NFTrade, the first cross-chain aggregator, farming, and exchange platform has released its mainnet with the objective to bring together the NFT community, is now doing over a million in transaction volume. NFTrade is already the #1 NFT marketplace and 4th most actively used dApp on Avalanche. It is also the largest NFT marketplace by volume on Polygon, just behind Opensea. The number of users are increasing everyday and are currently doing almost almost double the volume of Refinable.

NFTtrade (NFTD token) is listing on September 24th at 4 PM UTC on PancakeSwap,, and Trader Joe. There is a lot of hype around the project. Now, let us understand what is NFTrade and what problem does it solve?

What is NFTrade?

NFTrade is a platform to create, buy, sell, swap and farm NFTs.

In 2021, NFTrade announced its official mainnet launch, offering users a full-service platform even before introducing an in-house token. This makes it one of the rarest projects because most of the other platforms offer a limited-service where users are restricted to create and connect. On the other hand, NFTrade provides a one-stop platform for users to access their entire NFT value.

Features and Services

  • NFT Aggregator

    Just like any e-commerce platform brings together every conceivable product for the user, NFTrade does the same for all Non-Fungible Tokens and makes them accessible one click away.

  • Multi-chain + Cross-chain

    It supports Non-Fungible Tokens across a variety of smart contract networks, like Ethereum and Binance. This platform makes it easy to switch between these chains and trade low-fee NFTs

  • NFT Farming

    This platform enables farmers to put their idle tokens to earn collectible NFTs.

  • NFT Launchpad

    The NFT Launchpad gives access to the budding, new and biggest NFT projects and they’ll also enjoy access to curated tokens for the hottest projects. 

  • Escrowed P2P Swaps

    This lets users trade Non-Fungible Tokens securely with Escrow Mechanism enabling swaps between users.

  • Social Features

    The social features let you interact within the community, share your experiences with your fellow collectors and exhibit your NFTs.

NFTrade Roadmap up ahead

With the launch of MVP and multi-chain integration, NFTrade has brought forward a platform where users can create, sell, buy, farm, and swap NFTs on multiple platforms. It supports Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and BSC, and they plan on bringing in additional blockchains.

With their Q3 phase planned up, they plan on bringing on the NFT Launchpad where creators can launch and sell new NFTs within a multi-chain NFT community. They plan on integrating other chains like FLOW, Cardano, WAX, Solana, and more. The community will be enabled to access curated token sales for big projects.

The last two updates NFTrade has planned for this year-end are Cross-Chain Capabilities and social features for user-engagement promotion. 

NFTrade has also announced two major updates for Q1 2022; 

  1. Credit Card Integration: To enable users to buy and sell NFTs with government-backed currencies.
  2. Utility Token Integration: Enhance platform governance, a discounted transaction fee, and staking.

Who are the investors and partner in NFTrade?

Major investment platforms have backed up NFTrade. This budding platform has been trying to make a one-stop solution to NFT Trading and brings everything in a nutshell. Some of the investors and partners behind NFTrade are DAO Maker, Solana, Polygon, Poolz, and Avalanche.

IDO Recently Concluded

NFTrade recently concluded their IDO on Poolz and Gate Launchpad on 23 September 2021. It also conducted an SHO on Daomaker Launchpad on 22 September 2021. IDOs and SHOs on all these platforms was super successful.

NFTD Token: Is it worth investing in NFTrade?

I have been following the NFTrade project for quite sometime now. They have made immense progress. I genuinely feel the team is here for long run and the tokens should do good. The valuation of the NFTD token should keep on increasing. Wishing the NFTrade team, all the very best. The initial marketcap of NFTD would be close to 1M USD only.