The Poloniex exchange has suffered a major security breach, resulting in the theft of over $126 million in various digital currencies. The incident, first brought to light by Crypto Twitter and later confirmed by Justin Sun, the owner of Poloniex and founder of Tron, marks a serious setback in the crypto industry’s ongoing struggle with cybersecurity threats.

Poloniex hackThe unauthorized transactions impacted a wide range of assets, including USDT, BTC, USDD, USDC, ETH, FLOKI, TUSD, among others. Initially disguised as maintenance activities, the breach’s severity became undeniable following intense scrutiny from users and the broader crypto community. The hacker demonstrated sophisticated skills by manipulating both Ethereum and TRON blockchains, leading to a noticeable 8% surge in the price of TRX.

In response, Poloniex has disabled the affected “Poloniex 4” wallet and is undergoing extensive maintenance to rectify the situation.

Peckshield, a crypto-security firm, played a key role in detecting the unusual outflows that led to the discovery of the breach.


Justin Sun has assured users via Platform X (formerly known as Twitter) that Poloniex maintains a strong financial standing and will fully reimburse the affected funds. Sun has also offered a 5% white hat bounty to the hacker for returning the stolen funds within seven days, failing which legal action will be pursued.


This incident serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks in digital asset platforms. Poloniex, operational since 2014 and acquired by Justin Sun in 2019, is now facing intense scrutiny over its security measures. The crypto community awaits further developments as the situation unfolds, with a keen eye on the implications for future security practices in the industry.

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Withdrawals and deposits are now suspended.

Poloniex hack suspended

Centralized exchanges, once considered bastions of safety in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, are now under renewed examination for their vulnerability to such high-profile attacks. The Poloniex team’s efforts to identify, freeze, and recover a portion of the stolen assets offer a glimmer of hope amidst this troubling episode. As the industry rallies to support Poloniex, the incident serves as a critical reminder of the ongoing challenges and the need for heightened security protocols in the digital currency space.