May 2025 $10.643 $8.583
June 2025 $11.707 $8.362
July 2025 $11.477 $9.256
August 2025 $13.773 $9.838
September 2025 $13.911 $11.218
October 2025 $12.646 $9.033
November 2025 $12.899 $10.402
December 2025 $13.028 $9.306

In 2025, the prices of RNDR Token are expected to exhibit significant fluctuations throughout the year. In January 2025, the maximum price is projected to be $11.615, with a minimum of $9.367. As we move through the year, prices are expected to vary, with notable highs in August 2025 at $13.773 and lows in February 2025 at $6.542. By December 2025, the maximum price is anticipated to be $13.028, while the minimum will be $9.306. This indicates a volatile yet potentially lucrative market for RNDR Token throughout 2025.

RNDR Token Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $13.679 $11.032
February 2026 $15.047 $10.748
March 2026 $14.679 $12.032
April 2026 $16.415 $11.725
May 2026 $18.057 $14.562
June 2026 $16.415 $11.725
July 2026 $13.566 $10.941
August 2026 $12.333 $8.809
September 2026 $15.416 $12.432
October 2026 $19.270 $13.765
November 2026 $21.197 $17.095
December 2026 $23.741 $16.958

RNDR Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $26.115 $21.061
February 2027 $31.338 $22.384
March 2027 $28.489 $22.975
April 2027 $32.338 $21.384
May 2027 $34.472 $27.800
June 2027 $26.517 $18.941
July 2027 $21.214 $17.108
August 2027 $16.445 $11.746
September 2027 $20.556 $16.577
October 2027 $25.695 $18.353
November 2027 $28.264 $22.794
December 2027 $31.656 $22.611

RNDR Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $34.821 $28.082
February 2028 $32.319 $22.685
March 2028 $28.490 $22.976
April 2028 $31.339 $22.385
May 2028 $26.325 $21.230
June 2028 $23.932 $17.094
July 2028 $29.915 $24.125
August 2028 $38.590 $27.564
September 2028 $46.308 $37.345
October 2028 $42.098 $30.070
November 2028 $42.519 $34.290
December 2028 $47.622 $34.015
January 2029 $42.940 $34.629
February 2029 $50.518 $36.084
March 2029 $55.570 $44.814
April 2029 $66.154 $47.253
May 2029 $71.907 $57.989
June 2029 $79.098 $56.498
July 2029 $75.331 $60.751
August 2029 $62.776 $44.840
September 2029 $63.404 $51.132
October 2029 $79.255 $56.610
November 2029 $80.840 $65.193
December 2029 $82.456 $58.897
January 2030 $80.047 $64.554
February 2030 $81.648 $58.320
March 2030 $78.508 $63.313
April 2030 $65.423 $46.731
May 2030 $66.732 $53.816
June 2030 $60.665 $43.332
July 2030 $78.865 $63.601
August 2030 $79.653 $56.895
September 2030 $66.732 $53.816
October 2030 $80.078 $57.199
November 2030 $76.265 $61.504
December 2030 $69.332 $49.523

How to buy RNDR token?

You can buy RNDR tokens from top-tier exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Kucoin.

If you are a fan of decentralized exchange, you can buy from Uniswap or Quickswap. The token is available on Polygon or the Ethereum network. To save the gas fee, you are advised to buy on the Polygon network.

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Can RNDR reach 10USD in 2024?

According to our price prediction, RNDR can at max reach $11.500 in 2024.

What is the RNDR price prediction for 2025?

2025 is a year of bull. RNDR token is expected to trade in between $6.542 and $13.911.

What is the RNDR price prediction for 2030?

RNDR price prediction 2030 suggests the RNDR token could be trading in between $43.332 and $81.648.

Is RNDR a good investment in 2024?

I like RNDR as it provides a decentralized rendering solution that could be used by artists, designers, and other creative professionals to render high-quality images and videos without relying on centralized providers, which could potentially save them time and money while also giving them greater control over the rendering process.

The technology behind RNDR, including OctaneRender and ORBX Media, positions it as a leader in offering efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality rendering solutions. This potential is especially relevant as the demand for such services is expected to grow with advancements in technology and digital media. With the growth of AI, RNDR is expected to see a major upside in 2024 and more.

At the current trading price, I think RNDR is a good investment to make. I added a small amount of RNDR tokens to my short-term portfolio, which I plan to sell at a 200% gain. If you plan to invest in RNDR in March or April 2024, make sure not to put a large chunk of your portfolio in this altcoin. I would not be putting any more than 0.05% of my entire network.